Black Cats in Dreams [The 6 Reasons Why You Dream of Them]

It’s a common superstitious belief to say that black cats are bad luck. But when this animal shows up in dreams, does it mean the same thing?

Dreams about black cats may represent 1) good omen, 2) prosperity, 3) uncertain outcomes, 4) feeling surrounded by negative energy, 5) letting people down, and 6) protective energy.

Black cats appearing in your dreams could mean one thing or another. It is important to identify which aspects of your life this dream might represent so here are some of them.

Why Do People Dream About Black Cats?

To dream about black cats does not necessarily mean misfortune will befall you. Rather, it may be a reflection of your innermost issues that need to be resolved or positive changes that you might undergo.

Good Omen

Dreaming about black cats is seen as an omen for the future, typically with good things to follow soon after. They typically indicate that the dreamer will soon witness good fortune.

Dreams featuring black cats are very common. While in some cultures, the black cat symbolizes bad luck, it is also believed that having a black cat cross your path in real life brings about good luck. Seeing one of these felines is said to be a sign of romance for single dreamers or an indication that the person is soon to have children if they are married.

Black cats are also said to symbolize protection, particularly against evil spirits. Those who have trouble sleeping due to bad dreams may find peace after spotting one in their slumber.


Black cats symbolize prosperity because they’re often wealthy witches’ families that earn their keep helping out around the house.

Regular cats are very good at getting into spaces that are too small or tight for people to fit into, which is how they end up making their homes in their attic space. Black cats are especially great at this kind of feline magic. As a result, black cats are seen as bringing prosperity to the homes they move into—which would be the homes of their owners.

People dream about black cats when they’re experiencing prosperity in their home, work, or lifestyle. A black cat can also symbolize that the dreamer has overcome bad times; it’s time to let go of the past and enjoy all their hard work, which is quite similar to dreaming about a friendly tiger.

Black cats also bring prosperity to their owners in a spiritual sense, because having a black cat around is believed to help ward off ghosts and evil spirits that might try to manipulate their owner.

Uncertain Outcomes

When black cats appear in dreams, they might indicate uncertain outcomes in the dreamer’s life. These outcomes can either be good or bad.

The black cat is thought to represent that there’s more than just one possibility for whatever it is the dreamer is doing or scared of at the time, so they can’t be sure of how it will go until the outcome has happened. This interpretation doesn’t hold water for people who don’t believe in superstitions but for people who are into these beliefs, this dream matters.

Most of the time, dreaming about a black cat will signify that someone is worried or scared about something and there’s nothing they can do until the outcome has passed. They might also be worried about whether the outcome will turn out good or bad.

Feeling Surrounded by Negative Energy

Black cats in dreams can also mean that the dreamer feels surrounded by negative energy. Therefore, dreamer needs to surround themselves with more positive people, places, and things in waking life.

When a person dreams of a black cat, it may be because they are currently going through something negative in their life. In this situation, it would be beneficial for them to think about who, or what is surrounding them and their energy.

The negative energy could refer to stress at work, unhappy relationships, illness, and more. When this occurs, it can be beneficial to surround oneself with more positive people, places, and things to help them get back on track.

Letting People Down

If a person sees a black cat in their dream, it could be warning them that they are letting down the people closest to them.

The color black is associated with the symbol of negativity and bad luck, Therefore, if a person dreams of seeing or interacting with a black cat, they may be worried about letting people down. It could be warning that someone close to them is disappointed in their behavior.

It can be difficult to deal with the expectations of others, but learning how to communicate these feelings will help ensure that one makes someone happy. Having the dream, again and again, can be a sign that the dreamer is worrying about the potential consequences of their actions. If one wants someone to like them, it is important to make an effort and let them know how much they mean to them.

Protective Energy

Black cats may also symbolize protective energy. If this animal appears in a person’s dream, it might be good to look at who they are protecting themselves against. Black cats can appear in dreams as a warning against danger.

