Dream About Lying Boyfriend [6 Intriguing Explanations]

Dreaming about a lying boyfriend can leave a woman going mad crazy over her man. It is just a dream, but the feeling seems so real. Should you bother?

In general, dreaming about a lying boyfriend may indicate: 1) trust issues, 2) inconsistency, 3) instinct signals, 4) betrayal, 5) codependency, and 6) being stuck in the past.

Similarly to dreaming about your boyfriend with his ex, seeing a lying boyfriend in your dream can catch you off guard. Understanding emotions and the current status of the relationship can help ease the thought.

Why Dreaming About Lying Boyfriend?

This kind of dream makes one stop and think. Do not worry because we have got this covered. Read more to find out the dream interpretations.

1. Trust Issues

Dreaming about a lying boyfriend indicates trust issues. In other words, it represents how anxious and insecure the dreamer is about the relationship. This might be triggered by actions or behavior that the dreamer’s boyfriend is different from usual.

Trust issues can be a factor in a rough relationship with your partner. Even if you feel that he is the right person, you worry that your relationship with him might be similar to the one with your ex-boyfriend.

Likewise, dreaming about your partner’s ex hints at the insecurity, doubts, and feeling worried that anything will get in the way of the relationship. For instance, having a nice dinner but seeing him texting might make you doubt your boyfriend. Then other emotions start to swell up.

You might need to communicate with your boyfriend to ease trust issues. Often, dreams like this signal the need to open up about the person’s behavior. Talk him through it. A man that is rightfully hers will take the time to make the relationship better.

The subconscious is telling you to take time off with yourself. For example, yoga or meditation classes to ease your mind are great options. You might do anything that can shrug those negative vibes off:

  • Sipping a good cup of coffee
  • Some alone time
  • Going to the beach
  • Learning a new skill
  • Vacationing in the countryside
  • Cleaning the house

2. Inconsistency

Dreaming about a lying boyfriend might signify a lack of quality time and deprivation of physical affection. It represents disappointments and unmet expectations in the relationship.

In your waking life, you or your boyfriend may be too busy with other things, or both of you show inconsistency in meeting the needs of your relationship. Your boyfriend may be too carried away with his responsibilities in his job, and he lacks time to bond with you.

Seeing such a dream indicates inconsistency and may feel a little alarming. Dreaming about a lying boyfriend or dreaming of your boyfriend flirting with another woman may represent your disappointments and lack of affection. Not only his career but also his leisure activities might take too much time away from you (such as online games, and friends). You may also be showing inconsistency, and it may also be similar reasons to his.

If, in reality, both of you show inconsistency, your relationship is on the verge and you both need to sacrifice things to save it. Talking to your partner about the issue and finding creative solutions would be the best course of action. Plan ahead of time for dates and additional time with your special someone to help her feel more cherished.

Sometimes, this dream is a sign not to allow these inconsistencies to continue ruining a good relationship. Otherwise, both may think and weigh in if they would want to continue the relationship.

3. Instinct Alert

When a person dreams about a lying boyfriend, it might be a manifestation of the dreamer’s gut feeling that the relationship is in danger. The dream might be a signal to let the gut feeling free to express itself in the dreamer’s subconscious realm of a dream.

They say that the woman’s instinct can never be false. They can sense something wrong or good, and for decades women have been known to have great intuition.

This dream could be a warning of an actual lie. It is a red flag. In any case, given, is it necessary to provide an alibi? No. The person might be hiding something. Ladies need to have their guards up.

Maybe the person may see and feel the signs even before having this dream and just ignore them. Loving a man to the moon and back may not match the feelings back to the dreamer. The mind is powerful, and it may have hit the right note to make the dreamer wonder. Gather the signs before concluding.

Listen to your intuition, and you may need to have a shred of evidence before confronting your boyfriend. A lot can happen, and both of you may try to fix the relationship or be in separate ways.

4. Betrayal

The dream gives a hint of a possible betrayal of someone close to the person. It could suggest the betrayal of a friend or family. The dream corresponds with any existing conflict or disagreement.

Dreaming about a lying boyfriend doesn’t always mean about the relationship with one’s boyfriend. There’s a chance that someone close to the dreamer is hiding something from them—your close friend or sibling, for instance. They are uncomfortable telling you the truth to protect you from the pain.

It could also be that the dreamer has a past conflict with their mother, father, sibling, or best friend. The subconscious mind signals the dreamer to face these unresolved conflicts and to re-evaluate relationships, similar to a dream about your boyfriend breaking up.

A fight that may have ensued or may later happen in waking life is a sign to look carefully at relationships a person may have. Refusing to communicate or keeping everything private will harm the relationship in the long run.

5. Codependency

Dreaming about a lying boyfriend indicates the need for the dreamer to be in a relationship. Someone who dreams about this might reflect the fear of being single or alone in life.

