Why Do We Dream of Breathing Underwater?

The question of why we can breathe underwater in our dreams is a perplexing one. Dreams are usually thought to be just that: dreams, and not reality. What does it mean for us to feel like we’re breathing underwater? And how does this relate to the real world?

Dreams of breathing underwater occur because 1) you are lonely and isolated, 2) feeling claustrophobic, 3) escaping reality, 4) seeing water as a source of life, 5) seeing water as a source of healing, 6) accepting death, and 7) wanting a carefree life.

One’s reality might be filled with happenings that greatly affect his/her overall wellbeing. These instances that occur in one’s life could very well be carried on to the subconscious manifesting in the form of dreams.

Why Can We Breathe Underwater in Our Dreams?

Depending on a person’s situation in life and the circumstances surrounding him/her, the meaning of his/her dreams may vary.

You Are Lonely and Isolated

You might have dreams where you can breathe underwater when you feel lonely and isolated. This subconsciously makes you feel like you don’t have any air. Such an oppressing feeling expresses itself in your ability to breathe everywhere, even in water.

When you are in a state of loneliness and isolation, which can feel almost unbearable at times, your subconscious comes up with ways to feel like you’re getting the air and feelings of companionship and camaraderie that you need. In your dreams, it will manifest as breathing underwater – a dream that is shared by lonely people all over the world.

When you feel alone and isolated, your brain is looking for ways to trick you into thinking these feelings are not as bad as it seems. Dreaming of breathing underwater is a perfect example of this – it is such a specific and literal way to make someone feel like they belong or like they can fit in somewhere.

Feeling Claustrophobic

You dream of breathing underwater because you are feeling claustrophobic, which might make you feel like there isn’t enough air. This is why you feel the need to breathe in water instead.

Your body is trying to tell you that you are feeling constricted or suffocated. You might be feeling like this because of work, school, relationships, family issues, etc. This sensation can also cause panic attacks.

When one experiences claustrophobia, it is normal to want to escape and run away from the situation that makes them feel closed off or trapped. This might cause other feelings such as paranoia or panic. When these feelings occur regularly and become problematic, they may lead to a panic disorder, agoraphobia, or social anxiety.

Escaping Reality

You are having dreams of breathing underwater because you are seeking escape from reality by living in a fantasy world where things are better. This might lead you to imagine having enough air even though this isn’t true.

Just like seeing a penguin in your dream, you find it easier to breathe underwater because there is no pressure on your diaphragm and you don’t feel as exhausted as if you had been breathing air. Most dreams of breathing underwater are not literal; they involve the feeling of being underwater without thinking about actually having to physically breathe water into your lungs.

The way we handle stress and problems in our daily lives can make a difference in the dreams we dream at night. If you find yourself dreaming about being underwater, it’s likely that you’re trying to escape from something unpleasant or stressful. You might also want to relax and take time away from your life. You might be seeking an unrealistic solution such as finding an alternate way to breathe.

Seeing Water as a Source of Life

Dreams about breathing underwater occur because you’re seeing water as a source of life and want to dream about what it would be like if the entire world was submerged in it. This will make true your inner desire that no one would be able to take advantage of anyone or anything else.

Everyone has water as a source of life in some way, either by seeing it as their livelihood or simply because they want to live on a planet that is not dry and arid. The more you see the source of life for others as something that needs protection, the more likely you are to dream about breathing underwater. More like a dream about the ocean, you don’t necessarily need to see water in a positive light either – it is possible to dream about breathing underwater and then feeling suffocated when you realize that there is no escape from the source of life.

Seeing Water as a Source of Healing

You have these dreams of breathing underwater because you’re seeing water as a source of healing and want to heal from something that happened.

Seeing water as a source of healing basically means you want to escape or found escape from something that is bothering or hurting you. Whatever it is, there’s always the chance of transformation and change when we move towards water – because if things are not working well in their present form, they will be changed.

This kind of dream also tells us that we need to express ourselves more. It is also telling us that our mind is trying to understand the root of the problem and look for solutions on its own.

