Why You Dream Of Goldfish – 5 Reasons

Goldfish are popular pets to have due to the ease of care and availability. Maybe some of us had a pet goldfish at some point in our lives. Have you ever had dreams about goldfish?

In general, a dream about goldfish is a 1) sign of good luck, 2) symbol of new beginnings or opportunities, 3) reminder to stay positive and hopeful, 4) desire for prosperity, and 5) symbol of happiness.

Who thought dreaming of a small and humble creature could mean something grand? Here is the list of interpretations you can use to understand your dreams better and assess yourselves.

Why Do I Dream of Goldfish?

What are the possible meanings behind dreams about goldfish? Take note that the goldfish in a dream could mean different things for different people.

1. Sign of Good Luck

Some believe that dreaming about goldfish may be a sign of good luck. The dreamer may be experiencing a breakthrough in his or her life.

This may be because goldfish are considered to be lucky in some cultures and thus dreaming about them could mean that you are either experiencing good luck or will experience good luck soon. 

It may be in an area of your life that you are hoping for a breakthrough and advancement. It can be in your career through the form of promotion or a breakthrough in your relationship in the form of finding new love or marriage. Whatever the case may be, the appearance of goldfish in your dream may be a sign that you are bound to experience luck on your side. 

2. New Beginnings or Opportunities

Dreams about goldfish may be a sign from the universe that a new beginning and a fresh opportunity are headed a person’s way. 

Goldfish are often looked at as symbols of luck and opportunity, which means it’s likely that good news or opportunities will surround you soon. Dreams about goldfish can also symbolize new beginnings and a fresh start in life. 

If you’ve been feeling stuck or like you’re in a rut, this dream may be a sign from the universe that it’s time for a change. Be on the lookout for new opportunities and don’t be afraid to take chances – they may lead you down an exciting new path. 

3. Reminder To Stay Positive and Hopeful

People have been known to interpret dreams about gold fish as a reminder to stay positive and hopeful. Goldfish are often seen as symbols of luck and good fortune, so dreaming about them could mean those good things are on the horizon.

Dreaming about water can also reflect how you feel emotionally during waking hours. If you are feeling weighed down by stress or negative emotions, for example, water in dreams can represent the emotional turbulence you are experiencing. Despite this, the appearance of goldfish serves as a glimmer of hope that everything will turn out fine and that this season of trials is temporary.

4. Desire For Prosperity

The dream of a goldfish may be a sign that one is longing for or desiring prosperity. 

Goldfish are a common symbol of wealth and abundance, so seeing one in your dream may be your subconscious telling you that you need to focus on increasing your income. It could be in the form of actively vying for a promotion or seeking new ways to diversify your streams of income. 

Another interpretation is that the goldfish may be a sign that you need to take better care of your finances. This can be in the way of paying off your debt or allocating more of your earnings to savings and emergency expenses. However, if your dream included losing or breaking the goldfish, this could be a warning from your subconscious that you are headed for financial trouble, similar to a dream about an octopus.

5. Symbol of Happiness

People who dream about goldfish often interpret the fish as a symbol of happiness. Goldfish are generally considered to be docile and friendly creatures, and they often appear in dreams as a sign of good news or positive change.

Goldfish can represent personal qualities such as joy, happiness, and an abundance of energy. So, if you dream of a goldfish, you may be dreaming of a time when life is full of happiness and excitement. It is also believed that dreaming of a goldfish is a sign that you are in a good place mentally and emotionally.

Dream of Saving A Goldfish Meaning

Dreams of saving a goldfish are a representation of hope and resilience. It signals the dreamer to stand up and save one’s self from all the challenges in life.

Goldfish are known for being hardy creatures that can survive in difficult conditions. When you dream of saving one, it is a representation of standing up to whatever challenge is headed your way. For this reason, saving a goldfish in your dream may reflect how you are also trying to save yourself from being overwhelmed by the challenges in life. 

It signifies that it is important to look after yourself despite the many responsibilities and duties that you may be given or have voluntarily taken.

Dream of A Goldfish Dying Meaning

Dreams of a goldfish dying may signify the fear of losing to life’s challenges. It may also reflect the dreamer’s weakening mental and emotional state.

In general, the appearance of goldfish may indicate that a season of harvest or breakthrough will come despite the turmoil we are experiencing. In contrast, when a goldfish is dying, it may be indicative of our current emotional and mental state. Our weakening mental and emotional state may be reflected in our dreams through the dying goldfish.

However, despite this being a reason for concern, this should not be a cause for panic. Maybe you need to take a rest and be reminded that work and rest are equally revered especially when the going gets tough in life.

Why Is A Goldfish Talking To Me In My Dream?

There’s no definitive answer to this question, but there are a few possible explanations. One possibility is that the goldfish is representing something or someone in life that one needs to pay attention to.

It could be a sign that you need to start listening more closely to what people are saying to you, or that there’s something you need to start paying more attention to in your own life. It can be with regards to an aspect of your life that you barely give importance to. For instance, many people take for granted their physical well-being until they get sick. Likewise, some people disregard their mental wellness until they experience some mental issues.

Another possibility is that the goldfish is trying to tell you something about a situation or problem you’re currently experiencing. It could be a warning that you need to take action and address the problem before it gets worse, or that you need to be more careful in the future.

Dream of Goldfish Breeding Meaning

Dreams about goldfish breeding may represent the exponential growth of one’s finances.

It was mentioned that a dream about goldfish may represent prosperity and happiness. Goldfish breeding may signify that you will experience a financial breakthrough and security in the process. This abundance may not be specific, however, it can also be symbolic of finding abounding contentment that transcends any surplus of resources. 

This may then be a form of self-actualization for the dreamer as it gives an insight into how he or she views fulfillment in life.


Dreaming of goldfish is closely tied to one’s luck, hope, opportunities, desire for prosperity, and happiness. 

While these all seem to be grand pursuits, it is a gentle reminder for the dreamer that they are valid and that it is okay to dream and hope for these things. In hindsight, it is better to be visionary and hopeful in life than to allow yourself to get tossed by the waves in life.

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