The 6 Reasons Why People Dream About Almost Dying

Once in a while, you could have one of those bad dreams – those dreams where you are almost dying. You get a sense of relief when you wake up and find that it’s not real. It’s just a dream, but you can’t help yourself but wonder, does it mean something? Or is it just the product of an imaginative brain?

People have dreams where you almost die because 1) it’s an innate way to prepare for survival, 2) fear of death, 3) near-death experience, 4) processing moderate stress, 5) post-event experience, and 6) low self-esteem.

While dreaming of almost dying could be an unpleasant experience, it is important to note that there could be underlying issues that are causing these dreams to occur.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Almost Dying?

There are various interpretations of this kind of dream, the most common of which are listed in the following subsections.

Brain Preparing For Survival

People experience dreams about close to death situations because the brain is wiring for survival and these dreams are a way of preparing the mind to prepare the individual in case it ever happens. People who have nightmares about nearly dying show increased activation in certain areas of the brain which suggests their brains are preparing them to deal with a life-threatening situation.

A study analyzed people with frequent nightmares about nearly dying and found they all had increased activity in their brain’s fear center when woken up suddenly. The findings suggest that people who have frequent nightmares that usually feature death or near-death situations are more likely to be better prepared to deal with a dangerous event, more similar to dreaming about scorpions.

Symbolize Fear of Death

Dreams of near-death experiences symbolize the fear of death and an inability to deal with such fear. The fear of death is one of the most common fears, experienced by almost all people at some point in their life. Usually, when someone has a dream that they are about to die it means that they are afraid of something in their own life, perhaps related to work or relationships.

The character of the person having the dream is usually relevant. For example, if a young child dreams about almost dying in an accident, it might indicate the child’s fear of growing up losing his/her parents, and becoming independent. If a spouse dreams about almost dying and their partner does not survive, it could mean that they are struggling with their partner’s death. Just like having a dream about death people.

At the root of this fear is an unwillingness to accept death, and therefore a desire to reject the reality of it. This comes from the unconscious mind which associates life with survival and existence, while death means non-existence or even worse than that. So when someone dreams about almost dying they are subconsciously represented by giving up their fight for survival.

Near-Death Experience

People who experience near-death experiences may dream about almost dying for several reasons. Some people may dream about almost dying after their near-death experience because they are reliving the event. When some people remember having had an accident, they may go back to that moment and feel as though it is happening all over again.

Another reason people may dream about almost dying is that they want to avoid certain behaviors in their lives, such as drinking and driving or engaging in dangerous activities. They may dream about almost dying because it reminds them not to take their lives for granted and to live each day the best that they can. In this sense, people also dream about a black car.

Finally, people who have near-death experiences may dream about almost dying if they feel as though their life is in danger or that it won’t last. They may dream about almost dying simply because they fear death and its many unknowns, just like dreaming about yourself.

Processing Moderate Stress

The human body experiences a moderate stress response during sleep and dreams about near-death experiences could possibly be the brain’s way of processing this. Scientists have shown that moderate stress increases the likelihood of having dreams about death, but not necessarily dreams about almost dying.

Research has found that those who process the most stress during sleep will tend to dream about death more frequently than those who do not. If this is true, it can be hypothesized that dreams about almost dying may lead to better coping with stressful situations and might actually decrease the number of times one dreams about almost dying later in life.

Post Event Experience

Some people may dream about almost dying because they’ve had an experience where they were afraid or close to being seriously harmed. Such an experience left a mark on their brain, making them dream of near-death experiences often.

For example, many people report having a dream about almost dying after they’ve had an accident and felt fearful for their life. Other people may not be able to remember any specific details of the accident because it happened so long ago, but they still have nightmares about almost dying that remain fresh in their minds.

People who dream about almost dying may also have very intense dreams about their own death or the death of someone close to them. It could be because they are having intense emotions about something in their life that has made them so afraid, but there is no actual threat to their safety. These dreams could include funerals, grieving family members, or reoccurring images of what could have happened.

