6 Reasons Why You Dream of Curtains [Covering]

Curtains are usually used to hide us from the world outside in our waking life. Likewise, it serves the same purpose in our dreams and even carries what the subconscious wants to convey. What is the meaning behind the dream about curtains?

In general, people dream about curtains because of 1) secrecy, 2) connection, 3) fears, 4) trust, 5) openness, and 6) emotional distress. Dreaming of curtains in different colors may also indicate several meanings.

Dreams about curtains either convey the secrets buried deep within us or the information we expose too much about ourselves. Read on to know why.

Why Do People Dream About Curtains?

What could be the hidden meaning behind people dreaming about curtains? Find it out through the following dream interpretations below.

1) Secrecy

Dreaming about curtains is a sign that the dreamer keeps too many secrets. The dreamer is living so much secrecy and is causing rifts and problems in their relationship with others.

To dream about curtains means that you are keeping way too many secrets. It is good to keep secrets once in a while but keeping an unhealthy dose of these, in the long run, will not be beneficial to you and the people around you. This can cause complications in relationships or worse, it can end the relationships that are most important to you.

You may have secrets that you want to share with others, especially with your closest friends or family. However, you have second thoughts because you do not know how to express them. This kind of feeling could be signified in your dream, as curtains are used to cover or close a window.

How you handle the curtains in your dream also symbolizes how you handle your secrets in your actual life. Being able to draw your curtains close in your dream signifies how well you can keep your secrets. In this sense, dreaming about keys also signifies emotional issues that we are hesitant to address.

On the other hand, opening curtains reflects how much you could unconsciously or voluntarily reveal a secret that is usually accompanied by either positive or adverse results.

2) Connection

A dream where the dreamer pulls the curtain open symbolizes the feeling of longing to connect with someone in the waking life. This may have been an unconscious desire that the dreamer must have neglected or suppressed.

Pulling open a curtain in a dream signifies your desire to connect with someone you hold dear in your heart.. You are longing for someone with whom you could share the moments of your life. You could be looking for friends or maybe a lover with whom you can feel something new and exciting, and you are deeply invested in finding them to satisfy that want.

An alternative interpretation could be that you are ready to try new things out of your usual comfort zone. These might be things that you do not usually do, but once you’ve tried it, you will always find yourself pumped up and excited to try more. It could signify a job opportunity you cannot deny or a potential romantic relationship.

However, there could also be an adverse meaning to your dreams of curtains. It could be a telltale sign that some of your relationships could be falling apart, and you are having a hard time reconnecting with them. You might have come to a point where re-establishing your connections with your loved ones is no longer easy. To keep it intact, you should know when to give and take in your relationship with them.

3) Fears

Dreaming about curtains on fire may mean exposure to the dreamer’s unreasonable fears. The dreamer will come to face a situation they dread the most and should prepare to overcome it.

If you dream about seeing curtains catching fire, it could signify that you have to face your fears soon. These fears are usually unreasonable, grounded on your baseless assumptions about things. However, you will still dread it and find yourself shaking in fear if it happens.

Nevertheless, you will also come to realize how insignificant your fear was, once you learn to overcome and win against it. You will know that all it takes is to have courage and never surrender because it’s all in your mind, and you can have control over it.

Moreover, these burning curtains could also represent your insecurities in waking life. You may have doubts about yourself and your abilities, and it has come to manifest in your dreams. Understand why you have these insecurities, and learn that these are all irrational and untrue. This way, you will get rid of the limitations you have set in your life and be able to enjoy things outside of your comfort zone.

4) Trust

Another interpretation for burning curtains is that the dreamer has finally found someone trustworthy enough to let their guard down and let them in into their life. This person will come to have a special place in their heart and will fulfill a significant role in the dreamer’s life.

To dream about burning curtains could also mean that you have finally built trust on someone and learned to confide and rely on them. It was never easy for you to share your secrets with anybody, but you will discover how easy it is to let your guard down with them.

Seeing fancy curtains in your dream could mean the opposite of finding someone trustworthy. The fancy curtain could represent an encounter with pretentious people. They may come to your life with an innocent and honest face, but they may be only using this to their advantage to lure and charm you into trusting them.

