4 Reasons Why You Dream About Going Back To School

I often dream of going back to school but the details are always different. I am sure you dreamt of this as well, so let me share some of the most common dream interpretations of this bizarre dream.

People may dream about going back to school because it signifies 1) the need to be more disciplined, 2) feelings of boredom, 3) regrets and missed opportunities, and 4) feeling overwhelmed.

For some, having a dream about going back to school is nostalgic. However, if you dig deeper, this dream invites you to assess yourself and take some action.

Why Do You Dream About Going Back to School?

Dreaming about going back to school reveals one’s desire for a critical change in his life. Continue reading to explore what type of change this dream calls for. 

1. Need to be More Disciplined

Dreaming about going back to school signifies the dreamer’s need to be more disciplined. This possibly means that it is not a time for them to slack off but to be more focused on accomplishing the task at hand.

The first meaning of this dream is that your subconscious mind feels like you need to be more disciplined and it wants you to go back to the harsh environment that won’t let you slack off. This strict environment will force you into becoming someone who is more productive and hard-working, similar to a dream about university

If this is what’s happening in your life right now, then don’t fight this feeling! Take advantage of it and motivate yourself. Look at your daily tasks as opportunities for growth rather than disasters waiting to happen. However, be careful not to overdo it so much that you do nothing but work all day long. Make sure you rest and have some time to relax too.

2. Boredom

Going back to school in a dream signifies boredom in waking life. The dreamer may be experiencing monotony in his routine and he desires excitement or change in life.

Perhaps something in your life is so boring and unfulfilling that it makes you feel like going back to school just for the stimulation, even if that feeling of pressure, challenge, and possible dissatisfaction will follow you into this new environment.

Your dream about going back to school could mean that you are thinking about how long it has been since the time when you had a life full of excitement and possibility and were just starting out on your own path in this world. 

Maybe you’re thinking that the time has come for another change. It might be a good idea to go back to studying! However, if such thoughts don’t reflect what is actually going on in your life at the moment, then it probably only means that you need some sort of change and new challenges, so find them yourself and take action!

3. Regrets and Missed Opportunities

Dreaming about going back to school may also indicate regrets and missed opportunities. Probably, the dreamer would like to redeem themselves and grab the next opportunity that shows up.

This dream refers to regrets or missed opportunities in your life. Maybe you’re not satisfied with the work you’ve done so far and wish that you could start over again, but it’s too late now. 

If this is what’s happening in your life right now then try to be more forgiving of yourself. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes sometimes! 

Look for some old unresolved issues buried deep within yourself and try to understand why they are still lingering there. Maybe the answers will help you resolve whatever unfinished projects or unfulfilled dreams are still present in your mind, just like dreaming of a clock.

4. Feeling Overwhelmed

Dreaming about going back to school suggests that the dreamer is feeling overwhelmed in his waking life. They may want to go back to simpler times in life when they can be carefree.

Oftentimes, it is a result of being overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be completed. The dreamer is wondering if he can pull everything together to get a passing grade. 

If this is a current worry in your life, then dreaming about old classmates or going back to school may be linked directly to this stress.

Dream About Going Back to Grade School Meaning

Dreaming about going back to grade school might indicate that the dreamer’s hurtful past is resurfacing. Feelings of fear, insecurity, and helplessness may encumber them. It also signals the need or desire to connect to one’s inner child.

Going back to school is an activity every child loves and everyone remembers from their childhood. 

If you dream about going back to grade school then the feelings of fear, insecurity, and helplessness that appeared in your subconscious mind during childhood may be resurfacing.

In some cases, dreaming about going to primary school indicates your desire to listen to your inner child. This may be a way to reconcile with the child you were whom you probably dislike. 

This is a way of accepting who you were so you can make room for who you are trying to become now. This is a way to embrace who you are as a person wholeheartedly and completely.

Dream About Going Back to Secondary School Meaning

Dreaming about going back to secondary school indicates one’s desire to express himself honestly and be accepted for who he is. Perhaps the dreamer was tired of pleasing other people in his waking life.

Going back to high school in a dream may manifest the desire to escape from the idea that everyone needs to like you. It is a stage where most students struggle to be true to themselves.

Probably you have been trying to please the people around you and it has been a tiring pursuit for you and you want to be accepted for who you truly are.

Dream About Going Back to College Interpretation

Going back to college in a dream is an indication that the dreamer wants to be a responsible person. Perhaps, the dreamer failed to fulfill his duties in his waking life.

College is often associated with learning how to be independent and responsible. That is why dreaming about being in a classroom in college could be a sign that you want to be more responsible for the things entrusted to you at the moment.  

