The 6 Reasons Why You Dream of a Snake Under the Bed [Scary!]

You lie down on your bed, eyes closed, mind shutting off. Suddenly you notice something move under your bed. You get up, look down, and see a snake crawling under. The shock has woken you up. You realized it was just a dream.

Dreams about snakes occur because of 1) feeling guilty, 2) fear of being hurt, 3) instinctive fears/animal nature, 4) danger of losing integrity, 5) need to find new behavior, and 6) self-betrayal.

To dream about a snake under the bed is a terrifying experience, but it is also important to reflect on these dreams and identify what emotions come up. There could be more to these dreams than fear.

Why Do People Dream of a Snake Under the Bed?

If you ever wondered why you dreamt of a snake under your bed, look no further. Below are some of the most common interpretations of your dream.

Feeling Guilty

If one dreams about a snake under their bed, they might be feeling guilty about something they did and the snake could represent a bad conscience. It’s possible that this person doesn’t feel they deserve to go to sleep at night, so the snake comes out while they are trying to get some sleep.

People dream about snakes under their beds when they are experiencing feelings of guilt. Snakes can represent many things, including temptation and bad luck, but in this case, it is likely used to represent the sense of guilt that people feel when they have done something wrong. If one dreams about a snake under their bed, this could indicate that they are trying to avoid some sort of consequence for an action or behavior that has caused some problems.

Another way this dream would appear is if someone has done something or has failed to do something that was important to their partner or spouse, causing some sort of conflict within the relationship. This could be a sign that one dreams about snakes under their bed because they feel as though they have betrayed someone that was very important to them and it has caused some sort of conflict within the relationship.

Fear of Being Hurt

Dreams of a snake under the bed may also mean that subconsciously, one fears that someone is trying to hurt them.

For example, if someone has experienced being hurt by their parents then they may have a fear of being hurt by anyone else who comes into their life. The next time they are around someone who appears to be potentially dangerous to them they will have a dream of a snake under their bed. This is to try and make the danger known to them in an attempt to avoid it.

The subconscious mind is trying to protect the individual by creating this dream. It will continue to do this until the threat has been removed or until it is certain that there are no dangers. The dream may also be a reaction to an event in which someone could have potentially hurt them but did not end up doing so.

Instinctive Fears/Animal Nature

The dream about a snake under the bed may simply show one’s animal nature, including instinctive fears such as seeing an actual snake crawling under the bed. Many individuals who have this dream are afraid of snakes, so they often become scared when seeing one in their sleep.

According to psychologists, there is a relationship between the sleeping self and an animal or snake under the bed. When the dreamer sees one, it means that something in their unconscious mind wants the attention of their consciousness by frightening them through their dream. In most cases, the person has a fear of being swallowed by something, such as an animal or a snake.

This fear is also related to the instinctive fight-or-flight response which kicks in if one is being chased by a predator, such as a snake. On one hand, the person has several options on how to get rid of it including stamping hard on the ground or running away. One can even fight the animal, but their safety is still not guaranteed.

Danger of Losing Integrity

The dreamer’s subconscious may want to tell them that they are not doing what they should in their life and there is a danger of losing integrity. This dream appears to be warning the dreamer that they are doing something wrong by not taking necessary precautions.

Integrity refers to an individual’s values and principles, standards of behavior, and character. It is considered to be their “sense of honor” or “principle.” Individuals tend to see themselves as good if they possess integrity while others see such an individual as having honor and honesty.

When there is a danger of losing integrity, dreaming of a snake under the bed could also indicate that the individual feels like they are not doing the right thing by abandoning their values and principles. It could even suggest that they are being taken advantage of.

In addition, when the snakes in the dream are red, the symbolism takes a more specific twist. Red, a color associated with passion, intense emotions, and warning signs, amplifies the significance of the snake.

Need to Find New Behavior

Dreaming about a snake under the bed can be a sign that the dreamer needs to find new ways of behaving and acting upon certain emotions.

