7 Reasons for Dreaming About Arrows – Do You Feel Wronged?

Honestly, I’m afraid to touch an arrow. I know they are dangerous weapons used in hunting and during the war. I might have watched too many violent films, that’s why! Did you know that some people dream about arrows? If you’d like to know what the meaning is, see below.

The seven most common reasons for dreaming about arrows are: 1) not having direction, 2) working on progress, 3) needing aggression, 4) lacking protection, 5) having ambition, 6) getting a warning, or 7) seeking justice.

Dreams involving arrows can be interpreted in various ways, depending on the elements present in the dream. Here are seven potential interpretations of a dream featuring an arrow.

1. Direction

An arrow in the dream may symbolize direction. For the dreamer, they might be aiming for or moving toward someone or something.

Arrows in dreams can represent direction and movement in life, so pay attention to how they appear in your dreams for further awareness and understanding.

They may also represent being able to strike a target or hit the mark, such as in achieving a goal. The direction of the arrow can indicate where one should focus their attention, energy, and resources.

If you are directionless, dreaming of an arrow might be interpreted as a sign that it is time to choose a path in your life. Not sure which college degree to take? Or, which job offer to accept? The dream reflects your feelings of being lost.

2. Progress

Dreaming about arrows can also be interpreted as progress. It is possible that the person needs to adjust their course of action in order to reach the desired result.

Dreaming about an arrow pointing up may represent progress toward success and prosperity, while an arrow pointing down could mean that you need to change something in order to move forward.

Similarly, if the arrow is stuck in a loop or spinning around aimlessly, this could be a sign that you are stuck in an endless cycle of progress and need to find another direction.

Arrows also represent progress on a spiritual level. For example, it can signify that you are leaving behind old attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs rooted in your conservative family traditions, and creating a new path as you try to reinvent yourself.

3. Aggression

In dreams, arrows may relate to aggression. The subconscious mind might be telling the individual to stand up for themselves in order to protect their interests.

Since an arrow is a pointed object used to attack or pierce something, seeing it in your dream could indicate aggression from someone else that you are feeling threatened by.

For example, dreaming of being shot with an arrow may signify feelings of aggression from a person or situation in your life. It could signify that you feel threatened in some area of your life and need to find a way to protect yourself.

Is your boss too demanding? Do you have a hard time communicating with him because he tends to mock your suggestions? Such treatment may leave you feeling vulnerable, just like being shot by an arrow.

4. Protection

Protection may be associated with the dream about arrows. It is likely that dreamer needs to defend themselves against certain issues or people in their life.

In general, arrows can be seen as protection from anything that is causing stress or harm, whether it’s external or internal. The protection symbolized by the arrow can provide comfort to the dreamer and help them find their way to safety.

For example, if you have a dream in which you see yourself shooting an arrow, this could be interpreted as protection. It is possible that the dreamer is feeling overwhelmed by external threats or pressures.

Maybe your parents are expecting too much from you? They graduated honor students and they want you to have the same award. Although you are doing your best, the dream could be a sign that you feel threatened by this pressure.

5. Ambition

To dream about arrows can signify ambition. The dream might be an indication that the person needs to be directed in order to reach the desired goal.

When dreaming about an arrow, it could represent a person’s ambition – whether they are taking aim at an achievable goal or shooting for something beyond their reach.

Furthermore, dreaming of an arrow hitting its target could represent their desire for success coming to fruition, or proving to be successful in the end. It could also be a metaphor for someone who is able to focus on their goals and make them work for them.

You have been wishing to have your own food business for many years now. Despite not being supported by your family, nothing will get in the way of your dream. The arrow dream may signal you to proceed and follow your heart.

6. Warning

Arrows in dreams may have to do with a warning. Perhaps there is looming danger and the individual is being cautioned to take heed.

In dreams, arrows are often associated with warning signs from the subconscious mind. For example, if you dream of an arrow pointing at you, it could be warning you of potential harm or danger.

Moreover, it could be warning you to avoid a certain person or situation, as it may not be the best for you. For instance, the dreamer might have to watch out for red flags in relationships.

It could also be a warning to stay away from a certain person or situation that might not be the best for you. If you just met your new neighbor and your gut feeling is heavy towards them, having this dream is a warning to be mindful of them.

