The 5 Meanings to Your Underwater Dreams [One Will Surprise You]

We all know that dreams can be magical and surreal. Sometimes you’ll dream about doing something different and new, like climbing a mountain or exploring the depths of the ocean. But what does it mean when you dream about being underwater?

People may dream about being underwater because of 1) fear of being suffocated, 2) feeling weighed down 3) the effect of media, 4) being unafraid, and 5) close to falling in love.

You could find yourself exploring sunken ruins, navigating treacherous reefs, or even swimming among enormous whales. Explore your most memorable underwater dreams and what they might mean!

Why Do People Dream About Being Underwater?

Dreaming about being underwater could mean a lot of things and some of them might surprise you. Let’s dive in!

Fear of Being Suffocated

Underwater dreams can be a representation of our water-related fears. These include fear of 1) dying underwater or drowning, 2) having something pressed over one’s face,3) being trapped in a low-oxygen environment, 4) or it may even be symbolic.

When people have a fear of being suffocated, dreams will sometimes give form to that fear. Oftentimes these are dreams that take place underwater or in an enclosed space where there is little oxygen present. This represents the common human fear of being trapped in their own body with no way to free themselves.

This fear is not particularly common; what is more common are dreams of fears related to water, such as drowning or being lost in the water.

Feeling Weighed Down or Free

Dreams about being underwater may mean that the dreamer is feeling weighed down by external pressures in their waking life. This can be pressures at work, demands of family life or the general stress of day-to-day living.

When people dream about diving deep underwater, they may also feel that their current situation is just too difficult for them to cope with. They might feel like they are drowning in their problems and cannot see any way out of their situation. Dreams about struggling against currents or swimming towards the surface may reflect the difficulty of overcoming an emotional or mental obstacle, more like dreaming of a river.

There is a common idea that the weightless state of being underwater allows people to feel free and unencumbered. The feeling stressed people are looking for. Water is also often associated with emotions and feelings, so dreamers may be looking for a release from the emotional burdens they are carrying, which is quite similar to bathing in a dream.

Effect of Media

Sometimes people have underwater dreams after they watch a TV show, play a video game, or read a story about something happening underwater. Maybe it’s because when people watch TV or play a video game, they are watching something that is not in their normal lives. It’s very relaxing and calm to see another world underwater where there are no problems.

People have these dreams because they are pretending, in their subconscious minds, that this other world is real. For example, when people watch a TV show, play a video game, or read a story about something happening underwater, they put themselves into that story and pretend like it’s real, this is more like a dream about drowning.

They dream that they’re underwater because the whole time that they’re pretending it’s real, their subconscious minds are working on what would happen if the story really happened. For example, in a video game, people put themselves into the shoes of an underwater creature or person, just like dreaming about living underwater.

Being Unafraid

Underwater dreams can be a positive thing because it represents a certain sense of adventure and not being afraid to face challenges. In this way, it can be related to a “spirit of youth” that people have as they are growing up whether they were going through puberty or not.

Dreaming about this can help individuals become more adventurous and able to take risks in the future in order to achieve their life goals. It can be a sign that they are willing to take risks and not let fear hinder them when it comes to achieving what they want. It can be related to the overall sense of freedom that people feel as they are able to move around and take action, more like dreaming about the ocean.

At the same time, it can also represent the desire to have more freedom. This is because people are able to move around with ease and they are not afraid of how they will appear or what others will think about them. They are simply able to do whatever they want whenever they want without having any restraints holding them back.

About to Fall in Love

It is said that people who are about to fall in love have dreams where they see themselves in the ocean or somewhere with a lot of water.

One theory behind this is that humans instinctively try to recreate our ancient ancestors’ environment and lifestyle. Humans spent a long time on the savannah and near rivers and liked it there. Has your subconscious mind decided that you’re about to meet someone who will let you go “home” again? If so, then maybe those dreams of being underwater before you meet a new love are about becoming emotionally intimate again.

Dreams about being underwater before falling in love tend to appear after a long time without love or intimacy in one’s life. Many people, who start to dream about water before they meet a new love, have spent a long time without romance and probably feel that the chances of meeting someone are slim. The dreams may be part of the mind’s way of trying to bring you back to a state where you deserve love and happiness again.

