The 7 Reasons Why You Dream About Aghori

The Aghori are the people who live on the banks of the Ganges. They are known to be followers of Shiva. They are also famous for their extreme rituals and practices, which include eating human flesh and drinking from human skulls. In fact, they believe that nothing is impure or unholy to them. So what does it mean to dream about the Aghori?

People dream about the Aghori due to 1) stress, 2) subconscious desires, 3) as a warning of excess mental and physical desire, 4) fear and anger at death, 5) serious illness, 6) desire for an alternative lifestyle, and 7) regretting of committing taboo.

Whatever symbolism shows up in one’s dreams, it is necessary to carefully take into consideration what feelings are brought forth by the dream. Take a moment to reflect on what these dreams might mean to you.

Why Do People Dream About the Aghori?

The following subsection suggests various meanings and interpretations as to why people dream of the Aghori.


Dreaming about the Aghori can mean that you are under a lot of stress. This is especially true if the Aghori was wearing white, as white can be a symbol of purity and a desire for a fresh start. This means that the Aghori has come to tell you that you need to find ways of relaxing or else your problems will accumulate until they become too much to handle.

The Aghori also comes to tell you that you need to find happiness in the little things in life. If you are looking for big, flashy solutions to your problems, they will never work because these types of quick fixes only leave more problems in their wake – it is better to figure out how to enjoy yourself and the world around you than trying desperately to find some kind of magical solution.

The Aghori also comes with a message to tell you that your problems are due in part to your own negative thoughts and inner dialogue. You need to cleanse your mind of these self-destructive thought patterns in order for things to get better.

Subconscious Desires

Dreaming about the Aghori could also represent your subconscious desires and fears coming to light. Aghori are not traditionally considered to be demons or evil spirits, and they do not usually represent people who would like to harm others. They do, however, usually represent something that you fear or may have a subconscious desire for.

For example, a woman dreams of meeting an Aghori, and she knows it’s going to eat her. She is, in real life, trying to get over her fear of commitment and marriage after having been burned by a previous relationship. Thus, the Aghori represents the woman’s subconscious fears about getting hurt again and wanting to run away from her commitment.

Another common example: a man dreams of an Aghori coming out of a toilet and begins to chase him. The Aghori eventually catches and eats the man, and then crawls back into the toilet. The Aghori in this case represents a person that the man subconsciously knows is creeping on him or someone that he’s attracted to but feels like they would hurt him emotionally – as represented by eating him.

As a Warning of Excess Mental and Physical Desire

The Aghori is considered an ascetic or holy person, which may be why people dream of them. People might dream of the Aghori as a subconscious warning of the consequences of excessive and unbalanced mental and physical practices.

In dreams, this person may symbolize the need for you to show compassion toward yourself. Call on your own sense of empathy and understanding when you see them in your dream. They are asking you to take the first step toward being kinder to yourself.

Fear and Anger at Death

Seeing the Aghori in your dreams could reflect feelings like fear, powerlessness, anger, or sadness surrounding death or dying.

Death and its unknown components can be scary and unpredictable, so seeing the Aghori in dreams could be similar to seeing the Grim Reaper in a dream as a reflection of your own fear surrounding death. The connection between the two lies in the fact that the Aghori were once human but have passed on into a more animalistic form; similarly, death is often thought of as “the great equalizer” where all living creatures come face to face with their own mortality.

Another possible reason for seeing the Aghori in dreams has to do with anger surrounding death. When someone dies, not everyone feels sadness but rather anger at times; some may dream about being angry at the dead loved ones because of their own guilt, others because they are powerless to change what has happened. By facing the Aghori in this way, it could be a reflection of your own anger at death or dying.

Serious Illness or Facing Mortality

People who dream of an Aghori may have contracted a serious illness or facing their own mortality. Perhaps they have family members who are sick or elderly, and the dream could reflect their fears surrounding that fact. Dreams of being surrounded by death, decay, and disease may be a tip-off to the dreamer’s own fears concerning these subjects.

People who have had a lot of exposure to death—in their family, friends, or at work—may dream about death and its associated rituals. If they know someone who is ill or is sick themselves, this may cause them to dream of an Aghori cleansing their house or preparing them for death. They may also dream of Aghori when they are elderly themselves, remembering the rituals they went through when their parents were near death.

Desire for an Alternative Lifestyle

The Aghori live an alternative lifestyle and you might be feeling “alternative” too. Perhaps you see your dream as a sign that you should consider living more of your life in the moment, rather than planning for the future.

