5 Reasons Why You Dream About Hiding And Running Away [Desertion]

The experience wherein someone tries to hide and run away from you can be frustrating, leaving you questioning why this person would do that. Well, you may also have dreams about doing this. But have you asked yourself why?

In general, people dream about hiding and running away because of 1) fear of the unknown, 2) overwhelming stress, 3) guilt or regret, 4) hiding identity, and 5) desire to start over.

Hiding and running away is an unpleasant experience, you may not know where to go next after doing so. But having this guide to interpretations may help you understand what to do next when you dream about it.

Why Do You Dream About Hiding and Running Away?

Dreams about hiding and running away will already give you context clues about what this dream may suggest because it all revolves around the idea of getting away from something you may be uncomfortable with.

1. Fear of the Unknown

Dreaming about hiding and running away suggests having a fear of the unknown. Perhaps the dreamer is afraid of having no clue about what he is about to face, leaving him either defenseless or unprepared.

The unknown is a frightening concept. We know that we cannot predict the future, and as such, often fear we cannot see or touch. Sometimes unknown situations can be positive, but that does not mean there aren’t those that cause us to feel unsure and helpless.

Truthfully, there is no way to completely prepare for things you have no clue about. However, we can be better prepared for the unknown by arming ourselves with knowledge of the unknown’s underlying theme. If it happens to be something scary or negative (like an earthquake, the flu bug, or the loss of a loved one), we can arm ourselves with emotional and psychological resources. With this, we won’t be disheartened, and falter if something negative or unfavorable happens to us.

What about unknowns that are positive? People often think they need to go out of their way to make the most of opportunities, but this is not always true. If an unknown opportunity presents itself (like a new job offer), you may want to do some research about it. If it appears that the concept of the unknown is negative, you may want to arm yourself with emotional and psychological resources. If it appears to be positive, you may just have to wait and see what happens.

The unknown can be a scary place without knowledge or preparation, but arming ourselves with knowledge and clinging to our convictions, can make unknowns far less intimidating.

2. Overwhelming Stress

Dreaming about hiding and running away suggests overwhelming stress. This may be caused by tight deadlines, heavy responsibilities, or demanding people in the dreamer’s waking life.

In some cases, excessive responsibility may stem from a person’s relationship with their family. This is especially true if the dreamer feels they must fulfill the wishes of a certain relative who has passed away or whose presence in their life was larger than life.

In other cases, stress may stem from demands or responsibilities at work. Running away from deadlines can indicate that the dreamer has trouble balancing their personal and professional life. On the other hand, deadlines in the dream may also indicate that the dreamer is doing something they feel obligated to do, even if it is not necessarily what they want to do.

Perhaps deadlines are too close, or maybe they feel like they cannot live up to certain expectations; in such cases, it feels like only running away will make the stress disappear.

Understanding deadlines and responsibilities as more than just stressful situations can make coping much easier. They are an essential part of life that will occur whether or not the dreamer likes it.

3. Guilt or Regret

Dreaming about hiding and running away can also indicate guilt or regret. The dreamer may loathe his poor personal choices and actions that cause a negative outcome for him and the people around him in waking life.

You may have poor life choices that are weighing on you and may cause you to regret your actions. The guilt may be triggered by the way you conducted yourself with someone else, or about an event that you have no control over.

It also serves as a warning to those who feel guilt over having any part in covering up something, such as an accident they caused or some other wrongdoing.

With this in mind, the guilt experienced in dreams may also be a way for the brain to process negative things or mistakes that have happened in waking life by using dream imagery. This guilt can act as self-punishment for mistakes or wrongdoings made during waking life. It can also be a way to try and account for guilt by thinking about it in dreams as a method of coping.

However, guilt in itself is not always a negative thing because it can often serve as motivation to improve oneself.

4. Hiding Identity

People who dream about hiding and running away may be hiding their identity. They may conceal who they are because of fear of rejection and fear of being ridiculed by their peers.

Rejection is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. Every individual wants to feel accepted by their peers, even if it means pretending to be someone they are not. Sometimes identity concealment happens when individuals are in social situations where they fear being ridiculed for who they are. They may attempt to fit in with everyone else by hiding their identity and trying to blend in with a crowd. 

Individuals who have dreams about hiding and running away are often worried about what other people will think of them if they find out who they really are. They need to know that it is okay to be themselves, even if they are different from everyone else. People with these dreams may not know that they are loved for who they are, no matter what group of people they belong to.

5. Desire to Start Over

Dreaming about hiding and running away also suggests a desire to start over. Perhaps the dreamer desperately needs a reset because of constant failure and dissatisfaction with the current state of things in waking life.

