Why There? The 5 Reasons Why You Dream of a Worm Under Your Skin

Oftentimes, people dream about weird or scary things happening to them. These dreams can be so scary that it gives the dreamer a sense of relief upon waking up, and knowing that it is just a dream. An example of this is a dream about worms under one’s skin.

Dreams of worms under one’s skin occur because of 1) fear of physical harm, 2) feelings of vulnerability, 3) infection, 4) shame, and 5) feeling of not worthy.

Dreaming of worms under one’s skin could leave one feeling confused. In a dream context, this may mean a lot of things.

Why Do People Dream About a Worm Under Their Skin?

Does this dream mean something positive or negative? Either way, let’s find out!

Fear of Physical Harm

People dream about worms under their skin because worms are often associated with disease, and by extension fear of physical harm.

People who have this fear might dream about worms under their skin because it represents their fear of becoming sick. Even if the dreamer is already sick or perhaps receives a diagnosis from a doctor, they might dream about worms under their skin because it represents the fear that the disease will only get worse or become more widespread.

Just like people who suffer from biological diseases (or any condition, for that matter) often have fears of death and dying, people who dream about this phobia likely fear death in some way. This can be related to the fear that the disease which they will experience will be fatal.

Feelings of Vulnerability

Worms are creatures that live and grow in the darkness and feed on decomposed material so they symbolize an individual’s vulnerabilities. The fact that one’s skin is the exterior of the body makes it the most obvious place for worms to appear in dreams.

This is not surprising considering that people often dream about things they are most afraid of or most concerned with, so if somebody is dreaming about having worms under their skin it may be because they are afraid of facing some vulnerability within themselves, perhaps related to the issue of trust.

For example, a woman with a fear of trusting others in her waking life may dream about having worms under her skin. However, when she talks about her dream to someone close to her, they are able to point out that in reality she is very much capable of trust and there is no reason for her not to give it. Since this dream interpretation matches the woman’s waking life situation, it may help her work through this particular vulnerability.


In dreams, a worm could symbolize an infection that one has felt before- either literally or metaphorically. Metaphorically, a worm could be someone or something that is taking advantage of the dreamer. This person or thing has wormed their way into the dreamer’s life and is now having an influence on them.

The kind of infection in a dream can determine what type of symbolism may be involved. For example, if one dreams about something crawling under their skin, this could represent an infection of the senses – i.e. someone or something is having a negative influence on how they see things. This metaphor may be used to describe their renewed sense of awareness- as if they are seeing things more clearly now.

A dream about worms under your skin can also indicate that something has been eating away at the dreamer. The issue is not going away and the dreamer is beginning to feel “eaten up” by it all. This could also mean that they are feeling anxious about a situation and they aren’t sure how to resolve it.


Dreams about worms crawling under one’s skin could be a manifestation of shame and looking for redemption. Feeling inadequate in comparison with someone else who outshines us can lead to feelings of being small and inferior. In this instance, a dream about worms or other parasites could reflect the way in which shame manifests in our dreams.

One may feel dirty, defective, and unworthy of any attention or love. They may be embarrassed by their dream of worms crawling under their skin because they believe it shows exactly how despicable they really are.

The reason why these kinds of dreams are so common is that people who suffer from low self-esteem often have difficulty differentiating themselves from the experiences they have. When people feel ashamed, they often think that these feelings are their own and not just mere symptoms of an external situation. This is why it is so easy for them to confuse dreams as reflections of what truly happened to them or, even worse, a preview of things to come.

Feelings of Unworthiness

People may dream about worms under their skin when there have been recent events in one’s life in which their sense of self-worth has taken a hit. The person may be experiencing feelings of unworthiness.

An example of an event may be receiving news of not getting a job they wanted. This may cause the person to feel unworthy and lack confidence in themselves. They might have thoughts like, “What’s the point?”, “Maybe I should just give up”, etc. The subconscious may bring this anxiety to life in a dream by creating an image of worms crawling under one’s skin, which may make the person feel disgusted and anxious when they see it.

