7 Reasons Why You Dream About Cthulhu [Terrifying]

A Cthulhu is a fictional mythological monster created during the 1920s. It is a dangerous and frightening creature. If a person has seen or dreamt of a monster that is a combination of a dragon, octopus, and human parts, he likely has seen a Cthulhu.

In general, dreaming of seeing a Cthulhu indicates 1) fears, 2) buried hopes, 3) being an outcast, 4) end of a chapter, 5) difficulties, 6) hidden abilities and emotions, and 7) power. Dreaming of a monster like a Cthulhu is an unusual dream.

Seeing a Cthulhu in a dream can be really scary. Anyone does not hope to see a daunting monster in their dream. But what does it mean to see one? And would there be reasons to feel terrified?

7 Reasons Why You Dream About Cthulhu

Dreaming of a monster is a frightening experience. Need to know the reasons behind it? Read on to learn more.

1) Fears

Seeing a Cthulhu may represent fears. In waking life, the dreamer may be troubled by his thoughts.

A Cthulhu is a hideous monster, and it could be a representation of one’s darkest fears. You may be troubled by your worries and thoughts. You may be faced with making difficult decisions in your life, and you have concerns about what could happen next. While it could be uncontrollable, being troubled with the things you do not know will not help you. Instead, you should hope for the best and allow yourself to rest.

Seeing a Cthulhu in your dream signals you to breathe and relax. Your thoughts and fears may paralyze you. But you could take a step, one day at a time. Relaxing your thoughts could let you think more clearly. Maybe the situation you are in is not that difficult, and the solution may not only appear straightforward because you ignore the fact that it could be solved.

This dream of seeing a Cthulhu signifies your fears. It also signals you to move and take action. This dream could tell that your worries will always be there, but do not let them overpower you.

2) Buried hopes

The dream of seeing a Cthulhu may be a sign of a person’s buried hopes. A person may have given up his hopes and dreams in life.

Dreaming of seeing a Cthulhu is a sign of your buried hopes. You may have given up or set aside your aspirations and passions, but this dream could be telling you that there is still room to start anew. You could still go after your goals. Do not listen to other people and you could achieve the things that you want.

A dream about Cthulhu is a sign for you to get out of your comfort zone. Maybe you are complacent where you are right now but wish to achieve the things you have not reached yet. Perhaps it is time for you to unbury and chase those dreams.

This dream is a sign for you that there is still more to life. There is still hope to get those dreams. There is still time for you to work on it.

3) Being an Outcast

The dream represents Cthulhu’s character as an alien to the person’s waking life. A person may have experienced being an outcast or feeling different among the crowd.

Dreaming of seeing a Cthulhu is a sign that a person may be an outcast or feels different around people.

If you feel this way in your waking life, dreaming of this may leave you questioning yourself when you wake up. But this could also tell you that you are special even if you think differently. There may be other characteristics or abilities that you possess that they do not have. Being unwanted by people might be frustrating, but it’s a blessing in disguise as they have revealed their colors.

Dreaming of seeing a Cthulhu signal you to shine your light and be different. There is a reason why you are born that way. You will find out as you go through with your life, (see also ‘Dreaming of an Octopus‘).

4) End of a Chapter

Seeing a Cthulhu may be a sign of an ending to a chapter in one’s life. The dreamer may have to prepare for the next stage in his life.

The only permanent thing in this world is change. Dream of seeing a Cthulhu is a sign that you have recently experienced an end to a chapter in your life.

This dream could tell you to prepare for the next episode of your life. The recent end may be good or bad (or could have hurt you), but another chapter is waiting to unfold. Maybe this time, you will experience many good things.

Dreams about a Cthulhu signal you to use the learnings that you have experienced in the upcoming chapter of your life. Maybe you are destined to be in those situations because you need to be prepared to experience new things. After all, the end is just the beginning.

5) Difficulties

A Cthulhu may represent the difficulties a person experiences in his life. The dreamer may be struggling in his waking life.

Dreaming of seeing a Cthulhu represents the difficulties in your life. A Cthulhu is a giant monster that can wreak havoc to places—just like your problems, ruining parts of your life. You could be facing personal family problems, being in a complicated relationship with your partner, or being in a financial loss. There are times life will throw you complex issues similar to the one you are facing right now. These difficulties could make you a stronger person.

