The 6 Reasons Why You Dream Of The Ayatul Kursi

The ayatul kursi is an Arabic phrase that translates to “the verse of the throne”. It refers to a chapter in the Quran where ALLAH tells Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) about how He created the heavens and earth, and made man from clay before breathing life into him. People have debated for centuries what exactly it means when someone dreams about the ancient text. What do these dreams really mean? Does it have something to do with our lives?

People dream about the ayatul kursi because of 1) thinking about it, 2) stressful future, 3) appreciating Allah’s mercy, 4) needing to take things one step at a time, 5) reminder of Allah’s promise of protection, and 6) your life is headed in the right direction.

There’s more to our dreams other than just being a mere product of our brains. The subconscious is a fascinating place where clues about hidden issues or unknown aspects of our lives can be found.

Why Do People Dream About The Ayatul Kursi?

Different examples of how religious dreams can affect the future of individuals include showing a prosperous future, motivating them into moral or spiritual development, and warning them of impending dangers (see dreams about Qayamat).

Various interpretations about dreaming of the ayatul kursi are listed in the following sections.

Thinking About It

You may dream of the ayatul kursi just because during the day you are constantly thinking about it. Dreaming of something that you have been thinking about during the day is quite common. Almost everyone had such an experience once in a while.

Perhaps you read the ayatul kursi in a book, on a poster or an internet post and felt happy because it is such an important verse. We understand you!

Whatever the reason we may think we had for thinking about it, we should still think about this ayat and try to understand its meaning. We should monitor our thoughts and if we find that we are thinking about it even when we don’t want to, then this is a sign that Allah is blessing us.

Stressful Future

Dreaming of the ayatul kursi could also mean that you may be stressed out about something in the future. If you have been going through a difficult time and you have been struggling to know if it will ever come to an end, then this may be a sign that things will eventually work out.

In your dream, the ayatul kursi could also mean that you are worried about something in particular. You may not wish to worry others but you simply can’t help it because your mind keeps going back to what you need to accomplish and all the things that should be taken care of before you can actually rest and relax.

If you know someone who has been going through a tough time and keeps having dreams about the ayatul kursi, then this could mean that they should be patient and everything will turn out okay. It also states in Islam that dreaming about a building collapsing and similar things are some of the dreams that are best to have because it shows that Allah is protecting them in their sleep.

Appreciating Allah’s Mercy

When you dream of the ayatul kursi, it may be a sign of appreciation for Allah’s mercy. This means that you are feeling thankful for Allah’s ongoing protection and mercy that he bestows upon you.

This may be because you are more religious now, or it is possible that there has been some event that has made you grateful for Allah’s mercy. It might also mean that you have had some bad times but have enough belief and trust in Allah and his mercy that you know he will protect and take care of you.

When the ayatul kursi is in your dream, it may also indicate that you are aware of how merciful Allah (SWT) has been to you throughout your life so far, despite any misdeeds or sins you have committed. You may be dreaming of being in a room with the ayatul kursi, or writing it down and seeing its letters.

Needing To Take Things One Step at a Time

Dreaming of the ayatul kursi may symbolize that we need to take things one step at a time. We need to take deeply care to deserve Allah’s attention.

We may have outside or inside struggles that we face. Outside struggles would include things like having to deal with other people in our lives, which can be frustrating at times. It could also mean dealing with the pressures of everyday life.

This dream may happen because the ayatul kursi represents Allah’s infinite wisdom, which can guide us through life if we ask for help. When people dream about praying and reciting the Ayatul Kursi in their dreams, it may mean that they have worries or concerns about a particular issue, and may be feeling overwhelmed. In order to fix this problem, the person should think of Allah’s infinite wisdom and pray for some help.

Reminder Of Allah’s Promise Of Protection

The ayatul kursi in people’s dreams may serve as a reminder of Allah’s promise of protection. People dream of the ayatul kursi when they are in a situation of fear and about to be harmed. Allah has promised that He will protect all those who turn to Him.

A dream about the ayatul kursi is one way of reminding oneself that Allah protects those who seek His protection, as well as those who turn to Him with their heart. A person should consider himself or herself as one of those who turn to Allah, and the ayatul kursi then becomes a source of comfort. Simply by reciting the ayatul kursi, Allah will fulfill one’s needs and protect him or her.

Your Life Is Headed In The Right Direction

If you dream about the ayatul kursi it could be a sign that your life is headed in the right direction. This is one of the most common dreams and it can be related to many aspects of your life, such as your career or family. The ayatul kursi is very special and it holds a lot of meaning, signifying many different things to different people.

When you dream about the ayatul kursi it is often a sign that everything is going pretty well for you – even if there are some things within your life that need to be improved this doesn’t mean that everything isn’t looking up at the moment. This particular sign indicates a sense of comfort – you might not be moving forward as fast as you would like but things are working out for you at the moment.

This sign can also indicate success in your career, it is often about things that you have worked hard to achieve. If you are moving forward in your life and feel that everything is going well then this dream could be about the fact that Allah makes things easy for us when we do not give up on trying to live our lives according to his message.

Seeing Jinn And Reciting Ayatul Kursi In Dream? Explained

People may see jinn or recite ayatul kursi in their dreams symbolically, which means that they may be going through a phase in their life where their thoughts are constantly occupied with these two things.

However, there is another reason for the jinn and the ayatul kursi to appear in someone’s dream. These entities can take advantage of this person’s thoughts or may possess him/her if they want to. Therefore, there is a possibility that this person may actually see them in the dream.

If someone sees jinn or recites ayatul kursi in their dream, it means that they are currently going through evil thoughts which are occupying their mental state. These thoughts have even transformed into an evil entity and have taken over the person’s mind. If it happens, the person should seek refuge in Allah from these entities as soon as he/she wakes up.

Dream About Seeing Yourself Reading Ayatul Kursi On The Shayton? Why?

The shayton represents Allah’s Might, His authority and His Power. You may be questioning yourself if you are dreaming about seeing yourself reading ayatul kursi on the shayton is a dream of good omen or is it a bad omen. The answer is that it can be both depending on the situations in your life when you had this dream.

You may have a good omen if:

  1. You are sick and seeing yourself reading ayatul kursi on the shayton shows Allah is going to cure you from your sickness by making you well and able to read ayatul kursi on the shayton;
  2. You may see yourself reading ayatul kursi on the shayton when you are in deep studying for an exam and it shows Allah will give you success in your studying.

You may have a bad omen if:

  1. You are poor and seeing yourself reading ayatul kursi on the shayton shows Allah is going to take away from you what you have because you didn’t do good with it or because of your bad deeds;
  2. You may see yourself reading ayatul kursi on the shayton when a calamity hits you such as a car accident and it shows Allah is going to punish you for your bad deeds.

If you see yourself reading ayatul kursi on the shayton, don’t let this dream discourage or scare you because it can be a good omen for you. It can also be a warning from Allah so pay attention to it and take action because your future may depend on it.


Why do people dream of the ayatul kursi? There’s no one answer to what this means. You might find that one reason resonates more than the others with you. Or maybe it just doesn’t matter and the fact that you’re dreaming about ayatul kursi was meant to be something for you to be grateful about. Whatever the case is, know that Allah knows the reality of the dream. And whatever it means, He knows best.

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