Dream of Not Being Able To Speak? 5 Reasons

Each night our eyes would fail to grow heavy, and so our minds become tired and dreaming. We comfort ourselves in our bed and typically fall asleep quickly and peacefully off to dreamland.

In general, people dream about being unable to speak because of: 1) fear and anxiety; 2) repressed anger; 3) low self-esteem; 4) stress; and 5) being overwhelmed. Everybody dreams, and there is no person on earth who has not dreamt in their life.

Dreaming about being unable to speak can be scary and frustrating and may happen to anyone. But, most of the time you don’t need to worry.

5 Reasons Why Do We Have Dreams Being Able to Speak

Have you ever felt unable to speak up in your dreams? Learn more and see what it means.

1. Fear and Anxiety

Dreaming about being unable to speak represents fear and anxiety. It is a signal to take action.

Fear can engulf us and make us not move or take action. It stops us from doing something unfamiliar and perhaps making new decisions, bringing a new path, or confessing to someone who has hurt you. When we do something wrong, we regret it afterward. For instance, we fear that the friendship is over. We might also ask if it is possible to make amends with friends, family, or partners.

Not only fear but also feeling guilty can happen, creating chaos in our heads. We overthink, complicate things, and this results in anxiety. Fear affects your dreams in different ways, depending on how your body reacts to them. This is very similar to dreaming about not being able to talk.

The dream sends a signal to us to do something about it. Maybe take some steps to overcome our fear, and when we do something about it, we do not overthink. Action releases the possibility of anxiety. Anxiety can make us more paralyzed in the face of exaggerated ideas that we overthink.

When we encounter this kind of dream, it is important to know your worth in someone’s life. Talk to someone about the things that you keep to yourself. Have the courage to let your emotions speak. Reflect on the things that you needed most.

2. Repressed Anger

Dreams about being unable to speak can mean repressed anger and give some thought to releasing emotions.

Anger can be in two forms: loud and silent. Just simple, right? The loud type can be physical, verbal, and dangerous, but the silent type is hurtful, distant, and confusing. The quiet type can be hazardous as well.

Repressed emotions can affect a person’s life in the long term, and it is not suitable for the body. Anger, specifically, will affect a person’s mental state. Being unable to put out that anger or voice may also mean that the person chooses not to.

A person with repressed anger may be a person with bitterness and hate in his life. The dream indicates to the individual that it may be time to express those emotions. With repressed anger, it prohibits the person from enjoying the happy moments of life, making him stuck in that situation.

It is important to have someone to talk about with all your emotions. Through this, you will learn to express and speak more of your emotions than hide them.

3. Low Self-esteem

Dreaming about being unable to speak is a sign of low self-esteem and signals the conscious self the need of releasing limiting beliefs.

Confidence is the best asset of anyone, no doubt. Yet many struggles to be their best self. Having confidence means having inner power. No one can define you because you have your definition of yourself. Being confident in this world with extreme standards is a gift and a talent.

Low self-esteem hinders a person from being themselves and just genuinely being who they are. People can be manipulated by people around them, believing that they do not have what it takes. They are self-pitying, and they compare a lot. They often cannot voice what they need to say because they are afraid of other people’s reactions. Low self-esteem hinders them from making new decisions that can help them make new beginnings.

On another note, this may mean that an individual may shed into a new form and leave those limiting beliefs behind and be confident for who he is.

4. Stress

Dreams of being unable to speak are related to stress. The dreamer might need to pay attention to his/her health.

Every one of us reacts differently to stress. Stress alerts our body’s fight or flight system. We can choose to ignore the demands or tasks or take the challenge to meet the needs. The effects of stress may be positive or negative. Over time, it can pose a severe health problem for us.

Stress is a trigger of most health problems. If there is too much stress, a person may feel depleted, irritated, or have bad mood swings. It impacts the physical and even the mental health of an individual. Sleep is not the only option to get back the energy, as there are other things like going out with friends, having a vacation with the family, and enjoying your favorite food without distraction. The dream, in a conscious state, may alert the subconscious about stress. It may also alert the person’s body that something may be wrong or remind them that the body needs care.

The person may need a short break. After all, when we dream, we should feel relaxed because we are in an altered world or experience.

5. Being Overwhelmed

Dreaming about being unable to speak may underly that an individual is overwhelmed by recent experiences and gives an insight on the need of taking a pause.

