7 Reasons Why You Dream About Rain(Misty)

People view rain differently. Their love and hate relationship with rain is manifested in dreams, too. Here are the meanings that will make your rain dream a hit or miss.

In general, a dream about the rain is a sign of 1) communication with others, 2) incoming trouble, 3) conflict in love, 4) new beginnings, 5) sadness, 6) rewards after work, and 7) realization. They manifest the consequences of the dreamer’s current emotional state.

When people have complicated feelings in their chest, their dreams change drastically. It shows the storm in their emotions at what’s happening in the real world. These dreams are necessary to interpret to understand himself and the world.

Why Do You Dream About Rain?

Mainly, rain in a dream represents the dreamer’s emotions and outlook in life. Here are other dream meanings in detail!.

1. Communication with Others

Rain can express deep thoughts and feelings. Thus, when one dreams about the rain, it emphasizes the importance of communication. The dreamer may need to talk to his co-workers about cooperating at work.

Your dream is about your interaction with other people. It reminds you that you should get along well with your family and co-workers because they will be with you for a long time.

Moreover, the dream implies that you have trouble expressing yourself. You’re not necessarily good at communicating your thoughts. You need to understand how to talk decently with other people.

This dream urges you to have adequate communication skills. You have to speak up your thoughts to avoid misunderstandings.

2. Incoming Trouble

Dreaming about rain may predict future problems in life. The dreamer will experience receiving news about demotion or penalty for mistakes he has made.

When you see rain in a dream, it can mean bad luck. Troubles may come for you, and you become fearful of what will happen to you. You have no idea because life is unpredictable, but your dream warns you still.

It represents the idea that you’re getting into a difficult situation soon. You may hear horrible news about your termination or demotion at work. You may also make mistakes in agreeing with previous business deals, and you might lose your money.

Additionally, this dream warns you to be careful in life. Do not rush in making decisions. Be prepared for any challenges coming at you. Do not be afraid to ask for help from other people.

3. Conflict in Love

When one dreams about rain, it is a sign that he will face troubles in his love life. If the dreamer is in a relationship, it foretells that he might break up with his partner soon.

People say that it’s romantic for couples to be under the rain. However, this dream suggests that you have problems in your love life. You may be single for a long time because you haven’t been lucky to find the right person for you. You may also have difficulty connecting deeply with other people.

Alternatively, you may have a partner, but you two are not doing well. You get into many fights and misunderstand each other. There is a rift in your relationship. You may also experience a failed engagement or marriage.

4. New Beginnings

When it rains, people have a different routine to do for the day. This fact represents the idea of a change in pace for the dreamer of rain. He may get new job opportunities or travel to another city.

Your dream indicates that you may have new beginnings. You’re going to get a new job or move into a new city. You may find an activity you would like to turn into a hobby. You are curious about new things, similar to the dream of seeing clouds.

Moreover, your dream reminds you that a change is good. You can accept all the changes in your life, even those that make it slightly more burdensome to succeed. Do not be afraid of the changes. They make life more colorful and entertaining, more like a dream of a rainbow!

5. Sadness

Rain is a sky’s way of crying, symbolizing sadness and negativity in life. When one dreams about it, the dream implies the same negative symbolism. The dreamer may feel sad about his life because something happened to his loved ones.

When you receive news of a relative’s death or your family’s financial problems, you will feel sad and helpless. Your negative emotions overwhelm you, and your dream reflects them like rain.

You feel overwhelming sadness about what’s happening in the real world that your dream changes. You have no idea what you’re supposed to do, and you begin to think that the situation’s hopeless.

It is okay to grieve about the sad moments in life because locking your emotions is not a good action. However, do not get overwhelmed with your sadness. Do not overstress yourself. Life will get better, I promise you!

6. Rewards After Work

Dreaming about the rain signifies how the world will reward one’s hard work. The dreamer may do all his duties and responsibilities at work, and he’ll get promoted from his performance.

When you see the rain in your dream, it predicts achieving your goals. It means that you will finally have your rewards after a long time of struggling.

It reminds you that it is not easy to achieve something in life. You have to make an effort in attaining it. The road to greatness is always the highlight of a person’s life. You can’t become proud of something unless you put effort into them.

Be confident in yourself! You are better than how people judge you. You can get whatever you want if you merely believe in yourself and work hard to get it.

7. Realization

When one dreams about the rain, they make many discoveries about themselves. They may figure out their career goals in life and decide to work hard to attain their goals.

