5 Reasons Why You Dream About Ivory 

Ivory is the sturdy white material from elephants’ tusks and teeth. It has no intrinsic value but because of its profitability, it is highly sought after. Likened to this, dreams about ivory may also seem trivial at first, but they may have interesting meanings.

In general, people dream about ivory because of 1) the need to be flexible, 2) the desire to be valued, 3) purity, 4) power and status, and 5) sturdiness.

Some people in real life would go to any lengths, even resorting to illegal methods, to get ivory. Though you may not be able to get one for yourself, you have here an opportunity to find out what this dream about ivory may mean for you.

Why Do You Dream About Ivory?

Dreams about ivory may suggest possible things you may have or need to have in your waking life to help you feel more secure in life.

1. Need to be Flexible

Dreaming about ivory suggests the need to be more flexible. The dreamer may need to be willing and able to adjust to changes in his waking life better.

Dreaming about ivory may appear to dreamers who are not flexible enough in their waking lives. Some people have rigid ways of thinking that don’t allow them to go anywhere or make any changes. Being flexible empowers them to carry on these changes in their lives, helping them grow and move forward. The same goes for flexible people who dream about ivory, who may need more flexibility with their thoughts and opinions in waking life.

For example, a person who dreams about ivory may find that they need to be flexible with something like time management. They might not have been setting aside the appropriate amount of time for everything they needed to get done. They could benefit from flexible time management strategies that would help them be productive with their time balances in waking life.

The need for flexibility can be applied to every aspect of the dreamer’s waking life. Anything that requires flexible thinking or flexible action is a good area to focus on when facing any changes in waking life.

2. Desire to be Valued

A desire to be valued is another reason why people dream about ivory. Perhaps the dreamer feels unappreciated by those he cares about and wants to feel valued by them.

The desire to be valued is often a desire for attention and appreciation from others. Some people realize that they value themselves too little and want more appreciation from themselves and others.

People may desire specific forms of validation, such as feeling smart or pretty. People may have this type of dream when their desire for appreciation is not being met in waking life.

Finally, the desire to feel important can be a desire for significance or recognition. When this desire is not met, people may feel insignificant or unrecognized. This desire to be valued can motivate someone until he realizes that he is already valued and appreciated, or until his desire becomes too much to handle.

3. Purity

Dreaming about ivory indicates purity, whether in motive, action, or emotional sense. The dreamer may have good intentions behind his actions, focused on helping others and putting others’ welfare first above personal interests.

This purity of motive is symbolized by the purity of the elephant tusks. The white coloration shows purity, as well as purity of heart. It also represents good intentions behind any action.

Dreaming about ivory is also associated with good intentions behind any action, purity of motive, or purity in an emotional sense when it comes to matters of the heart. For some people, dreaming about ivory can indicate that one has purity at the forefront. If you are standing on something that looks like an elephant tusk, then you are focused on purity in some way. Perhaps, prioritizing the welfare of others above yourself is your motivation for all of the things that are happening around you.

4. Power and Status

People who dream about ivory have power and status. They may be well-respected by their peers and able to get what they want with ease.

Some of the wealthiest or most influential people dream about elephants and ivory because power and status come with accolades and money. The more power, influence, and wealth a person has, the better they are treated by others; this creates an inherent cycle of power and status. Because of this power, some of the dreams about ivory may be seen as representing the power to get what they want.

Those who dream about ivory might be well-respected by their peers and able to get what they want with ease, even if the power doesn’t come naturally to them. The power of a person in a dream is often related to how much power the individual has in waking life.

Dreams about ivory should be examined carefully to determine whether power is being used for good or bad. Ivory, when it appears in a dream, may represent a power that is being used for good if the power-seeker can get what they want with ease and achieve their goals without causing harm to others. If power is being used for bad, the power-seeker may find ways to hurt and control others and make their power more obvious, or they might just lead on with power without ever taking it fully.