You may have had a great day and had a lot of the upcoming events. Maybe a trip you are so excited about, or a promotion you keep on waiting for, and the decision of the higher officials is next week. You think over and over again that you may get promoted.

You may be unable to speak in your sleep as you perhaps feel the excitement of being promoted. The dream may signal you to take a pause and not overanalyze everything. This is also a message to take things slowly because you might miss important events in your life. The feeling of excitement can be overwhelming but you need to take pauses to analyze your goals.

What About Dreaming of Others Unable to Speak? Here is Why

Dreams seeing people unable to speak may mean that in reality, they cannot convincingly express their thoughts and ideas.

As if they are tongue-tied. It would also mean that they might be living with people who do not recognize their voices. With this, they are suffering in silence.

You may see a stranger or someone you know in the dream like a friend, father, mother, aunt, or sibling. It also depends on their expressions in your imagination. Take note of that. They may be screeching in pain without sound, or they may be reaching your hand even when you are far away. In this way, you may have an idea of what they do and how they feel in real life.

They may have expressed that they need help, but their actions may not be straightforward in reality. Perhaps you also may have misunderstood their ways if you knew the person you saw.

If you know who the person is, you may be able to reach them and talk to them. You may confirm the possibility that your dream is accurate, and they are hopeless in their situation. If it’s true, then you may be able to help someone in need.

Dreams of Wife/Husband/Kid Unable to Speak. What Does it Mean?

Dreams of seeing your loved one unable to speak mean that you may have hurt them and that they want to say something to you. Maybe in a fight or some sort of misunderstanding, and they cannot find the words or the time to talk to you about what happened.

Seeing this dream may also mean that your wife or husband will confess something to you. Something that they have done wrong and would like to ask for forgiveness. On the other hand, seeing your child in this kind of dream may mean that you are too hard on him because he is just a kid, and he may feel that he is a burden.

Having this kind of dream makes you analyze your relationships with your loved ones. This kind of dream may be personal because it concerns your loved ones. It makes you think about your actions to them or how you communicate and deal with this kind of relationship, such as the father-child bond, mother-child bond, and husband and wife bond.

How About Dreaming of Being Unable to Shout?

Have you experienced dreams where you are unable to shout? It feels scary, and you do not know what to do. You are in a dangerous situation in the dream, and you panic and wonder why you cannot even shout. You try with all your might, but nothing comes out.

Dreaming that you are unable to shout may mean that, in reality, you are feeling lost and depressed. You may ask for help, but you are being ignored, or you may have shut people out, so they do not know your suffering.

As you dream, it is better that you assess how you feel. You may talk to anyone you trust who can understand and listen to you. It is essential to seek help and advice. Life is too precious to waste. It is better to solve and deal with it while it is small than to have it worse. Feeling lost and depressed does not only happen to you. It happens to a lot of people.

What Does That Mean In Our Subconscious?

Dreams may not be a literal image of our reality but are representations thereof. The subconscious processes our emotions, and these emotions affect our dreams. The subconscious is where new ideas and unfamiliar thoughts are stored. The emotions that we are often afraid of expressing can be found in our dreams. We are not afraid of being judged, that is why we often dream about ourselves telling these repressed emotions.

The conscious is the state where we do things based on what we usually do, and the subconscious inserts these new thoughts into our conscious state. So when we are asleep, the subconscious takes the time to occupy our thoughts and make us wonder about things, actions, ideas, and experiences.

It may be a message or signal to the conscious state about, as aforementioned in the discussion of why we dream of being unable to speak. The reasons are rooted in fear, anger, stress, low self-esteem, and being overwhelmed. Through the subconscious we are having, the dreams signal us how to deal with the emotions and the other concerns with our inner selves.

The five things mentioned above that concern our inner self is just what the subconscious is aware of. So, when we are a busy bee in daylight, the subconscious reminds us or makes us think about our inner selves during the night.


Dreams may not be a literal image of our reality but are representations thereof. The subconscious processes, our emotions, and these emotions affect our dreams. The subconscious is where new ideas and unfamiliar thoughts are stored. The conscious is the state where we do things based on what we usually do, and the subconscious inserts these new thoughts into our conscious state. So when we are asleep, the subconscious occupies our thoughts and makes us wonder about things, actions, ideas, and experiences.

Dreams are representations of the conscious state of an individual. Dreams give us insights into how to deal with the real reasons for experiencing a plan. Through dreams, there is the possibility that we can help other people with their problems and help one another with their problems and relationships.

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