If the dreamer is protecting themselves, they should make sure to keep their energy strong and find ways to protect themselves from negative energies. This animal in dreams may also communicate when the dreamer is protecting others, just like dreams about witches.

Black cats are one of the best animals to have in dreams for protection energy when traveling, doing business, or attending social events. For this reason, it is good to make sure that you take care of this animal if it appears in your dream by making sure it has a warm and safe place to sleep.

Just like dreams about a tiger may represent a guardian, a black cat’s appearance may also indicate that the dreamer feels like someone else is responsible for their security or protection. Dreamers who feel this way should ask themselves why they feel their safety rests in the hands of another. They may want to look inward and learn how they can make positive changes toward feeling safe in life.

Dream About Black Cats Inside the House? Why?

If you had a dream that involved a black cat inside your house, it symbolizes 1)lying, 2) hardship, 3) laziness, 4) hostility and 5) fear.

Lying: If a person dreams that the cat is inside their house and this scares them, then it may indicate that somebody in their waking life has lied to them or they are not being completely honest with them. This can be very dangerous if the lying is done to protect the dreamer from something negative.

Hardship: Dreaming of a black cat outside one’s house could also mean that someone in one’s life is going through a difficult time and it may be affecting them physically or emotionally.

Laziness: If the black cat you saw in your dream was just lying around, then, this represents laziness. You need to take some more initiative in your day-to-day activities and get motivated to do things more efficiently.

Hostility: If somebody is trying to hurt the black cat in your dream, then it represents hostility and aggression. This person is very hostile and wants to do something negative to you or somebody close to you.

Fear: If the black cat was trying to get inside your house and you stopped it from doing so, this means that you are afraid of something bad happening or that you feel threatened by something. In this sense, dreaming of an aggressive cat has a similar meaning.

Overall, it is important to remember that most dreams of this nature are unhappy ones. They indicate betrayal, strife, and death. Alternatively, instead of the cat, you could see the Devil in your dreams as a way of warning you about someone who is bad-tempered.

Friendly Black Cat in Dreams Meaning

Generally, a friendly black cat in a dream represents a reliable and responsible friend. However in some cases, it appears to warn the dreamer of 1) confrontation, 2) keeping secrets, 3) regrets, 4) support, 5) protection and 6) forgiveness.

Confrontation: If the black cat was sitting on the porch and looking into the window, it means that there is something the dreamer is ignoring or keeping inside that they should confront.

Keeping Secrets: If someone dreams about a black cat under their bed, it indicates that someone is keeping a secret from them or they are hiding something from them.

Regrets: If the black cat was sitting on one’s chest and couldn’t breathe, this indicates that one is regretting a recent decision or action.

Support: If the black cat came into the dreamer’s house and snuggled up next to them, it meant that someone would always be there for the dreamer when they needed them. Someone has their back anytime.

Protection: If the black cat was sitting in front of the door or on top of a fence with its paws covering the entrance, this indicates that the dreamer is being watched over by someone or something. This can be interpreted as a symbol of protection for the dreamer, similar to a dream about kittens.

Forgiveness: If the black cat was licking the dreamer’s wounds, it means that one needs to forgive themselves for past mistakes and move on with their life.

Note that, if one is afraid of the cat during their dream, it could either represent somebody or something that frightens them or an attribute about themselves that scares them.


Cats are loved creatures and dreams about cats can have a variety of hidden meanings. In the same way, the black cat is an animal with many meanings in the world of dreams. Some people believe that dreaming about a friendly, good-natured black cat means you have found yourself a reliable friend or protector.

Others interpret it as meaning they are feeling guilty for something and need to forgive themselves before moving on with their lives.

For those who dream about seeing one outside their house, it may represent someone who has been keeping secrets from them or regrets recent actions. If somebody tries to hurt this creature during your sleep, then there is hostility present in your waking life which needs to be addressed through confrontation and discussion rather than avoidance or aggression.

In a nutshell, all these interpretations vary according to the dreamer’s conditions while dreaming and state in the waking life.

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