Girl In Your Dreams: The 7 Reasons

Dreams are fascinating things. In the past, they were thought to be messages from gods, they were used as a way to explore different aspects of one’s psyche and they have been studied extensively in the modern day with so many different schools of thought.

But what exactly do people dream about when they go to sleep every night? Sometimes they might dream about a girl-or in some cases, she is all that they can see!

People might dream about a girl because 1) of a sisterly presence, 2) they are attracted to that girl, 3) recent death of someone close, 4) femininity projection, 5) female lover, 6) representing the idea of finding love, and 7) period of heightened female energy.

Perhaps it was a dream with a girl you know, or perhaps she could be a total stranger. Either way, dreams about a girl can spark a curiosity within us.

Why People Dream of a Girl

You just woke up remembering a curious girls talking to you? Well, there might be many reasons. Find out why!

Sisterly Presence

The girl in people’s dreams may represent a sisterly presence in their lives. This is because sisters are typically the ones who look after you when you’re young, and take care of you during your childhood years. This is common for those that have an older sister in real life.

Some people never properly gain this kind of relationship with their sisters, so they seek it out in their dreams. A sisterly presence may also be comforting to some people, as they have been able to rely on sisters growing up.

People may dream about a girl representing a sisterly presence if their own sister is not an active part of their lives. People may also have dreams about a girl they know when they are in need of emotional support but can’t get it from other people in real life.

For example, someone who has recently suffered heartbreak or just ended a difficult relationship may have dreams about a girl. This is because, in their dreams, they can replace the negative energy with positive emotions that may be missing from their own life. The girl in people’s dreams may be used as a coping mechanism.


A dream about a girl can represent a young female that you’re attracted to. This holds true if you dreamed of a girl you know. If you’re attracted to the girl in your dream, then it is likely that you are thinking about a particular woman.

If you dream about an attractive female who may or may not be particularly alluring, there’s a good chance that you are thinking about someone specific with whom you are interested.

This person could simply be someone who you have noticed in your waking life. Perhaps she has recently crossed your path, or maybe you are interested in her but still aren’t sure if she’s reciprocating those feelings.

Recent Death of Someone Close

Dreaming of a girl could also be because someone close to you may have died recently. If this is the case, the person whom you have lost may appear in your dreams as a female figure. This could be the mind’s way of allowing you to say a final goodbye.

There may be a strong sense of an unresolved relationship with the figure who appears, so try to focus on this during dreaming as it may help you. This dream could be because your subconscious feels emotional turmoil over the fact that they have died, and it is trying to find a conclusion.

Take some time out for yourself and think back over the memories which you have shared with this person. How did you feel when you were around this person? What qualities did they possess which you wished to emulate if any?

Femininity Projection

The girl in your dreams could simply represent a projection of all women, and how they relate to you as a person. This applies especially if the dreamer is a male. It could mean you see yourself in the girl, and how she relates to society. She can also represent what you wish to be in your own personal life.

The girl in your dreams may be a representation of how you see women. She could reveal what you truly wish to happen with yourself as a person. In other words, she represents the female role model that you have created for yourself as an individual. Your dream girl may even be subconsciously reflecting who you will become in real life, because it is the manifestation of your greatest aspirations. It represents the ideal woman who you hope to become in real life.

If there is a specific woman whom you may be thinking about when dreaming of this girl, she can represent an actual person. There are multiple ways that the “girl” character may appear in your dreams, however, they all have one thing in common: They represent a projection of all women.

Female Lover

The girl in your dream may represent a female lover whom you would like to have in real life. She might appear in dreams where you are searching for a female lover. She may also represent a longing or desire for a relationship with a woman that is unsatisfied in reality.

The appearance of your dream girlfriend can give you insight into what is preventing you from finding a loving connection with another woman. For example, if your dream girl has ugly or unappealing features then perhaps you are projecting your own feelings about yourself onto the women whom you consider potential partners.

Alternatively, you may feel judged by other people in your life because of your preference for women, or you may harbor a fear of being judged by your friends and family. If the girl in your dream is someone who you have never met in real life, then she might represent a certain ideal that you have created to meet the needs you have for a lover.

Representing the Idea of Finding Love

A girl in your dream could also represent the idea of finding love or companionship in general. This means that there is something missing from your love life right now, and this figure symbolizes that lack. This doesn’t mean that there is necessarily something wrong with your life, but simply that you are ready to take the next step.

You might be neglecting this side of you, but the girl could be a sign that it is time to re-examine your life and take action. Psychologists state that these kinds of dreams are the kind we have the most, which simply implies how important it is for us humans to find love and companionship and feel like part of a community.