Accepting Death

You have dreams of breathing underwater when you are at peace with the fact that you will die someday, which might make you feel like you have unlimited access to air in this world. But why else do you have dreams of breathing underwater? The answer lies in understanding how people make peace with their own mortality.

First, you have to understand that people don’t want to think about their own deaths. They would rather live in denial; however, they are able to deal with their fears by making symbolic connections. This is what Freud called projection. People project their fear of death onto an object like the ocean because it symbolizes endless opportunities for them in life.

There are psychological theories that have been made to explain why people dream of breathing underwater, including the psychoanalytic theory put forward by Freud. He suggests that the reason you dream about breathing underwater is that it symbolizes your own unconscious desires. When you are at peace with death, you are able to tap into your unconscious desires.

Wanting a Carefree Life

Dreams about breathing underwater might underly your desire for a carefree life. The importance of breathing is that it is your supply of oxygen; therefore, you dream about breathing underwater because you want to not have any care in the world.

Even though it may seem like a simple concept, there can be more meaning behind this idea. This interpretation of dreams about breathing underwater reflects our wishes of living life stress-free and enjoying ourselves. The stress in our lives has such a massive effect on how we cope with the world and seek fulfillment.

Seeing Water in Dreams Meaning

Dreams of water often have sexual connotations, such as when visions feature a waterfall or someone drowning. Such dreams mean that the dreamer is in full surrender to his or her passions and allows himself or herself to go with the flow, rather than holding back.

In dreams that take place on the ocean, a body of water may symbolize deep emotions. Conversely, a dry desert landscape might represent an emotional drought. It is up to you to figure out what your dream is telling you about your feelings and how you can resolve them or find more balance in them.

A dream featuring the ocean may also be reminiscent of past experiences. This is because, at one time or another, you have probably waded in an ocean, lake, or river. The risk that was present when walking into this unknown element may be analogous to decisions in your waking life.

Dreaming of Talking Underwater? Meaning

According to a dream dictionary, it could mean that one needs to get their confidence up. It may signify the need for acceptance of others. It may mean that one is feeling helpless, or drowning in their daily life. It may mean that one is trying to be someone they are not.

Similar to dreams about living underwater, it could just be an expression of the dreamer’s subconscious trying to understand what they are currently experiencing in their waking lives. Dreams can often unlock deep-seated desires and fears within us, especially when we attempt to explore them closely—a practice known as “lucid dreaming,” when the dreamer is aware that they are in a dream.

Dreaming Of Being Underwater With Someone? Why

When people are trying to figure out what their dreams mean, you’ll often hear an old adage that if someone shows up in your dream then it has something to do with how you feel about them. So the next time you have a dream of being underwater with someone, think about what kind of feelings or emotions come up when you consider this person.

On a deeper level, dreams of being underwater with someone can represent your connection to something larger than yourself. This could be God (or other deities) or spirituality in general. It might also be symbolizing how attached you feel to things like family and friends.

Dreaming about being underwater with someone can also be a sign that you need to distance yourself from this individual or group of people. In some cases, it can even mean that you need to “drown” your feelings, which means stop focusing on them so much and allow yourself to feel freer.

Swimming Underwater Meaning

Dreams of swimming underwater can mean a variety of things. It may be because you are experiencing feelings or emotions that you don’t want others to know about. It could also mean that you feel like you lack the energy and motivation to continue on with your life, possibly due to personal problems.

Or it may be that you are experiencing some fears, especially related to the things you can’t control or your own weaknesses.

Another interpretation is that you feel like it is difficult for you to connect with others on an intimate level. This could be because of social anxiety or other emotional issues. If someone has a recurring dream of swimming underwater, then it would be safe to assume that this might mean something specific to them or perhaps their life in some way or another.


There are many different interpretations of what it means to dream about breathing underwater. It is most likely not a coincidence that we often associate water with deep emotions or feelings, as well as the past and spirituality. Whether you’re dreaming of talking underwater, swimming underwater, or just breathing underwater in your dreams—these symbols may be trying to tell you something about how you feel and want to change things in your life.

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