Low Self-Esteem

People who suffer from low self-esteem may also dream about almost dying because they feel that their lives might not be going as they planned.

There are many possible reasons why people with low self-esteem have dreams of almost dying. A common view is that these dreams are caused by a dreamer’s subconscious desire to stop their lives.

A different perspective claims that people with low self-esteem sometimes wish they were dead because it would be easier than living with the pain of their self-hatred. They may therefore have dreams about almost dying as a way of imagining what it would be like to not exist any longer.

Another common explanation is that these dreams are rooted in fear. The dreamer’s life is not actually in danger; however, they experience intense anxiety because they feel unsafe. They may have a fear of being unable to save themselves or others. Alternatively, they may feel that their life is not under their control because someone else, such as a stranger is trying to harm them. The anxiety from this situation leads to dreaming about death.

Dream About Almost Dying In A Car Crash Explained

A recurrent dream of avoiding dying in a car accident is commonly known as a death-rebirth experience. This type of dream is often accompanied by feelings that you are experiencing life for the first time, or that your life has gone into fast-forward mode. The intense feelings and reactions to the car crash force you to focus on what’s truly important to you, providing a new perspective on who you are and what your purpose is.

Your family and your life, in general, are the most important things to you. You may fear that they would be devastated if something happened to you. They might not be able to go on without you; therefore, while dreaming of almost dying in a car, it is common to feel an immense sense of love for them while at the same time feeling like you are not ready to die.

You may also dream about almost dying in a car crash because of an intense fear of dying or experiencing pain. This is likely because you subconsciously deny the inevitability of death.

Dreaming About Dying and Being Reborn? Why?

This dream is often associated with notions of renewal, rebirth, and rejuvenation. It can also symbolize your mind’s desire to break free from the daily grind. This dream may be a means by which your mind is trying to tell you that you have been going through some serious mental struggle for quite some time and need to take a break from it all so that you can come out stronger on the other side.

Some people dream about dying and being reborn as a result of their subconscious mind’s association with the concept of time. This is because our bodies are built to only be able to handle so much abuse, that dying is supposed to happen at some point in the future. As humans, we all have this same notion ingrained into our minds so it makes sense that many of us dream about it.

Also, dreams of the afterlife can signify that you are unhappy with some aspect of your life. You may believe that the only way to make things right is to die, dissolve your problems, and be reborn once more after the terrible ordeal has come to an end.

Are You Dreaming About Dying Twice? Meaning

A double-death dream can be a really terrifying nightmare. Dreaming about dying twice typically reflects on the dreamer’s own fears and anxieties surrounding their future or success in life. The dream here is often meant to manifest the suppressed frustration that you feel over failure, making this a frightening nightmare that you may just want to forget.

Dreaming about dying twice can also symbolize your own mortality and fears of not having realized your full potential. The dreamer might be preoccupied with regrets for things left undone or words unspoken, making this vision of death an intense representation of the subconscious fears of not having succeeded in life.

Why Do You Dream About Dying Of Illness?

This type of dream may be common for people who have had serious illnesses in the past. These dreams are called “haunting dreams” because they are associated with past experiences that have not been fully processed.

Secondly, if you are very close to someone who has some kind of illness then it is also understandable that you might be affected by their diagnosis and have dreams about dying from the disease yourself. This type of dream could be called a “compassionate dream.”

Thirdly, if you have not been diagnosed with any illness but you are simply scared that you might have it, then these dreams may be a reflection of your anxiety about the disease or your fears of what the future may hold for you. When people feel like there is something wrong with them, they may be more susceptible to having dreams about dying from illness.


If you’re dreaming about death and dying, the meaning of your dream depends on a number of factors. From fear to love, there are many different reasons why people might be fantasizing about their own mortality in their sleep. It is important to not ignore these dreams or try to suppress them because they may actually serve as an indication that something needs attention.

Once you have determined why you are dreaming about death, try to determine what your subconscious is trying to tell you with that dream. Regardless of what you find, remember that your future is in your control and these dreams do not mean that you are going to die soon.

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