5 Reasons Why You Dream About Healing Someone 

Not everyone has the ability, much more the knowledge to heal someone. It requires expertise, and some even say supernatural abilities, in order to save a sick person. Because not everyone can do it, some just dreamt about being able to heal someone. 

In general, people dream about healing someone because it signifies 1) protecting someone from harm, 2) reconciliation, 3) affirmation of one’s goodness, 4) letting go of guilt, and 5) assurance. 

You may not be able to really heal someone in your waking life, but what you can do is learn about what this dream may tell about your current situation in your waking life. I have compiled useful information to help you with this dream interpretation.

Why Do You Dream About Healing Someone?

Dreams about healing someone revolve around the idea of fixing and even fortifying something in waking life. Let’s take a closer look at these possible dream meanings.

1. Protecting Someone from Harm

Dreams about healing someone may suggest that the dreamer is protecting someone from harm in waking life, specifically someone who is close to his heart.

When you dream about praying for someone’s healing using any method, it suggests that the person will be protected from hardships. It indicates that the dreamer is going to help them get through illness by being there to support their mental and emotional turmoil. It could also mean that they are protecting someone from mortal danger by preventing them from doing something they may regret.

In some cases, this could also include their own well-being being at risk, as well as that of others. This means that the dreamer needs to first look after themselves before looking out for others.

2. Reconciliation

Dreaming about healing someone signifies that there is a reconciliation taking place between the dreamer and another person. They may have been in a quarrelsome disagreement for quite some time.

Healing is about restoring balance and peace to the dreamer’s inner world. The dreamer is symbolically saying he or she wants to reconcile with someone else. The dreamer and the other person may have had a fight and they are now trying to patch things up. 

Reconciliation could also mean that two friends who had a falling out have made amends and are going to be friends again. In order to maintain peace or even save the relationship, healing and reconciliation are needed.

This dream can indicate that there is an issue between you and another person in your life, usually someone close to you, that needs resolving. If the person in the dream was someone close, one must consider what happened between them to cause this rift. The act of healing like removing bandages in a dream can imply that you are willing to move forward and reconcile with the other person.

3. Affirmation of One’s Goodness

Dreams about healing someone signify an affirmation of one’s goodness. This means that the person the dreamer healed has seen the best side of him and will always stand up for him.

When we dream of healing someone, it shows that we have made a positive and lasting impact on someone and this person will always remember this. This may be seen in your act of caring for others. You are not concerned with your own goals or success but rather with helping others to achieve their goals.

This person in your waking life, who has seen your good nature, will always attest to your genuine desire to do good and will even stand up for you. This, in turn, becomes an affirmation of your goodness towards other people.

4. Letting Go of Guilt

Letting go of guilt is another reason why people dream about healing someone. The person they are healing may symbolize the past actions that they are ashamed of and the act of healing would mean letting go of the guilt and forgiving themselves.

When you are healing someone else, it is typically because you subconsciously feel guilty for some actions from your past and wish to make amends. By forgiving yourself and letting go of guilt, it may allow you to find peace within yourself.

In dreams, the people being healed are typically us in our past or could be other people depending on actions that we feel guilty for. In order to let go of guilt and forgive ourselves, we must take a look at why we feel guilty, to begin with, or which actions caused us to have this feeling. When you feel guilty, it is typically your subconscious punishing yourself for some action that you don’t want to face.

But in order to find peace, you will need to make amends with the past or learn to forgive yourself, if no amends can be made. On that note, plants in a dream are one of the most frequent symbols of healing. It means that you are ready to let go of the past, move on, and start afresh in life.

5. Assurance 

Healing someone in a dream also signifies an assurance for the dreamer. This assures the dreamer that everything will work out for the best and everything will be alright in time despite current struggles.

This is because the act of healing in a dream signifies the restoration of all things to their proper order. This is an assurance that although all will not be peachy and not what we expected at all times, it will all work out for the best and all will be alright in the end.

From a Christian perspective, this alludes to how all things are created by God to be naturally good and to work together for each other’s benefit. This assures one that even though struggles and suffering may arise, all are meant for our good. There are lessons to be learned along the way and victory is assured in the end.

Dream About Unsuccessfully Healing Someone Explained

Unsuccessfully healing someone in a dream is a reminder not to be overconfident in oneself. This is because this will lead to having an inflated ego—thinking that there is nothing or no one better than him.

In a dream, you might have been overconfident in your abilities in the field of healing. Likened by how much you put trust in your abilities and yourself in general, you may have thought that you could treat anyone and successfully heal them. 

However, in reality, this is not true—there are some people who cannot be healed despite many attempts to do so. Despite how much you view yourself as being great, you will always fall short in a certain area. Hence, when you fail to heal someone in your dream, it is just a reminder not to overvalue yourself.

For example, there are cases where you overvalue your abilities in certain situations. You thought that you knew everything about the topic at hand and even arrogantly overstepped the boundaries of someone with more experience than you. As a result of this behavior, you failed miserably—not only did you overstep the boundary, but you were also disregarded by everyone. 

This is similar to unsuccessful healing in a dream because this is overconfidence in yourself—you put so much weight on your abilities that it eventually leads to harmful consequences.

Why Do You Dream About Healing a Child?

Healing a child could mean that the dreamer is trying to heal something from his childhood that might have caused a deep-seated emotional wound until today.

​​Healing a child could also mean that the dreamer is trying to protect his inner child from being continuously hurt in some way. He might be trying to heal these plaguing issues from his childhood and wishes he could be more confident about himself.

A child is usually seen as a representation of oneself or another younger part. The dreamer might be having this dream because he wants to heal an aspect of his past. This could mean that he had a very bad experience when he was a child. This could be healing from an emotional or verbal abuse that caused sadness and anger and that can resurface in adulthood under certain circumstances.

Why Do You Dream About Healing Someone Physically Disabled?

Healing someone physically disabled in a dream means shaking someone out of their apathy. The dreamer has inspired someone who has grown apathetic about a pressing issue to take action in waking life.

The dream’s interpretation is linked to the recent stimulus from the dreamer’s daily life of giving somebody a sense of urgency and purpose. This dream could mean that one person has shaken another out of apathy. This dream highlights the fact that the dreamer has nudged his friend into taking action.

Perhaps, this is in the aspect of politics wherein a friend of yours has grown apathetic about injustice or racism. As long as someone remains apathetic about something, he will be unable to truly connect with people on a personal level. This dream could be an affirmation of how you have successfully talked your friend into being more aware of these pressing issues and helped him decide to be personally involved in responding to these issues.

Why Do You Dream About Being Healed Yourself?

People who healed themselves in a dream were previously having a hard time trying to cope with a very difficult situation in their waking life but have now found solace in someone else’s help.

Dreaming about being healed could be a metaphor for your waking life situation as someone else’s help seems to bring ease to your difficult situation. Think about how someone’s help has made your life easier because of how they helped you carry your burdens, struggles, and worries. 

This can give you insight into how someone else’s help has given you the strength to carry on and overcome your challenges. You should ask yourself how someone has given you hope or courage, and in turn, also impart that to others.

Summary of Dreaming About Healing Someone

Though dreaming about healing someone doesn’t mean that you will soon be able to do this in real life, it could give you insights into what is going on in your waking life. This dream often relates to positive reaffirmations for the things you have been doing well with.

These include protecting someone from harm, reconciling with someone after a long time, affirming your goodness towards people, letting go of guilt, and an assurance that things will work out for the best.

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