Snakes represent the natural, bodily forces that are sometimes out of our conscious control. For example, when a person is angry, their body commands them to attack someone else. In these cases, the mind has no control over what is happening in one’s body. This loss of control can feel very scary and cause a person to behave in ways that they do not want, just like the dream of finding snakes in the house.

This dream is an attempt of the mind to find a way for people to recognize and control their emotions in order to lead more successful lives. Therefore, dreaming about snakes can be a sign of things to come if one does not attend to how he or she has been feeling.


The appearance of a snake under the bed in dreams is often thought to be symbolizing self-betrayal, allowing someone else to betray you, make you feel guilty, or be taken advantage of.

The snake is said to be a dangerous animal that’s not to be trusted. When a person dreams of seeing one under their bed it means that they feel as though they’re being betrayed by themselves. It’s a message from the subconscious to watch what you say or do, it may come back to haunt you.

Dreaming of a Snake On the Bed? Why?

This is a common dream and can have several different meanings. It might mean that the person feels vulnerable and unprotected in the world or it is symbolizing the fear of becoming too intimate with your spouse or future spouse.

When we see a snake in our dreams we are often threatened by it. Snakes represent danger and fear of something hidden. Seeing them in your bed signifies that you feel vulnerable in some way. Perhaps you are afraid of your spouse or future mate, or maybe you are nervous about becoming intimate with them.

Another interpretation of dreaming is that the snake represents something that is hidden yet powerful and strong. If the snake appears in your home in a dream, it could mean that there is danger where things seem most secure, such as your home or family.

Dreaming About Snakes Spiritual Meaning

Dreams about snakes could mean several things depending on the spiritual beliefs of the dreamer. Snakes symbolize fear, temptation, evil, negativity, and also wisdom in many cultures.

Dreaming about snakes often shows that you are dealing with negative emotions or experiences in your life. It can also mean that you are lacking mental clarity and positive thoughts. The dream is trying to push you to move forward in your life and stop dwelling on the past.

Dreaming about snakes is also sometimes associated with hatred, envy, or even jealousy. You might be projecting these feelings onto another person in your waking life without knowing it. Dreams about snakes are often used as a symbol of transformation (see dreams about rattlesnakes) so perhaps you are going through an internal change that requires coming to terms with your negative emotions.

Giant Snake in Dreams Explained

To some, the sight of a giant snake in dreams might evoke feelings of fear and uneasiness. To others, it can be seen as an omen of impending danger or even death.

However, its meaning is not nearly as bleak as many people think it is. Giant snakes in dreams are often accompanied by several common symbols that can provide more insights as to what the dream might actually mean.

A giant snake in dreams can signify a number of things, such as:

  1. A current situation or relationship that is suffocating the dreamer and keeping them from spreading their wings and rising towards their true potential.
  2. A feeling of guilt for something that the dreamer did or said.
  3. This might be something that the dreamer is not ready to confront yet.
  4. The dreamer might not be honest with themselves about what they really want in life. It could signify some sort of inhibition towards your dreams and aspirations.
  5. Feeling trapped in one’s current condition, whether it be physically, spiritually, or emotionally.

Dreaming About Lots of Snakes? Why?

People dream about lots of snakes when they may be concerned about a real-life situation where they feel threatened by something (e.g. a new business project, or meeting someone who makes them nervous).

Maybe the dreamer is feeling like someone in their life is trying to “hang them out to dry,” or perhaps they feel that one of their friends is becoming too powerful. They can’t “get rid” of the issue in their waking life, so they may dream about that specific topic instead.

Another reason is that people are simply afraid of snakes. People may also have an undefined fear of the “unknown,” which may be represented in dreams by snakes. They feel anxious about an unknown situation that has not happened yet, or maybe something that did happen but they’re uncertain what it means.


Dreaming about snakes under the bed is often associated with fear, but it can also be a sign of transformation. The meaning behind one’s snake dreams depends on what one is dealing with in waking life and how one feels about the situation or relationship that surrounds them. If one finds themselves dreaming about snakes regularly, they should consider taking some time to reflect on what they might represent for them – then take action to make any necessary changes in their real-life circumstances.

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