Dreams About Deserts [7 Reasons Why You Dream of Sand]

A lot of people have at least one dream about being in a desert. The desert is a barren, dry, and hostile environment with little life—but many people spend their nights there. In this article, we’ll explore why people dream about deserts as well as some common interpretations of these dreams.

Dreams about deserts may represent 1) a desire for a new start, 2) death and rebirth, 3) escaping reality, 4) confronting fears of guilt, 5) loneliness, 6) depletion, and 7) getting over a relationship.

How did dreaming about the desert make you feel? Do you have things in your life that are left unresolved?

Why Do People Dream About the Desert?

Dreaming about the desert could mean a lot of things. For some, this may bring about positive emotions while for others, this may indicate some issues they are currently facing.

Desire For a New Start

Dreaming about the desert may indicate a desire to restart one’s life. Many interpret a desert as the need to stop looking back at the past and focus on new opportunities.

A desert may also indicate that the dreamer is ready to experience life anew after a long and restful recovery period. The dream of a desert may represent the transition of starting fresh in some way, either emotionally or physically. It can be helpful to consider how one would survive in a desert if this landscape were experienced in real life.

Have you recently decided to try something new in your life? Are you making changes for the betterment of yourself or someone else? Many people who do this go through a time when they miss what was and long for familiar comfort. This can often trigger dreams of being lost in a desert with no oasis in sight.

Death and Rebirth

A desert in one’s dream could symbolize death and rebirth. This symbolism was rooted in the harsh living conditions of deserts. As time passed, the symbolism developed into spiritual lessons people learned from their dreams when they were in a desert.

According to an anthropologist, people’s dreams are mystical and represent wholeness. A desert could symbolize death because deserts lack life; however, it also represents rebirth because one can start over in a new place. It is like being reborn after overcoming an obstacle.

According to one of Carl Jung’s followers, deserts are not only symbolic of death and rebirth but also the underworld because water was believed to go underground in desert climates. This means that even though people are surrounded by sand, it is easy for them to be reborn again after they overcome an obstacle. Deserts also symbolize purgatory and hell because of the hot sun. One must struggle for survival in these places, which can symbolize one’s need to overcome obstacles before being reborn again.

Escaping Reality

One may dream about the desert because of their inner desire to escape the harsh reality of an unhealthy or unfulfilling situation. When a dreamer is able to escape their reality through dreams, it usually means that they are not taking care of themselves or are just having trouble dealing with the world. This realization is often what drives them to change their lives for the better.

A person may dream of the desert while trying to escape from reality. For example, a student might find themselves in a very bad school atmosphere and dream about being lost in the desert with no hope of finding their way back. When this happens, it is often because they want to escape their current situation, or do not really know how to deal with it.

The heat that comes with the barren environment may symbolize how one feels when he or she is in the reality that they don’t want to be in. The vastness of the desert may represent how one feels like he or she has lost control over the situation and no longer has a say as to how they can improve it. The lack of water may show how he or she lacks any resources needed to make a change.

Similarly, if you dream of quicksand, which may relate to feeling trapped, one may also feel a sense of freedom in the desert. It shows how he or she is able to make their own choices and decisions without being held back by anybody. The desert can serve as a place for introspection, where one can think about what they want out of life and how they plan on achieving it.

Confronting Fears of Guilt

People may dream about the desert when they are confronting fears of guilt. Dreaming about the desert can be a symbol of purification because it is barren and without vegetation. The dryness could also suggest that one feels parched from guilt.

Dreams about desserts can have multiple meanings, including a personal need for purification and self-discipline. The sand could also suggest that one feels overwhelmed from guilt.

The desert can also be a symbol for feeling lost, isolated or abandoned. When this is the case, it may reflect someone who feels guilty because they are not able to properly provide for themselves or others they believe they are obligated to care for. Deserts are often places of extreme heat, which could suggest that guilt is creating feelings of hopelessness and desperation.

Oftentimes, people may wake up after having a dream about the desert and feel as if they haven’t fully slept or gotten restful sleep. This typically happens when someone has had guilt on their mind before falling asleep at night.


The dryness of the desert represents loneliness or disconnection from people. The air is dry and hot, representing that they feel a physical disconnect. There is no water or life to be found in a desert which represents a lack of social connection.

People experiencing loneliness often dream about deserts, an arid landscape with few plants, and hardly any animals. People who feel lonely can be drawn to the desert subconsciously to reflect on their feelings of loneliness or disconnection from society, other people, or themselves. They can also use it as a metaphor for how they want to keep the other person at a distance because it is easier than confronting their true feelings.

Dreaming about the desert, when brought about by feelings of loneliness, are often intense and very vivid, with little movement in the dream. Dreams about the desert often feel dark, heavy, hot, uncomfortable and bleak.


The barren nature of the desert is symbolic of depletion or feeling barren. When one dreams about the desert, one may be feeling depleted.

People often dream about the desert when they are feeling physically, emotionally, or mentally drained, either after a large event or through everyday life circumstances. The barren nature of deserts is symbolic of depletion and one who dreams about the desert might be facing depletion in their life. Alternatively, dreaming of being alone in the desert can point to a feeling of being cut off from others, even if the person dreaming is actually with people in their waking life.

