6 Explanations Behind Your Dreams About Crabs

Are you having dreams about crabs? You might perhaps be embarrassed or ashamed to talk about it with family and friends because crabs are in some culture associated with something dirty. But the truth is, dreaming about crabs can mean a lot of things!

Dreaming about crabs may be a signal of 1) feeling overwhelmed or stressed 2) doubting decision-making skills, 3) overanalyzing the past, 4) feeling guilty, 5) needing support, and 6) too much self-confidence.

It turns out there could be more to your dreams about crabs than meets the eye. Find out which among these possible explanations best fits into your situation.

Why Do People Dream About Crabs?

Your dreams about crabs should not be a cause to worry. They can provide you with messages and guidance on how you should go about your life.

Feeling Overwhelmed or Stressed

Dreaming about crabs could be a way for the brain to protect the dreamer from overwhelm and stress about a recent event. This situation could be a recent argument, a recent loss of a loved one, or even something on the news that makes the dreamer think of how it affects their life.

Dreaming about crabs could also indicate feeling overwhelmed or stressed by someone in the dreamer’s life who is trying to control or manipulate them. This might be an ex-lover, parent/family member, or even a boss.

The dreamer might also be stressed by someone in the dreamer’s life that is demanding too much from them, whether it be emotionally or with their time. This person could be a child, spouse, parent/family member, friend, coworker, etc.

In all cases of being overwhelmed or stressed, being attacked by a crab in a dream could suggest that this person is “crabby” about something and the dreamer needs to think of ways to make this person happy. This might be as simple as suggesting doing something they enjoy (like watching their favorite show or going out for ice cream) or even trying to take more responsibility for this person’s happiness.

Doubting Decision-Making Skills

Dreaming about crabs may indicate that the dreamer might be doubting their decision-making skills, possibly related to their career.

Crabs that are alive in the dream indicate that one is thinking about career decisions. A crab can also represent an obstacle in one’s life, which symbolizes how there might be some doubts in the decision-making process. Finally, dreams about crabs could also mean that you are feeling stuck in life or situations that require important decisions to be made.

Dreaming about dead crabs is the opposite of dreaming about live crabs; it indicates that one should not doubt their decision-making abilities. Alternatively, if you dreamed about a crab but haven’t made any decisions lately, then this dream could be seen as an indicator that someone else might feel like they are making all your decisions.

Overanalyzing the Past

One may dream about crabs when one overanalyzes the past and wants to change it. That being said, if someone has a dream in which they are 1) walking around with a crab or 2) they have multiple crabs on their shoulders or grabbing onto them, this could symbolize that the dreamer is over analysing the past.

If someone dreams that they are attacked by a crab, this may reflect on an overanalysis of what they’ve done wrong in the past and how they can change it. This type of dreaming is often more common during the phase of last night’s sleep before waking up as opposed to the first stages of sleep.

Many people may have dreams about crabs regularly, seeing as how many people often walk by signs that are decorated with them. This is because the overanalysis of the past can be due to a large number of factors that may or may not be related. Furthermore, dreaming about crabs regularly could indicate that one has concerns in their mind regarding remembering their past in a certain way and that they may be worried about mishandling their past or letting it slip through their fingers, more like seeing lobster in a dreams.

Feeling Guilty

People may have a dream about crabs when they feel guilty for something that they did. If a person has guilt in their heart, they may dream about someone getting attacked by a crab.

Dreams about crabs are not common, but when they do occur they are usually related to feelings of guilt that one may have for doing something wrong. When one dreams about being attacked by a crab it is very likely an allusion to harboring feelings of guilt of something that one did or something that one was thinking about doing.

A person who dreams about crabs might have done something bad or acted inappropriately in the past, but they are trying not to do that thing anymore. If one dreams of an attack by different types of crabs, then it means that they are feeling more guilty than usual.

In some cases, if an individual has a dream about being attacked by crabs it may be a sign that they are feeling guilty for not being able to support themselves fully. It might also be possible to see a crab motif when dreaming of one’s own death. The idea of dying often brings feelings of guilt (for things one wishes they could change) to the front of a person’s mind. This is likely why some people dream of being attacked by a crab.

Needing Support

An individual may dream about crabs when they are needing more support from others. This may be a sign for the individual to reach out and ask others for help.

The idea of crabs and needing more support can stem from how difficult it is to move with crabs attached to one’s body. When an individual doesn’t feel like they receive enough attention or enough love, their subconscious may create this dream as a way of telling them to get more of the support they need.

The dream may also come from feelings of inadequacy or frustration with how things are going in life, and this may lead to the individual feeling like they are being stifled. When an individual has these types of dreams, it can be a sign that they are not allowing themselves to reach out for help.

If an individual dreams they are being attacked by crabs, this can represent how others are not able to be trusted. When the crab symbolizes someone who is trying to tear down one’s self-esteem, it may indicate that the person needs more support in their life so that they can better handle situations where they feel like they are being ganged up on.