7. Justice

The dream about arrows may denote justice. It may suggest that the dreamer is looking to make things right in their life.

Arrows are seen as a symbol of justice in many cultures, including Hinduism and Celtic mythology. A person dreaming of an arrow could be experiencing a subconscious desire for justice or to right a wrong done against them.

For example, a dream featuring an arrow pointing northwards could point to justice being done to the dreamer or someone close to them. This could represent justice in the form of legal proceedings, divine justice, or justice through collective action.

Maybe a close friend has gossiped about you because they envy your achievements. You have trusted this friend for many years and feel so hurt. You want to get back but you are trusting in divine justice to redeem you instead.

Dream of a Broken Arrow Meaning

A broken arrow in the dream may refer to disappointments. Most likely that the person has feelings of frustration for not being able to reach certain goals or objectives.

The dream may indicate that the dreamer has felt let down by someone or something, and may even symbolize feelings of anger and resentment. This dream can also be interpreted as a sign of failure or lack of success in achieving goals.

For example, if the goal was to finish a science school project on time but the dreamer was unable to do so, this could show up in a dream about broken arrows. The arrow might be seen as pointing or aiming for success which is then thwarted by the breaking of it.

Meaning of an Arrow With Two Heads Dream

The dream of an arrow with two heads may pertain to opposing views. Possibly, the individual needs to reconcile different points of view from others.

The dream might indicate a refusal or inability to accept opposing views and find common ground. As such, the dream symbolizes a person’s unwillingness to look beyond their own perspective.

In some cases, the two-headed arrow could symbolize a person’s struggle with opposing thoughts or emotions. Perhaps they are feeling torn between two decisions or paths in life.

It could also represent opposing personalities, such as one side being practical while the other is intuitive. Let’s say, you want to move to another city to gain new experience, however, the cost of living is much higher which you cannot afford. This is causing tension in your decision-making process.

Dream of a Bow and Arrow Meaning

Revenge may be linked to the dream of a bow and arrow. The subconscious mind might be telling the dreamer their need to defend their rights and beliefs.

The dream is usually associated with revenge and justice, as arrows are often used for hunting or warfare. It could also symbolize the need to protect oneself from danger or harm.

The dream may be a sign that someone close to you is trying to hurt you in some way. A bow and arrow could also sometimes suggest the need for courage and strength.

For example, if an individual had a dream about shooting an arrow at someone they felt wronged them, it may mean that they feel the need to take revenge against that person. It could be getting back at a friend, coworker or even a family member for causing you to feel hurt in the past related to money matters.

Meaning of Being Hit by an Arrow Dream

Dreaming of being hit by an arrow may represent repressed emotions. It is indicative of the person having difficulty expressing their true feelings or desires.

For example, imagine a dream where you are walking in a forest and get shot by an arrow. This could be interpreted to mean that repressed feelings of anger or hurt are coming to the surface.

You may feel like you’re being attacked emotionally, or that someone is trying to control or manipulate you. At the same time, it could signify that you need to take responsibility for your own emotions and learn how to express yourself in a healthier way.

If you’re afraid to admit you’re not doing ‘ok’ and have bottled up sadness inside, the dream might be a nudge to start opening up to a friend. Talking to a friend will greatly help unload that burden of hiding your feelings.

Dream of an Arrow Breaking During Practice Meaning

Having the dream of an arrow breaking during practice may be connected to fear of failure. Chances are that the individual has feelings of inadequacy during waking life.

Breaking the arrow could suggest that the dreamer is unable to hit their target or reach their desired goal. This fear could stem from a fear of not being able to accomplish something or a fear of letting someone down.

For instance, an arrow breaking during practice may also be indicative of fear or anxiety regarding a new task that the dreamer has taken on. Perhaps you are a new employee and just started last week.

This fear could stem from fear of failure due to inexperience, fear of making mistakes, or fear of not being able to complete the task in a satisfactory manner.

Summary of Why You Dream About Arrows

No matter what kind of arrow dream you have, it’s important to interpret it yourself and take the time to consider all possible meanings.

To sum up, the dream about arrows means: 1) not having direction, 2) working on progress, 3) needing aggression, 4) lacking protection, 5) having ambition, 6) getting a warning, or 7) seeking justice.

By understanding these meanings, you may be able to gain insight into your subconscious and take the necessary steps to create a positive outcome in your life.

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