These kinds of dreams can also represent the process of dating someone new, and feel like you are ‘in the moment’ with them – about to take things further despite your reservations. These dreams tend to reveal deep-seated desires for this experience that we might not even be aware of consciously.

Heightened Female Energy

One last reason as to why females may dream about a girl is because they are currently going through a period of heightened female energy in their life. This can be a surge in the amount of positive energy that women are bringing into your life under friendship, lover or business partner.

The dream symbolizes how you feel subconsciously by representing that female energy as a woman who feels like she’s coming after you (or is trying to get your attention). It could even be your mother, friend, or family member. This is the personification of how you’re feeling.

These dreams may also happen because you’re at a point in your life where there are more women around that are either having a positive influence on your life. These women may be trying to influence you subconsciously. For example, you might be surrounded by more women than usual because of work or because of the types of people that you’re meeting. And it’s very possible that you’re feeling this surge in women’s energy subconsciously through your dreams as well.

Dreaming of a Girl You Like Interpretation

We dream about the girl we like because it’s our mind’s final attempt at making sense of the complicated emotions we feel when someone dear to us is about to slip through our fingers. Instead of accepting it can’t be, our subconscious decides to build an elaborate world in which it becomes a reality.

Other reasons why we dream about the girl we like include:

  1. The girl because she represents everything we wish for and hopes that she feels the same way.
  2. The girl we like because she is all it would take to make us truly happy. The thought of her being by our side forever fills us with joy on a level that nothing else does.
  3. We are looking to hold onto their last chance for true happiness, before accepting the harsh reality that there is nothing they nor anyone else can do about it.

Dreaming About a Girl You Know? Explained

Why do people sometimes dream about a girl they know? Despite all of the above of course still applies, it’s because the unconscious mind is incredibly perceptive at picking up hints you send out about people, even if you’re not consciously aware of it.

Here are some possible explanations for why people dream about the girl they know:

  1. You were thinking or talking about her before bed.
  2. She reminds you of someone else. It may sound odd, but sometimes when people dream about the girl they know, it’s because she symbolizes another person in their life- either a loved one or an ex.
  3. There’s something about her that interests you for some reason (positive or negative). People who dream about the girl they know may be highlighting a common theme or characteristic about her that they’ve found particularly interesting or something they want to explore further.
  4. She represents your ideal woman/man. We all have an idea of the sort of life we want to lead, and the kind of person we’d like to be with- including what type of personality they’d have.

Dreams of An Unknown Girl? Meaning

People may dream of an unknown girl because the girl is an archetype that represents the feminine part of a person’s psyche. People may also sometimes dream about an unknown girl because that girl is an archetype of the mother or lover representing unconditional love.

Archetypes are universal patterns of thought that influence how people view the world and act in it. While psychologists agree on what archetypes symbolize, they disagree on why people dream about them.

There are many other possible explanations for the dreams of an unknown girl, but the root cause is unknown. For example, some people think that dreams of an unknown girl symbolize sexual desire or repressed memories of past relationships. Others think that dreams of an unknown girl show that someone needs to reevaluate their relationships with family members.

Some psychologists believe that dreams of an unknown girl symbolize the discovery of new possibilities, while others say they represent real people who are important in a person’s life, but whom they have not yet encountered.

Are You Seeing a Beautiful Girl in Your Dream? Why?

Dreams about a beautiful girl could represent your own self-perception and desires. The dreams reflect how you feel about yourself, what traits you like about yourself, what you think others like about you, and your deepest desires. Your subconscious may create a beautiful girl image that embodies these thoughts.

Positive images of beautiful girls in fairy tales or television shows who act with moral integrity represent an ideal that some people want to obtain. The appearance of such a girl in your dreams may be a wish you have for yourself, a hope for the future, or a desire to become better. These dreams usually leave people feeling inspired and hopeful after waking up.

Negative images of beautiful girls in fairy tales represent problems that people must overcome as the girls symbolize the part of themselves that they do not like about themselves, bad choices they have made, or things they wish they could change. These dreams can leave people feeling discouraged after waking up.


Dreaming about a girl could mean different things for different people. It may be because the girl represents a sisterly presence in our life, or it could also be because the girl simply represents the idea of finding love. Sometimes we might dream of the girl we like because we hope that she feels the same way.

Dreams of a beautiful girl could symbolize our own self-perception and desires. Whatever the dream we have at night, it is best to reflect on our life and apply these meanings to the aspect that we see fit.

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