Dreams of being stranded in the desert may reflect feelings of disconnection with friends or family members after facing a large challenge together. The person dreaming might feel drained not only emotionally but also physically, as though they are completely spent.

Getting Over a Relationship

One may dream about a desert when they are trying to get over a relationship with someone who is emotionally distant. A desert signifies a barren wasteland that is void of emotions and love.

A person trying to get over a relationship is likely struggling with feelings of emptiness due to their lack of emotional connection with the other person. A dream of a desert, with its vast emptiness devoid of life, may be picked up by the subconscious mind in order to convey that these feelings about an emotionally distant relationship are affecting the person in their daily life.

Emotionally distant relationships often leave the other person feeling empty and alone, which is why a desert may be used to symbolize such a relationship. A person is also likely to feel lost and confused when in such a relationship, which can translate to feelings of being lost and wandering aimlessly through a desert.

Dream About Being in a Desert With No Water

In dreams, dry land can often represent feelings of isolation and loneliness. This may be because water is often associated with emotions and the lack of water suggests a lack of emotional connection with oneself or others. Dreaming about being in a desert with no water can indicate a sense of being stranded or cut off from the rest of the world.

This feeling of isolation and helplessness may also be linked to a lack of connection with others, as well as a lack of support. It may be a symbol of feeling alone in a certain situation or feeling like you have no one to turn to. This could be related to difficulties at work or in personal relationships.

Dream About a House in the Desert Meaning

A house in a desert of course conjures up images of the old west when cowboys roamed the desert on their trusty steeds. It is indeed strange to dream about something so seemingly innocuous, but it’s good to know what these dreams are trying to tell.

Dreams about a house in the desert may symbolize 1) claustrophobia, 2) lack of freedom, 3) warning, 4) not feeling at home.


Many people dream about a house in the desert when they are feeling claustrophobic or confined in some way. Their subconscious mind is trying to tell them that they need to get out of their current situation and spread their wings, literally!

Lack of Freedom

One may also be feeling as though they don’t have the freedom to express themselves. Their subconscious mind is telling them that now is the time to ‘bust out,’ and go do what it is that makes them happy and fulfilled.


Dreams about a house in the desert may be trying to warn a person about something, such as impending danger or an upcoming situation that they have been trying to avoid. Their subconscious mind is using the desert imagery as a metaphor for being entrapped, with no escape from a sticky situation or someone who means harm.

Not Feeling at Home

One may also be feeling as though they are not ‘at home’ in the present moment and express themselves freely, which can be exacerbated by stress or personal issues. Their subconscious mind is trying to tell them that now is the time to take a moment and reflect on what it is that makes them happy and fulfilled and let those feelings permeate back into their waking life.

Dreaming About a Red Desert? Why?

A red desert is a barren, desolate environment. In dreams, this symbolizes feelings of confusion about one’s life, and lack of motivation for any meaningful pursuits. There might be some obstacles that are preventing them from doing things that they’d want or need to be doing.

The dreamer has probably felt this way for some time. It’s possible that the dreamer is not making the best decisions in their life, and there are roadblocks to achieving their goals or having fun.

A red desert does not necessarily indicate danger; it’s only a warning to take stock of what’s really important in life before it’s too late. The dreamer may have wasted a lot of time, or lost touch with reality. There is no “sand” in the red desert that would indicate there are any specific worries like running out of money or an illness that needs to be addressed.

When it comes to color symbolism, yellow is representative of hope, but red typically means danger, as it is the color of blood and fire. The red desert emphasizes that now is the time for action; if nothing changes, then the dreamer will never be happy or satisfied with anything they do in life.

Desert in Dream Biblical Interpretation

A desert in a dream could represent 1) lack of spiritual nourishment, 2) difficult area in life, 3) faith, and 4) need for freedom.

Lack of Spiritual Nourishment

Desert in dream interpretation is more likely to be about an area of barrenness or lack, rather than of heat. A desert landscape might be representative of a flat life, with no material or spiritual nourishment.

Difficult Area in Life

Deserts are also fertile ground for spiritual practices due to their isolation; monks often retreat to them in order to strengthen their connection with God. A desert could indicate an area of one’s life that has become difficult or arid.


The desert dream is most likely to appear in the context of a quest or journey. In this situation, it might be a symbol of one’s faith or progress – one may encounter desert landscapes if they are doing something difficult and isolated from others. It could also indicate that one feels alone in achieving their aims, with no support from anyone else, either physically or emotionally. Desert landscapes in dreams can also represent a need for freedom.


While the desert may be an arid landscape with few plants, and hardly any animals, it can also represent feelings of loneliness or disconnection from people. The barren nature of the desert is symbolic of depletion which ties into a feeling of emptiness that you might experience when in an emotionally distant relationship. The desert dream is most likely to appear in the context of a quest or journey. In this situation, it might be a symbol of your faith or progress – you may encounter desert landscapes if you are doing something difficult and isolated from others.

Regardless of what the reason behind the desert symbolism might be, your dream is trying to tell you something – don’t ignore it!

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