Dreaming about a lying boyfriend may indicate that a woman is too dependent on him. If the dreamer feels that she could not live without him and that everything she does needs his support, then that individual may have been too dependent on him.

Being codependent may give him opportunities to manipulate her. Even an independent person can lose their dependency if in a toxic relationship. If this resonates with you, and you decide to stay longer in this course, then you may find the break-up difficult.

Dreaming such may signify the need for more emotional support, which entails more time from your boyfriend. If he doesn’t meet that, then you might start a fight. Either he may control you or leave you heartbroken.

6. Stuck in the Past

Dreaming about a lying boyfriend signifies that the dreamer has not moved on from a past relationship. Having this kind of dream signals that the dreamer might need to let go of the past.

Dreaming about a lying boyfriend may be a sign that the dreamer may be stuck in the past. The attachment and heartache from the past relationship could be the reason for this dream. Problems in a past relationship may have led to this dream. You’re holding on to emotions that may affect your relationship with your current boyfriend.

Alternatively, it could be that the subconscious mind is working through some old pain that has nothing to do with the current relationship. It reminds you that you may have a good relationship with your current boyfriend and that you may need to let go of the past. You may not have had a proper closure with your ex, but you may forgive him even from afar.

Seeing such a dream means the need to let go of the memories of the past. If you still have feelings for your ex-boyfriend, you may need to validate if that reciprocates and inform your current beau of what you feel.

In this kind of situation, your emotions may not be stable. You’re hurting or hoping for something you are unsure of, which is to get back with your ex. Such a dream signifies the person to analyze the current relationship one has.

Dreaming About Mother/Father Lying Meaning

Dreaming of parents lying may mean that one may have unresolved conflicts with either mother or father. Such conflicts are usually long-lasting childhood problems.

In your waking life, what kind of relationship do you have with them? It may be cold, or you may appear happy but ignore the conflicts and not confront them.

Having this dream may be a sign of resolving grudges and conflicts with them. After all, they are still your parents. Cold relationship with them or not, holding onto those negative emotions will let you suffer in the long term.

Releasing and confronting whatever happened may result in the rekindling of your relationship with them. Resolving those conflicts may remove yourself from the burden and guilt that you may have felt.

Dreams like this will help you analyze the root cause of why you feel such emotions, reassess your actions in life, and understand more of yourself.

Why Do I Dream About A Friend Lying?

Dreaming about a friend lying may mean that the individual is struggling in reality. The friend may symbolize the dreamer and maybe struggling to make ends meet.

Dreaming about a friend lying or visions of fighting with the best friend may mean that you are struggling in your waking life. Your friend may symbolize you, and you are struggling to make ends meet. You may have been in a financial loss or a sudden heartbreak.

Dreaming about a friend lying can be a good omen. It may mean that you have the strength to pass through the difficulties you are in. This dream may also mean that you struggle to confront your old ways that need to be changed.

Dreaming that you have been lied to may mean that you have limiting beliefs preventing you from changing. You may be fully aware that you need to shed and be a new you. This may be a good start because you don’t want to be the same old you, the same old place. You are shedding light that you can do more things.

Your Son Lying to You? Here Why

Dreaming about your son lying to you may mean that the dreamer may have ignored his or her potential and goals. It represents a part of oneself that is young, carefree, and innocent.

You may have remembered your younger self claiming to have those different goals, claiming to be an engineer, astronaut, pilot, teacher, firefighter, anything you wanted to be. As you grow, you see that things may not be easy as they seem. You are facing the academics where you are required to learn and excel.

There may be some moments in your life, and you question yourself why do you do this. You may feel pointless, or you may feel that you are so far away from achieving what you want. Having all those things going in your head and with the flow of your life, you may have set aside the goals that you wanted to achieve.

You may have said to yourself that you will need to have a job and that your passion may be on your fourth or fifth in the list, or it may be on the near end of the priorities. This dream signals you that you can restart and do things you love, that your potential may still grow, and you have all the time you can have.


Our fears and worries are often reflected in our dreams, but sometimes our dreams may be telling us something else entirely. Most reasons for dreaming about a boyfriend not caring and lying to us include trust issues, inconsistency, red flags, betrayal, codependency, and being stuck in the past. This dream must have a purpose, and that reason should not be withheld from us. And we can’t only rely on our dreams and expectations. It’s just our subconscious mind sending us these cues to think about them and make better decisions in the long run. Dreams allow us to talk to ourselves and do some inner shadow work.

Dreams send a signal mostly about relationships, relationships to oneself, and relationships to others. The underlying emotions that we do not confront or the negative ones that we let rule inside are unfolded into symbols by the subconscious mind. The subconscious is responsible for daily habits, and one may often ignore feelings because one is preoccupied with the things he does during the day. So, when one sleeps, the mind plays a game inside the head. It gives us a signal to understand more of our relationships. Perhaps taking a pause to analyze your dream lets you understand the underlying message.

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