This dream signals that you could endure all the difficulties that you are facing. Your experiences may help you in facing the next seasons of your life.

Dreaming of seeing a Cthulhu is also a sign that you are doing something to solve your problems. It is a good omen. In reality, you may be reaching out to other people, applying to jobs, or moving out to cope up with the breakup. The dream may be the affirmation that you are capable of things, and you could do it.

6) Hidden Abilities and Emotions

The dream of seeing a Cthulhu may be a sign that a person is hiding his emotions and abilities. This dream signals the person to unlock hidden talents and feelings.

Dreaming of seeing a Cthulhu indicates that you may be hiding your emotions and abilities. Cthulhu could be a representation of the real you and seeing one could be like seeing yourself. You may have reasons why you do not let other people know and see your true self. You may feel that others might not like you and then you show your true self to the world, others may hate you for doing so.

This dream is sending a message that you should not be afraid to show your true self to people around you. Your vulnerability is a sign of strength and not weakness. It is just that people need to accept that not everyone will like them for who they are. Everybody is unique in their ways and has flaws.

Dream of seeing a Cthulhu signal that being your authentic self will not harm you. It will empower you because you could use your abilities to help other people. Showing your emotions makes you vulnerable, but it also allows you to relate more to the experiences of others. Being your authentic self may also empower other people.

7) Power

Seeing a Cthulhu in a dream may represent power. Cthulhu is a powerful monster referred to as God. The person in his waking life may be exercising his inner power.

Dreaming of seeing a Cthulhu represents your capability to use and exercise your power. When you do not let others define you and influence your decisions, you are using your power. When you do not let anger maneuver your emotions over petty things, you use your power to self-control. You have control over your life and could not be manipulated by others. You have strong beliefs but do not easily believe things without evidence. This dream is a representation of your perspective of life.

Sometimes this is like dreaming about being a dragon. So, dreaming about Cthulhu is a sign that you will not give up on the problems that you may face. It is due to the willpower that you possess. You will likely come back more assertive when you are faced with complex challenges in your life.

This dream is a good sign. If you are not swayed by other people with their opinions or influences, you may likely influence other people to adopt a behavior like yours. You may inspire them to stand out for their truth and not be manipulated by other people. You could be an excellent example of a leader.

Dream of Seeing A Kraken

Dreaming of seeing a Kraken may indicate that a person is depressed. This dream also signals the acceptance and healing of a person.

Dreaming of seeing a Kraken may represent that you are depressed. You may be holding onto negative emotions like anger, guilt, sadness, grief, frustration, etc for a long time and this makes you unhappy and empty.

This dream is a signal for you to accept things and move on. Yes, it may be easier said than done, but acceptance is the first phase of your healing. You have the rest of the years so why spend it in the past? What has already happened cannot be changed and undone. What is important is what you do now. Always remember that you could have your healing, but it has to start with you. No one could do it for you.

Dream of seeing a Kraken is a sign of light to your dark world. It is a sign for you to move on and go about your life. There is still hope, and you could heal and be happy again. You could still live a fulfilling and purposeful life. You may reach out to a friend, or you may talk to a professional. You may also seek the company of other people who have similar experiences. For now, smile and get up because bright days are ahead of you.


Dreams are manifestations of our emotions and experiences. We tend to relax in our dreams but we may also feel tensed, terrified, or scared. Dreams happen because of our subconscious mind. It reminds us to look after the inner conversations we have with ourselves. What we feel about ourselves and towards others matters because the subconscious stores that data and display it as symbols in our dreams.

It is unusual for a person to dream of a fictional mythological creature. However, the reasons mainly point to the emotions felt by a person instead of to one’s relationships.

Dreams help us with the situations we are currently in. It also sends signals on what to do and what to expect. It gives us ideas, especially when we are clueless. It also provides us with hope when we are in complete doubt of ourselves. Dreams are one of the ways to explore ourselves, as there may be other things we still do not know about ourselves. It dissects our emotions in unexpected ways and lets us think and analyze. Dreams can also be the way to confront ourselves about the emotions or things we do not want to face. It makes us believe that there is still more to discover and learn about ourselves.

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