A desire to start over is a common phenomenon that can appear to be frustrating but is also full of potential. It’s easy to get stuck in a negative cycle—whether it relates to a job, relationship, or home life—making it hard to see the big picture and recognize any possible progress. The dream provides the necessary reminder that the cycle we’re stuck in is only temporary and can be escaped.

Resetting our focus, whether it’s through changing career paths, moving to a new location, or even beginning a brand-new relationship can help us start fresh. We should remember that this dream offers an opportunity to make the best of other options and increase our chances of finding satisfaction.

Why Do You Dream About Running Away from Home?

Dreaming about running away from home suggests the unappreciation of one’s heritage. The dreamer may want to reject his family identity to better fit in with the people in his waking life and to feel accepted by them.

In order to be unappreciative, the dreamer must have been exposed to his heritage and others’ heritage in some way. The dreamer may feel as though his heritage is inferior or even obsolete as compared to other cultures and heritage. Once he starts to be unappreciative of his heritage, he may then reject it in dreams and seek a sense of belongingness among people who do not even understand or appreciate his family history.

If a person is unappreciative of their heritage, running away in dreams may suggest that the dreamer wants to make a new identity. The person, unappreciative of his heritage, seeks out new people and ways of life in order to form new memories with them. All while leaving behind who he is and abandoning the values he may once cling to.

Why Do You Dream About Running Away from Your Spouse?

Running away from a spouse in a dream suggests running away from responsibilities. The dreamer may want to feel free from the burdens of waking life and be carefree even for a while.

Responsibilities are a part of life and everyone must face them. Leaving a spouse in a dream suggests that the dreamer may feel overwhelmed by responsibilities. Running away may indicate an unwillingness to cope with these responsibilities. Dreams about avoiding someone may also show that the dreamer is feeling burdened by responsibilities that may be too much to bear. This can remind you to be more diligent about how you prepare to take care of responsibilities in waking life, or they may forewarn you against taking on more than you can handle.

Dream About Hiding from a Monster Explained

Hiding from a monster in a dream suggests running away from fears. The dreamer may be reluctant to face his fears because of fear of being inadequate. However, this may be a form of self-sabotage.

The monster in a dream represents fear because it is unknown and uncontrollable, much like how other fears can be. By hiding from the monster, one avoids fears altogether. However, by doing so, one continues to be afraid of something, even though it can be overcome by facing it head-on. 

Additionally, fear may be a sign of underlying feelings of inadequacy. If the dreamer is hiding in his dream, then he may fear being inadequate. He may fear what others might think about him and fear losing something important to him in the process. 

If fear continues to gnaw at the dreamer, then it may reflect fear of taking risks or fear of reaching success. In essence, fear can be self-sabotage because fear of failure may stop a dreamer from even trying to confront his fears and improve as a person.

Dream About Hiding and Being Found Meaning

Hiding and being found in a dream indicates stubbornness. Despite this, the dreamer may still have people who continue to stay patient and offer help to them.

In real life, stubbornness tends to cause us to push away people around us because of the attitude we adopt. This stubbornness may be due to pride or fear; sometimes both. However, this stubbornness also signifies that one has friends who are patient with them.

In dreams, being found by the person you are hiding from means that friends will not abandon you. This means that friends are there to help you when support is needed. They also wish to offer their company to provide solace for your stubbornness.

Why Do You Dream About Running Away and Hiding from a War?

Running away and hiding from a war in a dream suggests being unsure about one’s endeavor. The dreamer may not be fully committed to pursuing something in life because he has a strong tendency to flee at any sign of failure.

This dream may also indicate that the dreamer is overwhelmed by the situation he’s in.

To elaborate, running away and hiding from a war in a dream suggests fear of failure. This notion was found in several studies which indicated that even though people might believe they are brave enough to cope with their fears when faced with difficult tasks or thoughts (such as failure), in reality, they’re not. A person’s conscious self-perception is very different from the way he or she reacts when exposed to difficulty.

In addition, being a fugitive in a dream may indicate that the dreamer has low confidence in themselves and their ability to succeed. He is unsure of his own abilities, which is why he refuses to face the challenge.

Summary of Dreaming About Hiding and Running Away

Hiding and running away is a sign of cowardice for there may be an immense reluctance to face something. However, dreams about this provide an opportunity for you to redeem yourself and not give in to these tormenting thoughts and emotions. 

This is because dreams about hiding and running away can help you understand and be more aware of your fear of the unknown, overwhelming stress, guilt or regret, tendency to hide your identity, and your desire to start over.

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