Too Much Self-Confidence

Dreams about crabs may indicate feeling too self-confident or full of oneself and lack a sense of humility. This could lead one to feel as if they are invincible or better than others around them, which can cause a variety of problems.

In dreams, being full of oneself or feeling invincible may be represented by a number of different characters, situations, and metaphors. One common way to represent this in a dream is through a crab. In dreams where one is being attacked or controlled by a crab, the character represents someone who feels too full of themselves.

When considering why one might feel that they are better than others or more capable than others, feeling like a crab may come to mind. Crabs often walk sideways and they look as if they are moving in multiple directions at once; this can be representative of how those who feel too self-confident cannot focus on the task at hand and instead try to accomplish everything all at once.

In addition, crabs have shells that are hard to penetrate. This may represent how those who are full of themselves have difficulty being penetrated by others, especially when it comes to offering criticism or making an impact on someone else.

Dream About Catching Crabs Meaning

Dream about catching crabs can be mean 1) anxiety 2) relationship problems 3) hyper vigilance 4) trust issues and 5) avoidance

Anxiety: Catching crabs in one’s dream can mean several things. It is possible that one is experiencing some anxiety about relationships, but there are other possible interpretations of dreams involving crabs.

Relationship Problems: It is also possible that catching crabs in a dream has something to do with the way one approaches life and challenges. Alternatively, one’s subconscious mind could be trying to tell the dreaming person that there is a problem in the relationship. This might be an issue with trust, infidelity or jealousy.

Hyper-Vigilance: To dream about catching crabs could also mean that one is assessing the people around them and being hyper-vigilant. It is possible that if a person dreams about catching a crab, then this may signify a problem with a relationship.

Trust Issues: To dream about catching crabs may signify that one is considering other people’s motives very carefully before they make any decisions or judgments. Alternatively, it can mean that there is a problem with jealousy and mistrust.

Avoidance: Dreaming about catching crabs may also suggest that the dreaming person is trying to avoid making commitments or engaging in an intimate relationship.

Dream About Eating Crabs Explained

Dream about eating crabs can indicate 1) desire 2) trait and 3) enjoyment

Wants: A dream in which one is eating a crab may indicate that there is something that one wants but can’t have. This desire may be due to a lack of money or the feeling that someone close to them is drifting away from them, among other things.

Trait: There are also other interpretations in dreams in which one eats crabs. The most figurative of these is that one may be forced to take on a bad habit or personality trait.

Enjoyment: On the other hand, eating crabs in dream symbolism may also indicate that one aspires to enjoy life as much as possible and go where ever one pleases – this would likely depend on the number of crabs eaten in a dream

Dream About a Dead Crab Interpretation

Dead crabs may symbolize 1) ocean, 2) sin, and 3) fear.

The Ocean

Many people associate crabs with the ocean, so it could mean that there is some issue in the dreamer’s relationship with the sea. Although there are other ways to read this symbol, one of the most common associations is that dreaming about a dead crab may be connected to feelings and fears about the ocean.

Is the dreamer afraid of drowning or of being attacked by something? Are there some feelings that are coming to light about this person’s relationship with water?


Religious ideas may also play a part in interpreting this dream symbol. If there is some association with religion or spirituality, it could be that dreaming about a dead crab represents some aspect of sin. Perhaps the dreamer has committed a sin.


Crabs are often used to represent fear because of how they scuttle across floors and up walls. Are there fears that the dreamer faces when going through his or her day? Are there feelings that come up when trying to accomplish certain tasks? Perhaps this dream symbol is meant to represent some of these feelings.

Spiritual Meaning of Crabs in a Dream

Some of the most common spiritual meanings behind dreams about crabs include:

  1. Need to Get Away: The spiritual meaning of crabs in a dream is to get away from negative influences and the need to always be right.
  2. Jealousy: There may also be a reference toward dealing with feelings of jealousy, predominately related to feeling threatened by another person’s success or good fortune.
  3. Letting Go of Bad Habits: Other common interpretations for the spiritual meaning of crabs in a dream are the need to let go of bad habits, emotions and thoughts.
  4. Subconscious Encouragement: The spiritual meaning of crabs in a dream also suggests that your subconscious is encouraging you to remain active and socially engaged.
  5. Selfishness: In the context of a dream, it may be revealing that you are being too self-centered in your relationships and need to let go of your tendency toward selfishness.
  6. Inner Strength: The spiritual meaning of crabs in a dream can also represent your inner strength or ability to successfully resolve issues surrounding family responsibilities or other problems that have accumulated over time


Dreaming about a crab can symbolize many different things. Whether it is feeling overwhelmed, overanalyzing the past or feeling guilty, dreaming about crabs may be telling you something very specific and meaningful. The spiritual meaning of crabs in a dream suggests that there is an issue with letting go of bad habits or emotions as well as some feelings of jealousy related to feeling threatened by another person’s success or good fortune.

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