Dreaming About Big Waves [The 5 Reasons Why]

Dreaming of being submerged or riding big waves is pretty common and I do recall this happening to me a few times. Is it a signal that something is wrong with us or is it a message from our subconscious?

Big waves in dreams may indicate 1) unresolved issue, 2) feeling unsafe, 3) upcoming change, 4) desire for a change and 5) need to face one’s fears.

Dreaming about big waves can bring about a sense of calmness and peace to the dreamer. In the same way, possible interpretations behind this dream could bring positive changes to the dreamer’s waking life.

Why Do People Dream About Big Waves?

People’s curiosity sometimes leads them to periods of searching for meaning in life and this can be expressed by any sort of dream. Each one has its own meaning.

Unresolved Issue

Big waves on dreams might represent an unresolved issue in the dreamer’s life. This can be either an issue just faced or a new one upcoming in the short future.

Waves can foreshadow issues unresolved, but out of sight. They are symbolic of the subconscious trying to bring something people need to deal with into their conscious mind or awareness to resolve it. For example, if someone has never dealt with an issue that happened in their past they may dream about waves crashing on the shore. The waves struggle against gravity pulling them back down, but they keep coming up on and on.

The waves show the person’s need to face the unresolved issue head-on and do something about it. If they let it go once more, it may come back in another dream for them again until they finally break through their walls of resistance.

Feeling Unsafe (Ship of Security)

Dreaming of big waves might indicate that the dreamer is feeling confronted or overwhelmed in their waking life. They feel like they have too many responsibilities and it’s making them lose their sense of self

If someone is feeling unsafe or not at peace in their waking life, then they may dream about traveling on a boat or ship with big waves crashing which helps them to feel more secure because it’s surrounded by water. If the waves are calm, they may feel more insecure.

This dream is called “The Ship of Security” because it is based on the idea that one feels more secure when they are on water than when they are on land. That’s why people who love boating typically have this dream more often than others.

If you have seen another big wave, some people interpret it as the dreamer not wanting to leave their boat or ship; they want to stay inside of it and not go out into the water.

Sometimes, people who are feeling insecure or unsafe in their waking life will dream about tsunamis and big waves crashing. The waves represent the different responsibilities that they have, and when they are safe on a boat/ship with these waves lashing around them, they feel less worried because if the water gets too near to them, their boat will start moving away from it.


A wave symbolizes change, so dreaming about one can mean that something new will soon be coming for better or worse. When people ride out these changes without allowing themselves to get swept up in the swell of uncertainty, then this could also indicate some reassurance that whatever shall come cannot harm them if they remain balanced.

Change is often hard to cope with. But when one learns to ride them, they will find that the waves do not force themselves upon them, but rather lift them up into their flow and take them where it leads. The key is balance; finding equilibrium between knowing when to yield and when to stand firm, and in doing so, one will find that the wave carries them to where they aim to be.

Waves represent a change in the dreamer’s lives, often representing a positive one. If they are surfing the waves, then this symbolizes that they will be able to maneuver through these changes with ease and grace; if they simply see or hear about the waves, then they will soon hear or see news about changes that will have a big impact on their life.

Desire for a Change

If one loves being out on the water, then dreaming about big waves could signify one’s yearning for freedom and movement in their life. In addition, if the dreamer’s life is currently lacking in excitement, then perhaps waters can symbolize a desire for change and newness as well. In any case, dreaming about big waves could signify a desire to feel more alive.

Dreaming of big waves signifies a desire for freedom and movement in a dreamer’s life. Perhaps the dreamer feels as if their life is stagnant and unchanging. In addition, big waves could be a symbol of adventure and excitement.

Need to Face One’s Fears

Dreaming about waves could signify one’s need to confront the fears that are keeping one from achieving greater happiness and satisfaction.

People often have dreams about waves when they are feeling frightened about something that needs to be addressed. The nature of this event and how that makes them feel is reflected in the depictions of waves. The time and setting in which these dreams occur can also indicate what needs to be faced and which aspects of one’s life may be impacted.

Waves are often depicted as having a significant impact on one’s life, posing some challenge or threat. The size of the wave is typically indicative of how significant this challenge is to one’s life. If the waves are huge, it can often indicate that the upcoming event will have a major impact on everything, including one’s personal beliefs and relationships with others.

Dream of Being On a Boat Surrounded by Waves? Open-Mindedness

People who are stubborn in their daily lives have a tendency to sometimes dream about being on a boat surrounded by waves. This can symbolize them being more flexible with what they believe because it’s starting to feel like the waters are too rough for their old way of doing things.

These dreams about boat waves symbolize the dreamer’s attempt to cope with changes that may be occurring in their life. This change could be an actual, physical one; but more likely is a mental or emotional one. For example, if someone works for thirty years as a salesman before finding new work as an accountant, they might dream of being on a small boat being pulled to shore by the waves. This could symbolize them having trouble adjusting their mindset to be more financially safe in an altered economy.

Dreaming about boat waves can also symbolize someone who is less rigid in their thinking, which enables them to adapt to new situations with ease. They are likely open-minded either by nature or by learned behavior, depending on how the dream manifests.

Dreaming About Ocean Water Meaning

Dreaming about the ocean water may symbolize 1) desires or fears, 2) deep spiritual connection, 3) universal qualities of life, and 4) burdens and pressures.

Desires or Fears

When one dreams about the ocean it can be an expression of one’s desires or fears. Ocean water is associated with the deep subconscious, which is the part of the mind that’s responsible for emotions and instincts, so dreaming about ocean water can represent one’s own primal essence.

Deep Spiritual Connection

When one dreams about ocean water in general, not necessarily saltwater, it can symbolize emotional intensity, but also the potential for deep spiritual connection. Dreaming about ocean water is therefore an evocative dream that can have a variety of meanings depending on what other dreams one records and what memories exist in the mind associated with the image of ocean water.

Universal Qualities of Life

Dreaming about ocean water can also represent the universal qualities of life that are found in all things, even if one can’t see them. Like how it’s possible to drink saltwater and survive like one is drinking pure water, it’s also possible to see everything as perfect after having experienced some perspective. When one dreams about ocean water they can discover how it touches their soul and allows them to see the world in a new way.

Burdens and Pressures

Dreaming about ocean water can also represent one’s burdens and pressures. Sometimes people dream about ocean water because they might feel like they’re drowning in their own life – for example, there might be so much going on that it feels impossible to keep up. In this case, dreaming about ocean water can provide a way to release some of that stress and become empowered again.

Dream of Being Caught in Waves? Here’s Why

Dreaming of being caught in big waves could mean that the dreamer’s life is currently lacking in movement. Perhaps they feel stuck and are yearning for something new to happen. Or perhaps there are certain changes occurring within their life, which can be largely out of their control.

Biblical Meaning of Big Waves In Dreams

Waves, in biblical terms, can be interpreted as being part of one’s spiritual journey or awakening to greater things. In the Christian religion, there are several passages from different books of the Bible that talk about waves and water. This is a good indication that this dream may have a religious meaning.

Waves are a powerful show of the force of nature. The dream interpretation of waves may have some religious undertones, but it is important to remember that the interpretation of a dream with waves can be quite different from person to person.


Most dream interpretations involving waves are positive and reflect one’s life journey or spiritual awakening. The power of the wave is often indicative of how significant that challenge will be to your life, so if you’re experiencing a lot of challenges in your waking life it doesn’t hurt to start paying more attention to what your subconscious mind may be trying to tell you through these symbolic dreams.

Overall, when interpreting a dream about waves it’s important not just to consider the image itself but also other memories associated with water and any emotions they might have evoked at the time.

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