5 Reasons Why You Dream About Tarantula [Arachnid]

Tarantulas are some of the creatures that can scare the living being out of anyone. Though they are nocturnal hunters who usually only eat live prey such as crickets or mice, most of us are still afraid of them—to the point that they even appear in our dreams! Ever wondered why?

In general, people dream about a tarantula because it may be associated with 1) creeping anxiety, 2) loss of control or power, 3) feeling trapped, 4) fear of the unknown, and 5) poison.

If you’re experiencing dreams about tarantulas, it’s time to learn what these dreams are trying to tell you. Lucky for you, I can provide you with a guide in navigating the possible interpretations of this dream.

Why Do You Dream About Tarantula?

To set your expectations, dreams about tarantulas do not mean good things for the dreamer, for it may reveal underlying fear that you may unconsciously have during your waking life.

1. Creeping Anxiety

Dreaming about tarantulas suggests creeping anxiety. Perhaps highly uncertain situations in the dreamer’s waking life have caused him to always think about how things can go wrong all the time.

At one point or another, everyone experiences creeping anxiety in their lives. This feeling is not completely debilitating to the person; it has more to do with heightened senses and hyper-vigilance rather than an incapacity to function. But this is still detrimental to how you make decisions.

You may be focusing too much on how things can go wrong rather than how things may work out. This could lead to indecision or lack of confidence in your plans and execution.

Just like dreaming about a white spider, dreaming of a tarantula also suggests that the dreamer needs to take control over his actions, as too much worrying about how things could go wrong is causing him to hold himself back. 

2. Loss of Control or Power

Dreaming about a tarantula suggests loss of control or power. The dreamer feels as though he is losing the ability to manage his emotions wisely due to unfortunate events that are happening to him.

They typically represent losing abilities to manage emotions and time, which could result in losing a precious relationship or one’s job. People experiencing this tend to feel vulnerable and insecure. They may feel as though they are losing control of their life.

By losing these areas of control, it can mean that you have an issue with being able to manage your life in general. The tarantula dream is trying to suggest you should take more time to manage your life in more detail, and pay closer attention to these areas that are losing power over you.

3. Feeling Trapped

People who dream about a tarantula may be feeling trapped in waking life. Perhaps the dreamer is put in a certain situation that he feels he cannot escape or freely move away from.

The person experiencing this may be feeling caught up in a complex situation that he has no control over, perhaps even feeling powerless to escape the situation. It may indicate that the dreamer is feeling confined and restricted, and it is likely that there are some aspects of his life where he would like to break free.

The spider’s trapping ability is also associated with its appearance in people’s dreams. This could be because the dreamer feels trapped and caught up by something or someone in waking life—perhaps he has an issue that is holding him back. If this is not the case, then it could be that there are some people in his life who he feels have deceitful and malicious intentions. This feeling of being trapped stems from the inability to escape a toxic relationship, a job that had you working with cruel peers and a demanding boss, or a family that demands too much from you and belittles you.

4. Fear of the Unknown

People who dream about a tarantula may also have fear of the unknown. The dreamer may be afraid of facing the future or pursuing something that does not guarantee his success and security.

The dreamer may be afraid of failure and attempting anything that does not promise his or her success. It can also be stemming from a fear of failure and fear of rejection. As a result, the dreamer tends to cling to what he has instead of reaching out for something better.

If the dreamer is afraid to take chances, this can manifest in his dreams. He can dream about tarantulas as a way of keeping him from leaving his comfort zone and exploring the unknown.

This dream may then be an indication that he has lots of ideas and plans in mind but never follow through with them. He may feel that he is too inhibited by his fear of the unknown to try anything new and exciting. The dreams are a way for him to acknowledge that some things might not end well, but some risks are still worth taking.

5. Poison

Dreaming about a tarantula can indicate poison. The dream may be closely associated with poison in the sense that although some things in the dreamer’s life are not healthy for him, he still chooses them anyway.