Or you feel that you need to focus on what’s important in life, living in the moment. Perhaps this is a sign that your life needs more spontaneity and flexibility. Or perhaps this dream means you’re taking life too seriously and need to lighten up.

Regretting of Committing a Taboo

In many cases, people dream about an Aghori when they have been eating a lot of meat in their diet. It is a taboo to eat meat in certain religions, including Hinduism. Meat is considered a “tampering” with the purity and sanctity of life and death, so it can bring on feelings of guilt or shame. As a result, when people eat meat, they can feel like they are committing an act that is extremely taboo.

In Hinduism, which doesn’t allow for any kind of tampering with life, death, and the human body, Aghori are seen as terrifying because they can bring forth these feelings in people more intensely. If you have been dreaming of eating meat or doing something else extremely taboo, Aghori may be trying to warn you against continuing with this behavior.

Seeing Lord Shiva and Parvati in Your Dream – Why?

According to Indian mythology, Lord Shiva is one of the three principal gods. The other two are Vishnu (the preserver) and Brahma (the creator). Lord Shiva symbolizes destruction, but also change. As a result, he is closely associated with the process of death and rebirth. Parvati, Shiva’s wife in real life, is said to have incarnated as Sati, his first wife in a previous life.

In dreams, Lord Shiva represents an important transformation from which you will be able to benefit after completing it successfully. Perhaps you are stuck in your current situation and feel like you need some sort of transformation. Shiva also represents energy or force that is able to destroy negative or unbeneficial energies and situations.

Parvati on the other hand is often featured as a goddess who has immense power and accompanies Shiva, but she can also be seen on her own defense and helping others. Her presence in your dream indicates that strong and protective energy is surrounding you.

Why Is Shiva Angry In Your Dream? Explained

Whenever we dream about Shiva getting angry, it usually has to do with our own anger. It could be because we are suppressing our anger when we should be dealing with it in a healthy way by talking about it, which is what Shiva represents. Or maybe you need to release some suppressed feelings that have been bothering you and only then can you come to peace with yourself and be at peace with others.

It could also mean that Shiva is angry with you. Shiva is not just the destroyer of evil, He is also a teacher, healer, and protector. You are in need of protection but you are choosing to follow your anger instead of taking it up with Him because you know He will make things right. Or maybe you are trying to do something that is beyond your capabilities, are being dishonest with yourself, or are refusing to communicate properly.

Regardless of what it means, if you have a nightmare about Shiva getting angry with you, it’s best to stop and think about why He is angry. You may be in denial about some issues that need to be resolved so that your life can move on.

Are You Seeing Shivling In Your Dream?

Shivling represents many things. It is a representation of power, peace, and good health. But what does a Shivling in a dream mean? If you dream about a Shivling it can be interpreted as a sign that Shiva is with you always and also that he will protect you from evil. Some people interpret the Shivling as a symbol of ambition, energy, and inspiration.

It can also be interpreted as good luck or good fortune. It is thought that dreaming about a Shivling means you get whatever you wish for. If it rises from the ground towards heaven it symbolizes your journey to enlightenment. In this way, a Shivling can also be a symbol of the path you are on.

If you dream about melting or evaporating Shivling it represents a loss of passion, drive, or energy in your life. It may also represent a lack of spiritual growth and transformation.

Dreaming of Siddhar? Meaning

People dream of Siddhar for a number of reasons, but the most common is because they are having difficulty moving towards enlightenment in waking life.

One way the body expresses this conflict is through dreams. Dreams enable people to experience fantasies and work out real issues, therefore with dreams about Siddhar, the person is trying to find a way to enlightenment and see what obstacles stand in their path.

People dream of Siddhar also because:

  1. They have an issue with their ego as it stands in the way between them and enlightenment, or
  2. They are not living in the present moment, or
  3. They desire to go on a spiritual journey and connect with their inner self, learning more about who they truly are while connecting to the divine.


It’s common to see the Aghori in your dreams, and there are several reasons why it might be so. The most popular reason is that you’re worried about death or dying; however, if this isn’t the case for you then it could also mean something else entirely.

Regardless of what meaning may lie behind seeing an Aghori-like figure in your dreamscape, it can represent feelings like fear, anger, or sadness surrounding death or dying. Dreams about Shiva can be a sign that he is angry with you or it could symbolize your own anger. If you’re dreaming of Siddhar, the person may be struggling to move towards enlightenment in life and has been expressing this through their dreams.

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