Dreams About a Tree [7 Reasons Why You Dream of Nature’s Wonders]

Ever wonder why you dreamt about a tree? Look no further, we just might have the answers you are looking for.

Dreams about trees may indicate 1) growth, balance, and life, 2) shelter from fears, 3) fertility, 4) desire for freedom, 5) masculinity, 6) femininity and 7) looking for stability.

Positively, a tree can represent growth, balance, and life. But this isn’t the only explanation there is for this kind of dream. To learn more about why you dream of trees, read on!

Why Do People Dream About a Tree?

Trees in dreams can symbolize a lot of things. Whether this image may bring about a positive or negative message about your life depends entirely on your situation.

Growth, Balance, and Life

Trees in dreams may symbolize growth, balance, and life. When one dreams about trees, it may indicate that there is a need to balance work and play or passion and reason. Life is related to trees as well, as trees are a symbol for healthy living and being alive.

Trees tend to grow, which means that there is important growth happening in one’s life. This can also indicate a situation where a person is doing something they enjoy.

Balance is important in life and may be represented by trees as well. It is important to have balance with power, opportunity, pleasure, desire, obligation, duty, commitment, and resources. As trees tend to grow up, this means that one’s life is balanced.

Shelter from Fears

The tree in dreams is seen as a form of shelter or refuge when one becomes lost or fears for their safety. They are associated with strength, support, and survival. A bare tree would suggest a lack of security or shelter, while a lush green tree might denote being sheltered from fears or ills.

As a shelter from fears, trees are a symbol of strength and resilience, a refuge from one’s enemies or obstacles in life. They can also represent having one’s needs met and welcomed.

If a person is lost beneath the shade of a tree, it may mean they are sheltered from their fears or troubles. It could alternatively suggest that they feel well cared for in life.

If a person sees a bare or dead tree, it might be a sign to them that they don’t have enough security or shelter in their life. If there are no trees around, it may be a sign that an obstacle is leaving one feeling without support, more like dreaming about an olive branch.


In some religions, dreaming about trees may also symbolize fertility because they produce fruit when they flower.

Trees like the fruit-bearing ones may symbolize fertility in dreams. Also, according to some experts and books written on dream interpretations, trees represent male and female genitalia. The experts even established a connection between male genitalia and male trees and female genitalia and female trees. This means pines are masculine symbols while palm trees are feminine symbols.

Dreaming about some specific species of trees may sometimes denote specific meanings. For example, planting a seedling like a date palm is interpreted by dream interpreters as planning to conceive a child, more like a dream of a pine tree.

On the other hand, if one sees a date palm sprouting in her dream, it means that she is expecting to get pregnant soon. The same may be said about dreaming of seeing an olive tree whose branches are full of olives. It symbolizes fertility.

Desire for Freedom

People who have an overbearing mother may dream of trees as a way of symbolizing their desire for freedom.

Trees in dreams are often associated with deep desires for independence, freedom, and happiness. These desires are intricately tied to the mother figure, because of the way children are raised. The more oppressive or demanding a child’s relationship with his mother is, the more likely he will have dreams of wanting to break free from his mother’s control. The dreaming mind will often give these dreams a concrete form: trees.

Trees symbolize the desire for freedom because they are considered free beings that are not tethered to the ground. Although they need water and nutrients to survive, they can grow wherever these resources are available, unrestricted by their surroundings.


Some people see trees as symbols of masculinity. Trees are traditionally masculine symbols because they can withstand strong wind, rain, snow, and other elements of nature. They can also provide shade and shelter.

Masculinity is associated with the male sex, which is associated with strength, endurance, and courage. Some religions associate masculinity with trees because of these qualities.

For example, ancient Norse mythology says that Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life in the spiritual world, has three roots stretching to three otherworldly realms. One of these roots reaches to the realm of the Frost Giants, ruled by a powerful king named Hrímthursar. In this way, the tree’s masculine association is expressed through its antagonistically masculine qualities.

Trees represent masculinity in that they can withstand and protect themselves against the elements. Spiritually, trees are symbols of the West, which is associated with masculinity according to Jungian psychology. This is because the West (the Occident) is associated with directness, strength, and extroverted action.


Others also believe that trees are symbols of femininity with their branches reaching down to the earth. In dreams, this could mean the dreamer identifies with femininity.

This interpretation may come from how society views women as trying to stay grounded and connected to reality, while men are viewed as more aloof and disconnected.

Trees as symbols of femininity could also represent fertility. If the dreamer plants a tree, they are putting down roots and making their place in the world. By reaching up with their branches, they are making themselves vulnerable to the elements life will bring them.

People of all genders can identify with femininity, but women may dream of trees more often because society views them as being more feminine than men due to the roles they play in society.

Because of this, dreams of femininity could also represent a person’s own sense of self. By reaching up with their branches and being vulnerable, they may be expressing pride in how they are different from other people and embrace themselves for who they are.

Looking for Stability

Many people dream of seeing or climbing a tree when they are looking for stability in their waking life. Their tree-climbing activities in the dream may signify their desire to feel more grounded or secure or they are looking for something to hold onto in their daily life.

People who feel like they are lacking stability in their waking life may dream of seeing or climbing trees when they are searching for balance or equilibrium.

Many times, these people will only appear in the dreams of others as observers, not as part of the dreamer’s own storyline. When this happens, it may mean that they are projecting their need for stability onto these characters.

The type of tree they see can offer insight into how they are trying to gain stability. For example, if a person sees themselves climbing an apple tree (Malus domestica) in their dreams, it could be interpreted as their desire to balance the various parts that make up their persona.

An apple tree’s fruit can represent knowledge that is gained from life experiences and it has been associated with the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena (Malus domestica).