Tarantula typically has a poisonous bite. A poisonous bite in a dream, whether it’s from a rattlesnake or a spider can also symbolize something in the dreamer’s life that he chooses to deal with by himself, despite it causing him tremendous pain. It may come as no surprise to the dreamer that his toxic behavior or choices are slowly killing him, literally or figuratively. But he continues to do it.

Tarantula may also symbolize temptation for the dreamer because of its poisonous bite. The dreamer could be tempted by things he knows are not good for him but he is doing them anyway. He chooses to engage in this behavior despite knowing that it is harmful or wrong.

Why Do You Dream About Being Caught in a Tarantula Web?

Dreaming about being caught in a tarantula web suggests being caught in a tricky situation. Perhaps the dreamer is put in an uncomfortable situation because of another person.

A tarantula web is sturdy, sticky, and dangerous. It has the potential to cause harm if touched. The dreamer could be in a situation that is potentially harmful or uncomfortable because of someone else’s influence. If the dreamer dreams about being caught in multiple tarantula webs, it indicates that they are being surrounded by dangerous people or by unfavorable circumstances.

Because tarantulas are venomous, the dream may also be a warning to proceed with caution in certain circumstances. An unsettling or uncomfortable situation could become much worse if the dreamer does not know what to expect or how to prepare for it. The dreamer should avoid putting themselves into these situations. Instead, they should seek out trustworthy people and supportive environments.

Why Do You Dream About Being Bitten by a Tarantula?

Being bitten by a tarantula in a dream suggests being provoked by someone in waking life. Perhaps the dreamer’s patience is being tested by someone who is cruel and annoying.

The tarantula itself often appears in dreams as a metaphor for situations where the dreamer feels overwhelmed and powerless to fight back against his or her tormentors. The tarantula itself is typically unthreatening to humans, but the fear it can inspire in people who are generally afraid of spiders may be enough to trigger anxiety and other negative emotions in the dreamer.

The dreamer may be feeling triggered to defend themselves in some way by their current situation or interactions with another person. Tarantulas are known for delivering particularly painful bites; however, they aren’t aggressive animals and usually only bite when provoked. So if you dream about a spider attacking you, it might be worthwhile to re-evaluate situations in waking life where you need to defend yourself.

Dream About Killing a Tarantula Explained

Killing a tarantula in a dream suggests overcoming fears. Perhaps the dreamer is now able to face his fears with courage and does not allow others to influence his decisions in life.

Dreams about spiders often represent overcoming fear and overcoming difficulties.

Thus, killing a spider typically represents overcoming fears of failure or inadequacy, or overcoming some obstacle that has been getting in your way. If the dream is centered around you killing the spider, then it suggests that you have just overcome something difficult and challenging. The overcoming of such challenges will likely make you feel like a stronger person afterward.

By triumphing over these, you are making a stand for yourself to not allow these difficulties to impede your growth and progress as an individual.

Dream About Keeping Tarantula as a Pet Meaning

Keeping a tarantula as a pet in a dream suggests harboring anger or ill feelings towards someone in waking life. The dreamer may have grown resentful and bitter towards someone who hurt or betrayed him.

A pet tarantula in a dream might represent harboring ill feelings toward someone in reality. Alternatively, keeping a tarantula as a pet may suggest that the dreamer is looking for revenge. He is harboring thoughts of getting back at someone for doing him wrong. The dreamer needs to find an appropriate way to deal with these emotions like talking them through in a mature and healthy manner.

Summary of Dreaming About Tarantula

Unlike dreams about giant monstrous spiders, dreams about a tarantula, though pointing to struggles and fears, should not scare you. Instead, this should motivate you to work on these things so that they do not gain a foothold in your waking life by paralyzing you from making wise decisions.

By learning these possible dream meanings, you are already taking the first step to overcome these possible fears and struggles. These include creeping anxiety, loss of control or power, feeling trapped, fear of the unknown, and poison disguised as things that help us cope.

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