Dreams About Strong Winds (6 Reasons)

What is the reason behind dreaming of strong winds? You might have thought of this as soon as you woke up. Look no further, this article explores some of the most common explanations behind your windy dreams.

Dreams about strong winds could represent 1) change, 2) feeling guarded or anxious, 3) too much pressure, 4) calming emotional release, 5) going outside one’s comfort zone, and 6) happiness.

We all love the sensation of a gentle breeze blowing on our faces. This is often accompanied by a calm and peaceful feeling, both in dreams and in reality. But if the wind is particularly strong, what kinds of feelings does this bring?  


Dreaming of strong winds may symbolize chasing an important change. Dreams of change often come as people near a major transition in their lives.

The wind can represent moving and pushing forward and may symbolize change that is coming to someone’s life like a new job, new house, or a big move. While this kind of dreaming can be fun and exciting, it also sometimes means that someone might fear the upcoming changes. Sometimes, the change is so big that dreaming about it means that it’s finally here, and there is no avoiding it anymore.

Some things in life are bound to change. I always suggest thinking about all possible events that could happen in the future, but it is impossible to know for sure what will come next in life, which can be scary. Dreams about this kind of uncertainty often show up when someone is about to start a new chapter in their life. Having the courage to deal with all that may also be associated with the dream about a burning leaf.

Feeling Guarded or Anxious

Dreaming of strong winds may also be a sign that the dreamer might be feeling guarded or anxious about something in their life. Some experts believe that when people dream about strong winds, it is symbolic of the presence of their fears.

Similar to a tornado in the dream, winds are often associated with destructive or powerful forces in many cultures. Many people may be able to relate to this type of symbolism because even though no one can stop the wind from blowing, everyone seems to fear its power. The stronger the wind blows, the more likely it is that people will feel guarded or anxious about something in their lives.

As much as people might try to protect themselves from the strong wind’s destructive force, they may find that it keeps getting stronger and stronger. When people dream of experiencing powerful winds, they often feel like there is nothing that they can do to stop it. The same applies in life; when people feel like they are about to lose everything, there may be nothing that can be done to stop it.

Too Much Pressure

When the pressure of a task has been too much for the dreamer, it could be manifesting itself through dreaming of strong winds. It is often a symbol of too much pressure.

Dreaming of strong winds is very common for people who feel stressed about their studies, careers, and/or jobs. However, it can also be manifested in other ways; the wind could be seen or heard through howling or whistling, or by simply having an image as the wind symbolized by a strong breeze.

In addition, dreams of falling from heights or being blown off by the wind may also occur. Dreams about tornados and strong winds are often associated with feelings of insecurity and loss of control, which could be caused by having too much pressure in real life. If one has been experiencing these types of things while awake, it is best to take a break and relax to avoid such imagery in one’s dreams.

Calming Emotional Release

Strong winds in dreams could signify the calming release of emotions. Strong winds are sudden gusts of air that have the potential to completely alter the landscape. This is symbolic of strong emotions having the ability to drastically change you, your life, and your perspective on things.

A dream featuring strong winds can therefore symbolize ’emotional release’, meaning letting go of negative feelings or past experiences. It could also be a sign that you need to let go of some part of your life in order to move forward.

Sometimes it is difficult to express emotionally charged feelings in real life, so when they appear in dreams, it could be a sign that bottled-up emotions are leaving your body and mind. If one dreams about being caught in a storm or standing amidst strong winds, it could be that one is ready to let go of some feelings that have been weighing on one’s mind. Such dreams may be coming from a deep place inside oneself, where one can truly experience your emotions at their most heightened state.

Going Outside One’s Comfort Zone

Dreaming about strong winds shows that a person is daring to go outside their comfort zone. The stronger the winds, the more he or she is willingly stepping outside of their personal boundaries. If the person does not want to go out in strong winds, then it might mean that they are afraid of doing so.

Winds represent moving in the direction of the wind, which symbolizes going where destiny tells you to go. A person will also be heading toward what they are afraid of when dreaming about strong winds. It might not always mean good news or great rewards when dreaming about strong winds.

For example, the dream may represent an argument. If a person is actually in an argument when they’re dreaming about strong winds, it means that this event puts them outside their comfort zone and forces them to do something they would not usually be comfortable doing or saying.


To dream about strong winds can be a sign that someone is feeling very happy about something in their life, or that they have just come across some good news. It is a sign that things are going to go well for them.

If the dreamer is happy, it can be nice to dream about being carried along by strong winds. It is a symbol of how well things are going for them. If the wind is forcing them along very quickly, then this means that life is moving forward for them at a good speed. This also happens to people who have just won the lottery.

It may also be a symbol of how free one feels or as if they were freed from something, such as stress. Strong winds can also mean change and the need to adapt to it. If one dreams about strong winds during springtime, then it could be symbolic of the coming of the new and returning happiness.

Dream About Wind Blowing Leaves Meaning

Dreaming of blowing leaves can mean 1) loss of control 2) inability 3) being powerless 4) change and 5) aggression.  

  1. Loss of Control: A loss of control over one’s current situation or circumstances.
  2. Inability: An inability to stop a negative force or influence from affecting the dreamer, maybe someone close to them has betrayed them and this is causing them to feel let down or disappointed
  3. Powerless: If one is feeling powerless, this dream may be showing them that there is some power within themselves that they need to draw on and utilize.
  4. Change: Change is often a very difficult thing to go through, especially if the end result isn’t what one thought it would be. This dream may show that the dreamer is feeling anxious or frustrated about something that is changing in their life.
  5. Aggression: If there was anyone close to the dreamer who has become overbearing and aggressive, this dream may represent that person’s behavior in some way.

Dream About Wind Blowing Door Open? Why?

If one notices themselves dreaming about the wind blowing the door open, then they should know that it represents a call for some sort of release. The dream essentially symbolizes one’s need to let go of an issue; it is the sign of clearing out what needs to be cleared and moving forward. 

There are various ways of interpreting dreams which vary depending on the culture they originate from. The dream about the wind blowing the door open is associated with an act of clemency. This can be interpreted as either physical or emotional release which would depend on the context of the dream.

The act of opening up a door represents the passage between two realms It represents the dreamer’s free will to choose which path they want to choose. 

There is a sense of choice in this particular case, and it can be interpreted as an indication for one to remain open in their path and possibilities. It also signifies new opportunities and changes that lie ahead in life.


Dreams about strong winds may be a reflection of our current situation or circumstances. If you’re feeling lost, powerless, or frustrated with the changes happening in your life right now, try to identify that specific emotion and think about how it is affecting your day-to-day living. Identifying these emotions can help us find ways to reduce them and gain more control over our lives. 

Remember: we always have choices when faced with challenges; even if they seem insurmountable at first glance! 

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