Dreaming About Prickly Pears [5 Reasons Why]

A prickly pear, also known as a paddle cactus, is a fruit found in many different regions of the world from North America to India. Its thorns are dangerous but when it appears in dreams, this fruit is not as deadly as it looks.

Seeing a prickly pear in one’s dream may signify 1) detachment, 2) spiritual development and maturity, 3) roadblocks in life, 4) discomfort or pain, and 5) displeasure.

The appearance of a prickly pear in one’s dreams should not be seen as a cause to worry. True enough, it could indicate an issue one is facing in their life, but this is something that can be easily fixed.

Why Do People Dream of a Prickly Pear?

Prickly pear can signify a lot of things, and it is up to you which one of the following interpretations best applies to your situation in waking life.


Dreaming of a prickly pear often represents feelings of absence, distance or detachment from someone or something in one’s waking life.

Such interpretation is stronger, particularly when the dream is depressing or melancholic. Other times it can reflect feelings of bitterness, resentment, or guilt associated with the subject of one’s dream.

Possible causes of such feelings include an unstable or broken relationship, a spouse or significant other that has moved away or is unresponsive, feelings of loneliness and isolation, and hostility towards the opposite sex.

Spiritual Development and Maturity

The appearance of a prickly pear in one’s dreams is also reflective of growing spiritual development and maturation, which one may be experiencing on some level.

This implies that one is working hard to better themselves, both internally and externally, often in an unconscious manner. It is possible that one is working to open themselves up emotionally or intellectually, but also that someone else is doing the same for them, which is causing some tension in their waking life.

A prickly pear can also symbolize that one is beginning to be more open and understanding of the spiritual nature of their existence. This could be brought on by them noticing some changes in their life, such as some new behaviors or an increase in energy, which is having a positive effect on those around them. As they become more aware of this, they may become more open to these types of experiences.

A prickly pear can also be a symbol that one is initiating their own spiritual development and growth, which was not previously available to them but has now presented itself in some way. Prickly pears can highlight the idea that one needs to work towards maturation and self-improvement, and is typically a sign that one’s spiritual journey will be long, but rewarding, similar to a dream about grapes.

Roadblocks in Life

Dreaming of eating a prickly pear can be indicative of things like dead ends, obstacles, or roadblocks that one has been consciously or unconsciously putting in their own path.

In this case, the dream may be highlighting one’s inability to escape from negative thoughts and feelings which are hurting them both emotionally and physically. Dreaming of eating a prickly pear can also represent certain objectivity about an issue as if one can see something with greater clarity than if they were closer to it.

If the dream was particularly intense, then it may mean that one needs to proceed with caution because their life will be affected by whatever is causing this prickly pear dilemma. Dreaming of prickly pear fruit can mean that it is time to find other options in order to move forward.

Discomfort or Pain

When one dreams of a prickly pear, it is likely that one is feeling some type of discomfort or pain. For example, a thorn might have injured the dreamer’s skin and the fleshy texture of the fruit provides a soothing sensation to help them heal.

Another common meaning for this dream is that the dreamer is lacking in health and feels pain because of it. This might be a subconscious realization of an illness (ostensibly, prickly pear cactus can be used to make medicine). Perhaps the dreamer is also seeking soothing sensations from eating the fruit.

To dream of eating prickly pear cactus fruit indicates that you are looking for soothing sensations in your life or you are trying to forget some type of discomfort that is affecting you. This might be physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.


The prickly pear typically has an acidic taste, which can be interpreted as a sign of bitterness or displeasure in one’s life.

In a dream, if one is eating prickly pears, this might indicate that their own bitterness could be manifesting itself as irritation against another person. While this might not necessarily have a direct correlation to the fruit, it can be assumed that if one has recently been eating the fruit, their own displeasure could manifest itself in a manner such as this.

Moreover, the prickly pear’s sour taste might be regarded as a warning against having too much of acidic nature and holding onto resentful feelings for too long.

Also, the prickly pear is often associated with political matters, it might be used to reflect one’s own displeasure with such matters as well.

In some cases, this fruit has been used as a form of traditional medicine in small quantities, which might cause those who dream about it to feel that they are going through an excessive amount of stress themselves as a result of their own bitterness and displeasure. In such a case, it might be best to seek out other means of relieving the stress and anxiety that comes with this fruit in order to avoid any long-term damage that might be done as a result.

Dream About Picking Pears Meaning

When one dreams of picking pears, it could mean 1) shift, 2) temptation, 3) changes and 4) effort.

Shift: Dreaming about picking pears can represent a shift in one’s life’s focus. This dream is symbolic of the fruits that one is willing to share with others after one’s own needs have been met.

Temptation: It may also be symbolic of giving into temptation or getting caught up in distractions, but this depends on other dream symbols and the context in which the dream was had.

Changes: Dreaming of picking pears can also be a sign that one has recently changed something in their life. Perhaps they have started a new job or made an important decision that will have lasting effects on their future.

Effort: Picking pears may represent the effort one puts into getting ahead in life.

Additionally, one is able to glean an idea of what is important to them by observing which pears they choose and how they go about taking the fruit from the trees. Pear trees typically grow only a few fruits at a time, so dreams that involve multiple or even no pears can also be significant.


It can be difficult to interpret what it means when you dream about prickly pear fruit. That’s why we’ve provided a list of possible meanings for this common type of dream. You may be looking for soothing sensations in your life or trying to forget some discomfort that is affecting you. This might be physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.

The dream could also mean that your own bitterness could manifest itself as irritation against another person. The prickly pear may also represent the effort one puts into getting ahead in life and whether they have made an important decision recently which will affect their future greatly.

Dreams are powerful tools for understanding what may be troubling you in your waking life. The best way to get started interpreting dreams is by keeping a dream journal where you can jot down everything that happens at night before it’s forgotten or lost forever. It might also help if you write about any feelings of discomfort or displeasure during the day so they don’t cause problems when your brain needs time off from work.

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