5. Sturdiness

Dreaming about ivory suggests sturdiness. The dreamer may have exceptional mental and emotional strength.

Ivory is very sturdy and requires a lot of work to create. In this way, dreaming about ivory suggests that the dreamer has exceptional mental strength. The mind is sturdy, which allows the person to withstand life’s problems without being easily destroyed or intimidated by them. 

Ivory also symbolizes exceptional emotional strength in a similar way. The mind may think sturdy thoughts without fear of what others will say. The person is not easily intimidated or influenced by others and does not allow emotions to overpower rationality.

The dream refers to the sturdiness of mental and emotional strength, which may be an indication of great inner strength within the dreamer. If this idea resonates with them, it may be beneficial for their future endeavors.

Dream About Killing an Elephant for Ivory Explained

Killing an elephant for ivory in a dream suggests selfishness. The dreamer may act in a way that only benefits himself and disregards the welfare of others.

This selfishness can be due to greed, lust, or envy. The dreamer may not care about tending to others because he is so engrossed with his own needs and wants. He will put himself first in this situation. It may also mean that the dreamer is selfish about his time and will waste away from laziness.

Even when the person is aware of his selfishness in waking life, he may subconsciously continue with this behavior in his dreams. This selfish act hurts people and damages relationships in real life.

It is not only the selfishness that is harmful but also the disregard for the welfare of others. When selfishness and inconsiderate behavior are combined, the consequences can be detrimental to everyone’s well-being.

Why Do You Dream About Using Ivory for Medicine?

Using ivory for medicine in a dream suggests an inability to make wise decisions in waking life. The dreamer’s judgment may be clouded or unreliable in some way.

If you dream about using ivory for medicine or any other material, it might be a sign that your reasoning in waking life is poor. Ivory for medicine suggests a lack of wisdom, and the dreamer’s future could be in jeopardy for this reason.

The use of ivory for medicine may also indicate a need to alter the way the dreamer thinks about an issue. One possibility is that there’s been a lack of objectivity in how they view a certain situation or relationship. For example, someone who dreams about this might be unable to consider the consequences of his actions. He might do something dangerous in his waking life without thinking about what could go wrong.

Why Do You Dream About an Ivory Display?

Seeing ivory displayed in a dream means being overly boastful. The dreamer may be taking pride in his accomplishments and his possessions that were achieved in the wrong ways.

Seeing ivory in a dream may be a direct reflection of the dreamer’s vanity. The display of so much ivory represents how prideful he is, as well as the amount of self-admiration that he is experiencing within his waking life.

There are certain cultures where displaying ivory could symbolize wealth, success, and power. In this case, the dreamer may have been overly bragging about something that he has achieved.

Seeing ivory in a dream can also represent past accomplishments within the dreamer’s life. The wealth and prosperity of having displayed so much ivory, however, is being carried into his current life situation. His past achievements have built up to how he perceives himself today. He may be overly boastful about his past accomplishments and this is affecting his ability to build relationships with others.

Dream About Taking an Elephant’s Tusk for Ivory Explained

Taking an elephant’s tusk for its ivory in a dream suggests demoralizing someone in waking life. The dreamer may have said hurtful words to someone that disheartened and caused that person to lose confidence in himself.

An elephant remembers things for a very long time. The dream may have highlighted the demoralizing effect of words spoken by the dreamer that may have taken a toll on someone’s confidence or demoralized him to the point that he may lose hope in trying again at something in life.

The dream may also reflect a demoralizing event in the life of someone close to the dreamer.

Summary of Dreaming About Ivory

Ivory is something precious and useful to elephants. Its value for humans is usually profit-dependent. However, dreams about ivory can be more valuable than someone would expect. This is because it may tell you about what you need to do and what you already have that works for your benefit. 

Dreams about ivory thus suggest the need to be more flexible to changes, the desire to be valued, purity, possessing power and status, and sturdiness.

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