Perhaps you have neglected your roles and responsibilities and you want to make amends for this by caring for it and nurturing a more mature character. The person’s eagerness to manage these tasks successfully was manifested in the dream.

Dream About Excelling in School Meaning

Dreaming about excelling in school may suggest the dreamer’s low self-esteem or need to celebrate even the small victories in life which they barely find the time and relevance to do so. The dream encourages the dreamer to reward himself even if his life isn’t perfect.

During times when one feels defeated with their academic or professional life, they may dream about excelling in school. These dreams could indicate the need for someone to acknowledge and celebrate even the smallest of victories achieved in life. 

This confirms that this is a difficult time for them and they still manage to stumble upon small pieces of victory in their day-to-day activities which they often don’t find the time to do. 

It is also possible that such dreams may encourage them to reward themselves for their small accomplishments instead of concentrating on the larger defeats they are experiencing.

Dreams about excelling in school not only indicate possible low self-esteem, but it could also help lead one to find a better outlet and channel one’s negative feelings and emotions. This could be as easy as recognizing and celebrating their own achievements and victories so far, even though life isn’t perfect at this point in time. 

Since we all have struggles or hard times during our lives, it is important to acknowledge those efforts we make that balance out the defeats we experience as well. This way, if successful at such self-rewards, there might be hope for further success during difficult times ahead.

Dream About Graduating Again Meaning

Dreaming about graduating again from school means that the dreamer is bound to be recognized for their efforts that are usually shoved aside and underappreciated.

For many people, graduating from school is a big deal so when they dream about it again, it signifies a great achievement or breakthrough in their lives. 

School isn’t just about education but also building character and developing skills so when someone dreams about graduating again from high school or college, it’s because they feel like they finally get the recognition that they deserve. 

They probably work hard but it isn’t always seen or appreciated so seeing themselves graduating again in their dreams is inspirational. It reminds them of the worth that they carry and pushes them to work harder than before.

Dream About Being Expelled from School Explained

Dreaming about getting expelled from school suggests that the dreamer is 1) wasting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, or 2) doesn’t get what he deserves in life. This is a wake-up call for him to take things more seriously.

The dreamer may also feel like they aren’t getting what they deserve out of life because they keep passing up these excellent opportunities. 

In fact, it could be argued that dreams about missing classes or getting kicked out of school serve as a sort of sign from above, trying to nudge them into making better choices with their time and energy in life. 

After all, we only get one shot at this life and it’s important to make the most of our time here.

Dreaming Of Going Back To School Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of going back to school in a dream has lots of symbolism, from good ones to not so great ones. Here are some of them:

Guilt Or a Regret Of A Past Event

These visions frequently represent your yearning to go back to your past on a spiritual level. You desire a second chance to make amends for your past behavior.

You probably look back and regret some of the decisions you made at the time. Or perhaps you believe your choices were poor.

However, rather than pining for the unattainable, this is a spiritual message to accept and deal with the current condition.

New Insights

Since schools are places where people learn and develop new talents, dreaming of being in school again might potentially show anything along those lines.

You wish to develop your current skills or pick up some new ones. You don’t want to live a life that is unchanging and unchallenging.

Additionally, it conveys your desire to excel beyond your contemporaries. Your desire to achieve in life drives you to seek out additional education and experience. You’re prepared to broaden your perspective.

Spiritual Growth

Dreaming of going back to school can frequently represent your desire to reach a spiritual understanding of both yourself and the rest of the world. You want to embrace them and delve deeper into the meaning of life.

Additionally, you want to establish a connection with the world, the divine, and higher powers.


When you dream of being a student again it can imply that when you are awake, you feel lost, are unsure of which route to take and your daily life is being affected and stressed out by the situation.

Feeling Trapped

Dreams about going back to school sometimes illustrate how stuck you feel in life. Your continuous circumstances are making you bored and angry. So, this is a cue to reconsider your decisions and course of action.

Avoid making hasty decisions, blindly following the crowd, or allowing others to rule you. Make decisions based on what you genuinely desire instead.

Your Inner Child

If you specifically have a dream about going back to primary school, it symbolizes your desire to reach out to and make peace with your inner kid.

Perhaps because of prior trauma, your inner child feels insecure and helpless. Stop being harsh on yourself and try to understand your problems.

Summary of Dreaming About Going Back to School

Going back to school may allude to going back to the basics or addressing a fundamental part of ourselves. 

This includes the need to be more disciplined, feelings of boredom, dealing with regrets and missed opportunities, and addressing feelings of being overwhelmed by duties and responsibilities.

Looking into the possible implications of this dream, you can improve on how you respond to the challenges you encounter in your waking life with maturity and grace, able to reflect on the learnings you may acquire as you journey in life.

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