Your dream implies that you have been uncertain about your life before. You have no idea what you want to do with your life, and you have no goal or aspirations. However, it also suggests that things will change now.

Additionally, you will experience the motivation you need to figure out your life goals. You will discover the career you want. You will begin to grow into a better version of yourself.

Dreaming of a Plantation Getting Wet? Here’s Why

Plantations like flowers and plants are mainly associated with good meaning, while rain is a sign of sorrow. Thus, dreaming of the two concepts combines the two symbolisms⁠—the negative and the positive. The dreamer may experience struggles at his new work, but he will be successful in the end.

When you dream about the flowers and plants getting wet from the rain, it predicts that your life has a turning point. You will likely get out of your troublesome situation and receive good fortune. Lady Luck smiles at you and blesses you with good fortune in the waking world.

You may get into an uncomfortable work situation, but you manage to adapt quickly to the company policy. You turn your co-workers into your cooperative teammates, and they assist you with your duties. Once you manage to survive your first weeks at work, you become better at what you’re doing.

Additionally, this dream reminds you not to give up in life. Continue what you’ve started until the end. There may be struggles and challenges, but you can overcome them. Be more confident in your capabilities!

Dreaming About a Rainbow Interpretation

After a heavy rain, one can see a rainbow in the sky. It is a sign of reward after a hard day. Dreaming about it suggests that the dreamer may have challenges in life, but he will always receive benefits in the end. It represents the idea of how one’s effort lets a person get what he wants.

When you see a rainbow in your dreams, it fills you with positive feelings about the waking world. You feel like you have genuinely succeeded in your life despite the challenges and problems.

Seeing a rainbow in a dream indicates positive happenings in life after troublesome events. You may have gotten into trouble with some people. A person you have thought of as an enemy at first will become your loyal friend. An assumed horrible career choice will also become your path to greatness.

Moreover, this dream encourages you to keep moving forward in life. You will struggle and face many obstacles, but you will always get something in the end. Your efforts will not be in vain. Rewards wait for those who make efforts in life.

Dreaming About Animals in the Rain Meaning

One dreams about animals because it signifies motivation and encouragement. The dreamer may probably encounter events that inspire them to be better. It is a motivator to do his utmost best.

Your dream emphasizes that you’ll get motivated. You may receive the inspiration you need to figure out what you want to do with your life. You will meet people and face events that change your perspective in life.

In connection, your dream suggests that you will finally find your life goal. You may likely hear your parents talk about their career life, and you get inspiration to follow their chosen careers.

You may also get encouragement to create art. You like writing and painting, so your dream predicts that you’re full of inspiration. You can write your assigned articles effortlessly in the waking world.

Dreaming About a Walk in the Rain with Someone Interpretation

Some people see walking in the rain with someone as a romantic scenario. However, it has a negative connotation in the dream world. The dreamer may have gotten into a fight with his loved ones. His connection with people worsens in the waking world.

When you dream about walking in the rain with someone, it signifies a conflict in a relationship. You will quarrel with other people, and that will strain your relationships. People will misunderstand your words and actions. You won’t easily make up with them or change their perception of you.

Furthermore, your dream implies that you and your partner may break up. Your affection for each other hits a wall, and you two cannot stand being together anymore. You may also break your engagement, or your marriage life suffers from the conflict.

On the other hand, this dream also reminds you to handle your relationships with care. Remember that relationships are crucial for people to live smoothly in life.

Meaning of Dream About Holding an Umbrella When It’s Raining

When one holds an umbrella in his dream, it symbolizes protection. The dreamer uses the umbrella to block the rain from wetting his body, like how he protects himself from the world’s negativity. It implies that he has backup plans when the situation goes south.

Your dream is a good sign. It showcases that you will protect yourself in the waking world. You know how to overcome and solve your problems. You can easily handle what the world hits at you.

This dream predicts that you may have people around you when you’re in trouble. You will get assistance from your co-workers that makes your career life easier. You are not alone, and you have guidance through the path you take to your future.

Alternatively, to hold an umbrella in your dream suggests that you’re careful in life. You may buy items for protection in case of danger, and you have the habit of thinking of backup plans. When you travel on your own, you make sure to have all your necessities in your bag.

Summary of Why You Dream About Rain

Rain is not just a melodrama scenery. It has many other meanings in life, and it will predict what the future will hold for the people.

Commonly, dreams about rain mean communication with others, incoming trouble, conflict in love, new beginnings, sadness, rewards after work, and realization.

A dream does not always turn out positive in waking life. Your vision will carry out other meanings, depending on details and context. Thus, you must interpret your dreams!

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