This dream should serve as a warning for you to not trust people so quickly, especially people you don’t know enough. If possible, try not to get involved with them and avoid them at all costs. Heed the warnings of the other people around you. They might be up to no good, and it is better to lose an unhealthy relationship than to gain a toxic one.

5) Openness

If the dreamer sees the curtain hiding the daylight in their dream, this could mean that the dreamer has a shy demeanor in their waking life. As a result, most people don’t know who the dreamer is personally because of their aversion to most social interactions.

A curtain hiding the daylight in your dream signifies how you are in your waking life. This means that some people perceive you as shy and meek, and most of them probably have very little information about your true nature. You tend to retreat to your shell in the face of social interactions.

In this case, you need to work on your shy nature and increase your social appearance. Don’t be afraid to show the real you. Ignore the possible judgments you have conjured in your mind and let your real character shine through. Who knows, you might be more charming than you think.

If you are closing a curtain in your dream, this could be a sign that you have revealed way too much information about yourself to other people. This should warn you to be cautious and carefully moderate what you say in front of other people, especially strangers. After all, there are still things better kept to yourself.

6) Emotional Distress

Inspecting or scrutinizing the details of the curtain’s fabric in a dream could be a forewarning on the dreamer’s distressing emotional and psychological state. The dreamer’s focus on taking note of the designs and material represents the dreamer’s fixation on something, giving them issues they can’t figure out.

Dreaming about taking interest in a curtain to the point of taking note of every detail signifies how distressed you are in your waking life. The focus you dedicate to scrutinizing every intricate design in it represents how you deal with certain issues in your actual life. You fixate yourself on specific issues even if you don’t understand how they came to happen or how to solve them.

This could also mean that you dwell too much on things that have gone wrong and lose your attention on what’s more important. You keep on rewinding the bad decisions you have made and think of ways to do it better. However, it doesn’t do anything and only serves to worsen your situation.

Changing your curtains in your dream could also mean the same thing. It could be a warning sign that a difficult time is coming to wreak havoc on your emotions. It will cause your mood swings, make you irritable, and may even cause you to hurt the people around you, especially those who are the closest to you. If you find yourself in this situation, try to take a deep breath and think about it first before you regret it in the end.

Meaning Behind Dreaming About Differently-Colored Curtains

Aside from the dreamer’s interaction with curtains in their dreams, the colors of the curtains could also have their own interpretations.

Green Curtains. Seeing green curtains in your dreams could be a positive sign of finding a partner in your life soon. They could become anyone in your life; they could be a partner in business, a best friend, or even a lover. However, it would be best if you watched out for your relationship since you are bound to come to a point wherein you will either make or break your loyalty towards each other.

White Curtains. White curtains are usually associated with how well you do in fashion. This means that you are naturally gifted in finding styles that suit you and give even more color to your personality. It could also be a sign that an upcoming occasion is on your way to showcase and emphasize your fashion and style.

Black and White Curtains. The black and white curtains in your dream could indicate the burnout that you are feeling. It could be from working too much or being unhappy with your job. You are frequently exhausted, usually irritable, and prone to physical and mental breakdowns. There is a limit to what you can do, and you should be aware of how much stress you can take daily.

Purple Curtains. A dream dominated by purple could mean that you are bound to have a bonding moment with your precious loved ones. This could mean that you may be going on a trip or outing with them and be able to create new and happy memories that you will keep and hold dear in your heart for a long time.

Yellow Curtains. Yellow curtains in a dream are connected to prosperity and wealth. One of these days, you will be allowed to earn or acquire wealth in a short amount of time. You may find yourself winning lotteries and other high-risk games. The amount you will win is enough to help you lead a life of financial stability if you learn how to invest, save, or use it wisely and effectively.


Dreaming about curtains brings positive and negative meanings to the dreamer’s waking life. Generally, they could symbolize the dreamer’s secrecy, connection, fears, trust, openness, and emotional and psychological distress. It is important to note the interaction and the colors in the dream to understand how the dream should be interpreted.

These different interpretations will serve as a guide for the dreamer to grasp what their dream is all about. It could be a subconscious signal that they have been ignoring, and attaching sense to it, through the dreams, will help the dreamer recognize and address that signal. However, it is also of great importance that the interpretations and explanations presented here are not set in stone. It is still up to the dreamer to identify what they feel the dream should indeed be.

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