On a more literal level, this dream could be linked to someone who is trying to project a certain image to the world. An apple tree’s fruit is associated with health and vitality, which may be integral in maintaining certain relationships or pursuits (Malus domestica).

Dreaming About Trees Falling Meaning

Dreaming about trees falling may represent 1) a lot going on, 2) the need to slow down, 3) trouble with others, and 4) recognizing the pain of others.

A Lot Going On

In general, dreaming about trees falling has a more specific meaning outside of the realm of nature symbols. If a person is dreaming about trees falling, there may be a lot going on in their life. So much can happen during the day that it can be difficult to remember everything, so this symbolizes keeping track of everything as an ongoing process.

Need To Slow Down

This type of dream is also common for people who have been working intensely on something specific recently. In this case, the dream about trees falling may be a warning that they need to slow down and take better care of themselves before they burn out or become sick.

People who are in school could also have this dream if exams are coming soon. It frequently signifies exam anxiety, which can come with its own problems if not addressed.

Trouble With Others

There is another common interpretation that involves trouble brewing in a group of people. This can be something as simple as a dispute, or as serious as an imminent war. In this case, symbols such as the trees falling represent how those involved are not listening to each other and making poor choices. They may also be so focused on themselves that they do not even notice all the destruction they are causing.

Recognizing Pain of Others

The trees falling may also represent how a person recognizes the pain in others and how it can become overwhelming. They may dream about this because they feel helpless in stopping it from happening, even if it is something they have the power to do so.

Dreaming About a Tree Growing in the House? Why?

When people dream of a tree growing in the house, it symbolizes several things such as 1) life, stability and family bonds. In other cases, it might indicate the dreamer’s 2) circumstances in life, 3) feeling that something does not belong and 4) trapped feeling.

Life, Stability, and Family Bonds

The tree represents life, stability, and family bonds. It is a symbol of growth, death, and rebirth. Trees are also considered to be phallic symbols that represent male power, fertility, or dominance over others. They are also associated with the idea of strength, balance, stability, and wisdom because they grow strong roots into the ground yet grow tall and flexible branches.

Circumstances in Life

A tree growing inside the house represents all kinds of things, depending on where people think the tree is located in relation to their bedrooms. For example, if the tree is right outside one’s bedroom window it may symbolize something that one needs to look at more closely or be aware of (friends who could stab them in the back, for example). If it is growing outside the bedroom door then it might mean that something needs to be dealt with before one goes into the room.

Something That Doesn’t Belong

The tree symbolizes many things depending on whether its roots are above ground or below. If they are above ground, then the meaning of the dream could be similar to the idea of a tree growing inside one’s house – something that doesn’t belong there. If they are below ground, then the meaning of the dream could be similar to what was stated earlier about roots being symbolic of certain things.

Feeling Trapped

Dreaming about a tree growing in one’s house can mean that one is feeling trapped by some situation and the roots of the tree represent all the things that are trapping them. One needs to think about how they can get out from under them so that they can grow their own life. If it is growing inside a room, for example, perhaps there is something in that room (or someone) who is holding them back and preventing them from moving forward.

Dream of Sitting in a Tree Explained

Predominantly, dreaming about being high up symbolizes a state of independence and freedom from limitations. Therefore, seeing yourself sitting in a tree in a dream signifies 1) protection and security and 2) satisfaction in life or work.

  1. Protection and security: Climbing up to a safe, high place can also signify the desire for adventure and excitement. The dream may be trying to convey that one is afraid of risks or failure in his or her waking life, but feels protected by choosing not to pursue certain opportunities.
  2. Satisfaction in Life or Work: One may dream of being able to fly and sit in a tree at the same time. This uncommon but fascinating type of dream suggests that one is experiencing a state of complete satisfaction and fulfillment with their life or work. They have reached their goals, and they are secure in their position in the world.

Dream About Falling from a Tree Interpretation

Generally speaking, most dream analysts believe that dreams of falling signify a lack of control in some area of your waking life. Hence, dreams about falling from a tree might communicate the dreamer’s different types of fear such as fear of 1) success, 2) failure, 3) being abandoned and losing identity.

Fear of Success

If one is dreaming about falling from a tree, one might be afraid that their success is not going to last very long. They may feel that no matter what they do or how hard they work, it’s just a matter of time before things begin to crumble around them. This dream is often associated with feelings of failure and helplessness.

Fear of Failure

Alternatively, falling from a tree in a dream might indicate that one is afraid of failure. One reason for this interpretation is the connection between falling and losing one’s footing. In other words, one feels like they’re losing their balance in some way. However, sometimes these dreams can point to deeper issues that may have nothing to do with the present.

Fear of Being Abandoned

Another common interpretation for dreams about falling from a tree is that one fears being left alone. This could be because they feel as though nobody cares about them or perhaps it’s because they don’t have anyone who will stand by them through tough times. Oftentimes, people who experience these dreams feel as though they’ve been abandoned and left for dead.

Loss of Identity

Falling from a tree is also associated with the loss of one’s identity or sense of self. The most common dream about falling from trees is when a person is simply falling from a great height without hitting the ground. In this case, it’s often interpreted as a lack of control over one’s life and identity. The common thread here seems to be that we’re no longer able to stand up for ourselves and our goals.


Dreams about trees mean different things, depending on the context of the dream.

Some common interpretations include a shelter from fears and a desire for freedom. In addition, if you’re dreaming about a tree and it’s growing inside your room (or someone is in there), this could represent something or someone who has prevented you from moving forward in some way. You may need to think about how they are holding you back so that you can break free and grow yourself.

If instead, the dream is telling you that you feel trapped by an outside situation, then perhaps what’s trapping you are all those roots beneath your feet – which also represents everything holding us down. So maybe it’s time for a change!

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