Is it Good to See Water in Dreams?

Some people are very sensitive to signs and symbols, so they may see water in their dreams as an omen of something good or bad that is about to happen. Others will simply interpret it as a symbol for emotions or feelings that need to be expressed without any positive or negative connotations.

Some affirm that water is a bad sign in dreams, because it suggests that people are likely to get ill soon. However, there are some individuals who believe that having water in your dream can symbolize success and good luck.

Psychologically speaking, water has always been considered a symbol for the unconscious. This is not a coincidence, since dreams are an expression of our unconscious mind. The appearance of water in this context may therefore simply be a reflection of our emotions and feelings that we need to express or confront through the dream state.

According to this interpretation, the appearance of water in a dream is not necessarily good or bad. Rather, it simply suggests that there are certain emotions or feelings that need to be processed and dealt with.

Water in a Dream Spiritual Meaning

Dreaming of water has 3 main spiritual meanings: 1) fluidity 2) shamanic healing and 3) abundance of emotions.

One of the spiritual meanings of water in a dream is fluidity. When a person dreams of water it could be a physical representation of one’s own feelings, emotions, and how they see their surroundings. Water represents the subconscious mind and the intense emotions that come from within oneself.

Dreaming about water is also associated with shamanic healing because it represents the element of helping one heal oneself emotionally. When people dream of water, one doesn’t have to be a victim of how one feels, the water can help change one’s emotions and help one stay on track with what is going on in their life. The water symbolism in a dream shows how fluid one’s life is and the need to be mindful of this element.

Dreaming about a lake or river means that the dreamer is experiencing an abundance of emotions that just can not be expressed. If you dream about lakes, you may feel overwhelmed by their feelings and need to express them in order to overcome what they are feeling. On the other hand, dreaming about an ocean means that one is experiencing a deeper connection with their emotions and how one perceives oneself or others around them.

Dreaming of Being Underwater with Fish Interpretation

Dreaming of being underwater with fish can symbolize a fear of drowning. This dream is common among those who have to swim or take swimming lessons as part of physical education in school. This is particularly true among children who are afraid of swimming.

Other common interpretations for this type of dream include:

  1. Wealth: Dreams about being underwater with fish can also symbolize great fortune and abundant wealth.
  2. Honesty: Dreaming of being underwater with fish can also indicate a state of complete honesty and openness to oneself and others. Fish are often symbols of change, intuition, and knowledge.
  3. Power: Dreaming of being underwater with fish can also indicate that one is looking for inner strength and a sense of power.
  4. Regression: Some consider dreaming of being underwater with fish as a type of past life regression dream.
  5. Fear: Dreaming of being underwater with fish can be about an actual fear or some unknown thing that is waiting ahead in the future.
  6. Challenge: Sometimes it can be a reflection of the challenges that one has faced in their life and stepping over a threshold to something new, this is similar to having a dream about whales.

Dream of Talking Underwater Explained

Dreaming of talking underwater is a common dream that typically involves the sensation of talking, but with no sound coming out. The experience can be frightening and disorienting because you feel like you are trying to communicate but cannot. The context in which this occurs varies – sometimes it is during a conversation with someone or something – and other times it happens spontaneously.

The meaning of talking underwater varies depending upon the context, but it typically involves some kind of difficulty communicating something. If the dream involves a conversation with someone or something, then this could indicate that one is not receiving sufficient information to move forward in some area of life. Perhaps there is someone who is withholding something from them or something they need is being kept secret.

The meaning of talking underwater can also be related to communication within oneself if it is not connected to a specific conversation with someone else. Dreams are often metaphors for feelings and thoughts, so if one dreams about talking underwater, it might indicate that they are not getting their needs across to themselves.


Dreaming about being underwater is often a reflection of an individual’s feelings in their waking life. If you dream about talking underwater, it may be because your subconscious mind has been working on what would happen if the dream really happened, or it could represent how free and unencumbered one feels when they are underwater.

These dreams can help individuals become more adventurous and willing to take risks when pursuing goals in the future by giving them perspective on what they deserve.

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