It is possible that the dreamer feels like they are not good enough for something. They may have experienced a real-life event that triggered this feeling. They might not feel able to fulfill their responsibilities or they do not feel empowered to take on what life throws at them.

Alternatively, the dreamer may be feeling unworthy in some other way; perhaps they think someone else is better than them and should have gotten the job instead of them, or they feel their life is not as worth living as others’ lives are, this is like dreaming about maggots.

Dream of Worms Coming Out of One’s Body Explained

This is quite an interesting question, and the answer could vary greatly depending on your personal experience. So, what does it mean when people dream of vomiting worms or worms coming out of their bodies?

  1. People commonly report this type of dream when they are under extreme stress.
  2. Dreaming of worms coming out of one’s body can signify that they are ready to confront some sort of internal conflict, whether it is something in one’s waking life or something in the dreamer’s past.
  3. This type of dream also symbolizes an aspect about the self that one does not like.
  4. It may be that someone is projecting their evil onto the dreamer, like cheating on them with another person and then making it seem like it was their fault when in reality they were being unfaithful.
  5. Dreaming about worms coming out of one’s body can be a symbol of something very unpleasant the dreamer is experiencing in their waking life.
  6. It may be that one feels like nothing is happening with their life and therefore will resort to an evil act to change the course of events.

Parasite in a Dream Meaning

Dreams that include parasites can be disturbing and often terrifying. The content of the dream varies from situation to situation, but it is usually in a setting where something terrible happens. Usually, people in a dream with a parasite are not the ones in control of their own actions, and they will feel completely helpless when faced with anything or anyone dangerous.

A dream that involves parasites could be related to the way people relate to others in their lives and how they take advantage of them. It can also represent feelings towards certain people who cause harm such as friends or family members. For example, if the dreamer feels like he or she is being used by someone close, it may be a sign that the person is taking advantage of the relationship.

Sometimes parasites can represent feelings about oneself. In this case, parasites often reflect anger that is repressed inside or issues with an aspect of one’s life that he or she tries to hide from others. These situations may cause people to feel imprisoned by their own thoughts and actions, which could be a theme in the dream.

Skin in Dreams Interpretation

In its simplest form, skin is symbolic of the psyche’s ability to protect itself from outside influences. If the dreamer is not aware of this significance, it may be indicative of a person’s lack of knowledge of his psyche. This interpretation is often linked with dreams in which the dreamer has a skin disease or appears sickly and unhealthy.

In a more symbolic sense, skin can represent emotions that are being held back or ones that have failed to grow. If the skin is thick, it may indicate that one has successfully protected his emotions; however, if the skin is thin or seems penetrable, then it can represent feelings that are not strong enough to withstand external influences.

Dreams in which one’s own skin is missing can indicate feelings of vulnerability or even physical disability. Perhaps the dreamer feels that he has not made the right emotional connections with others. If someone else’s skin is missing, it can depict how the dreamer is feeling emotionally disconnected from others.

Dreaming of Worms in Your Feet? Why?

Many people have reported dreaming of being infested with worms in their feet. The most common causes are the result of anxiety, but there are often other factors involved that cause this dream to occur more frequently than it normally would.

The one common thread among the people who report this particular dream is that they are usually worriers. The mind can play tricks on anyone under these conditions, so it’s not surprising that anxious individuals often dream about finding a worm crawling from their feet into the rest of their body, or being infested with worms.

In some rare cases where people have been diagnosed with parasitic infections, they may experience recurring dreams about having worms in their feet because it reminds them of the initial discovery, but again this is more likely to be true for individuals who are already predisposed to anxiety and obsessive behavior.


Dreams that involve worms can be seen as a manifestation of shame, feelings of unworthiness, and other negative emotions. The dreamer may feel like they are not good enough for something or unworthy in some way. Dreams about worms crawling on one’s body can be disturbing and often terrifying. The content of the dream varies from situation to situation, but it is usually in a setting where something terrible happens.

Usually, people in a dream with parasites are not the ones in control of their own actions, and they will feel completely helpless when faced with anything or anyone dangerous.

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