5 Reasons Why You Dream About Going To Prison [Breaking Bad]

The thought of going to prison can already be tormenting, especially when you think about what you may have done to deserve to be there. Have you had dreams about going to prison? If so, do you know what that might mean?

In general, dreams about going to prison can be experienced by someone because they may represent 1) a wake-up call, 2) being imprisoned from reaching goals, 3) guilt, 4) feeling trapped, and 5) losing oneself.

The article provides several examples and interpretations of dreams involving prisons that people may experience. Let’s take a closer look at these.

Why Do You Dream About Going to Prison?

Dreaming about being in prison is both a frightening and potentially life-changing experience, depending on the circumstances surrounding your imprisonment. Aside from serving as a wake-up call, there are other reasons why you might dream about it.

1. Wake-Up Call

Dreams about going to prison represent a wake-up call that one desperately needs in waking life. Perhaps it is a reminder to be more self-aware about the choices they make and to stand firm on their convictions.

Going to prison in a dream means that you feel like you are being punished for something and it is time for a wake-up call. It also means that you need to change your ways before it is too late. Everyone makes mistakes; some mistakes just require more effort in order to fix and/or get away with them.

In terms of the environment, prison dreams usually mean that you have been feeling closed off from others around you, perhaps due to your morals or values. If so, then all you need to do is pay attention to what’s going on inside your heart and mind, and to what is happening around you. You can’t fully trust yourself until both your mind and gut instinct confirm your decision.  

Since most prisons are dark, cold, and starkly barren, dreaming about going to these places also suggests that something in their lives feels like being imprisoned or entrapped. This is yet another warning for them to choose their path carefully.

2. Imprisoned from Reaching Goals

Dreaming about going to prison also represents being imprisoned for reaching goals. Perhaps there are barriers and hindrances in their waking lives that prevent them from achieving more.

This is because prison is a place where people are restricted from freely pursuing their personal goals in life. Prison in a dream could mean that there is something “imprisoning” you from reaching higher goals. Whether they’re personal or career goals, there might be internal barriers within yourself that prevent you from moving on.

The individual in this dream may feel like they are stuck or trapped in life. They feel like they are on a “dead-end” and may want to take more risks with their career in order to get ahead. 

They may not see things clearly at the moment, but when viewed objectively, it will become clear that there isn’t anything holding them back but themselves. Also, consider if you just made some bad decisions recently that caused you to hit a slump or a roadblock that prevents you from moving forward and achieving something in life.

This could also represent self-imposed limitations about what they can accomplish. The barriers preventing them from achieving success are within themselves, not outside the real world. They expect failure, so even though situations look promising, they subconsciously sabotage themselves before they get too far.

3. Guilt

Dreaming about going to prison may signify an overwhelming sense of guilt. This could stem from what they had done or failed to do in their waking life.

Dreaming about going to prison may also mean that you are feeling a sense of guilt about something and that there’s a lesson waiting for you to learn. Being caught by the police in your dream means that what you have been doing could result in you being arrested and/or being put into jail for a certain amount of time.

Perhaps you’ve done something wrong in your life and this dream is letting you know that you can repent. Or maybe, you have successfully taken responsibility for your actions and are now beginning to right old wrongs, not just for yourself but also for others.

4. Feeling Trapped

Dreaming about going to prison indicates feeling trapped. This may be caused by the burdens of responsibility or expectations that make them feel like a prisoner.

Dreaming about yourself being in prison could correlate to how you feel in your life right now. You may be feeling confined or restricted due to some responsibilities or social tasks.

Prison in a dream can also mean feeling trapped and wanting freedom from all responsibilities and burdens that you carry. For example, you may feel like a prisoner of your job because it doesn’t allow you time for yourself, making it difficult for you to focus on personal/spiritual growth. Thus, this dream could indicate that you need to take control of your life and set some boundaries.

If you dream about going to prison, it may also be a sign that you feel restricted by society’s expectations of you, the opinions of others, or even your own self-doubts and fears.

5. Losing Oneself

Dreaming about going to prison may also indicate losing oneself. This may be caused by addiction, being in an unfamiliar place, or doing a series of acts that are detrimental to one’s well-being.

Going to prison or getting caught in a dream can also mean that someone feels like they need to punish themselves. They put themselves in a ‘prison’, either through drugs or alcohol until they hit rock bottom.

The idea that dreaming about prison could also represent losing oneself may stem from the fact that this is an unknown environment with different rules than everyday life. Such unfamiliar surroundings could cause you to lose sight of your morals, values, and goals.

Dream About Going to Prison When You’re Innocent [Meaning]

Dreaming about going to prison even when innocent may signify that one has been falsely accused in waking life. This signals the dreamer to clear his name from these accusations.

This dream could mean that you feel defensive about something in your waking life.- Perhaps the way you have been feeling has led to someone else accusing you of something or showing disapproval towards you. Either way, try to make amends with them and apologize for any mistakes (real or imagined), if possible. This might help address whatever it is that’s causing conflict within yourself. 

Why Do You Dream About Escaping Prison?

Dreaming about escaping prison may indicate that the dreamer is escaping a place of bondage in waking life. This may be breaking free from debt, addiction, and unhealthy habits.

​​Dreams about escaping prison and those about being sought as a fugitive provide insight into what the dreamer is attempting to escape from. It might not be a literal interpretation, but it symbolizes a challenging or difficult situation. It may indicate that overcoming addiction or changing unhealthy habits will allow the dreamer to regain control over his life in waking life. If escaping prison is successful, it may show how the dreamer will get freedom and relief from a difficult challenge.

It can also be related to more deep-seated issues like debt and addiction. This is because addiction is rooted in personal history and identity; they can point to a hurtful childhood experience and abuse, which can lead to addiction later in life. 

The dreamer may also be escaping debt, reflecting a reduction in debt, or even repaying debt altogether. This can indicate an increase in financial stability.

Why Do You Dream About Going to Prison for Different Crimes?

Dreaming about going to prison for reasons such as 1) stealing, 2) murder, and 3) bearing false witness also provide different interpretations. They, however, all allude to something negative in waking life.

Theft: You may be guilty of stealing an idea from other people. You take credit for it and claim it as your own. 

Murder: You have cut off someone in your waking life, possibly someone even dear to you, for some selfish and petty reason.

Bearing false witness: You have a tendency to talk behind people’s backs. You fancy engaging in gossip and have become a busybody.

All of these point to an unhealthy habit or even destructive practices that you may have engaged in. This should urge you to work on changing these habits in order to grow as an individual.

Why Do You Dream About Living Comfortably in Prison?

Dreaming about living comfortably in prison may mean that the dreamer has grown complacent in waking life. This may have prevented them from leaving their comfort zones and growing as a person.

Someone who keeps having this dream may be trying to tell themselves that prison is preferable over facing the real world. They are perhaps dealing with fears, doubts, and anxiety. There might also be some other underlying self issues involved that got them to the point of feeling being imprisoned in life. 

Feeling like they are trapped could trigger feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness, making them think that they would be better off behind bars, out of sight and mind. This dream may represent an attempt by the subconscious at self-preservation because it feels like the only option left for survival is to get rid of oneself.

Summary of Why You Dream About Going to Prison

This dream is usually based on the actual experience of going to prison. If you have never experienced life in jail, then this simply means that there is an aspect of your waking life that needs further attention. Something may be limiting your freedom within your relationships, career, or finances, in some way. It also suggests that you need to be more careful in the future and make wiser decisions.

This may signify that you need to hone your ability to adjust to the negative changes that will happen. It is a sign that you can easily adapt how you respond and react to stress and negativity, both emotionally and physically.

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