5 Reasons Why You Dream About Giving Someone Money [Philanthropy]

One of the most common dream scenarios that people report is dreaming about giving someone, usually a stranger, money. In many cases, this is a fleeting image where you see yourself handing cash to somebody for no apparent reason and then the dream ends.

People may dream about giving money to someone because for them it signifies 1) selflessness, 2) a desire to be more giving, 3) feeling of guilt, 4) desire for financial stability, and 5) giving own time to other people.

As you have dreamt about giving someone money, allow me to have some of your time as we go through the possible dream interpretations of this dream.

Why Do You Dream About Giving Someone Money?

If you have had a dream in which you were literally handing out cash or giving money away in some other way, you will find here all the possible interpretations of such a dream.

1. Selflessness

Dreaming about giving someone money indicates people’s selflessness in waking life. Perhaps they tend to look after other people first more than they do with themselves. 

If they are giving money away in dreams, they typically put other people first, as can be seen through their compassionate behavior. They often look after other people’s needs more than their own. Giving money in dreams is a representation of how they look after and care for others.

People who are giving money away in their dreams typically don’t want anything in return. They care less about materialistic objects and more about helping others and making a difference through service and kindness. Dreams of generosity often present themselves in the form of money, because we equate wealth with selflessness. It is common for people to think that those who do not own much or have little wealth are generous with what they have. Those who give freely without expecting something in return tend to beat those who expect to receive back riches or gifts.

This can be seen as a positive thing, as some people might see someone who looks after others more than themselves as selfless. However, rather than just thinking of selflessly giving money to other people, perhaps this dream is actually suggesting that the person needs to take care of themselves first before taking care of someone else and it’s time for them to stop placing everyone’s needs before their own.

2. Desire to be More Giving

Dreaming about giving someone money represents the desire to be more giving. This may be because they have a tendency to become tight-fisted and suspicious in their waking lives before deciding to help.

Similarly to dreaming about finding money, if you are not particularly giving during waking hours, you may dream about giving money to other people due to a subconscious desire to care for others.

This is because helping other people gives our lives meaning and helps us feel like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. People who volunteer to help others have a higher sense of well-being than those who don’t, so it’s reasonable to say that giving feels good.

Have you been considering ways in which you can help somebody out? You might not be certain how or when this will happen, but dreams about donating clothes, money, or food may indicate that you are preparing yourself to make a significant gesture towards someone else. 

This could be an individual who lives next door, your children, or even those whom you don’t know personally. It could also point towards other noble actions such as volunteering or money to charity through work, church, or other groups.

3. Feeling Guilt

Dreaming about giving someone money may signify a feeling of guilt. Perhaps they had done something they deeply regret and they are looking for ways to make amends for it.

This may be your way to seek atonement and make amends. Have you done something which has hurt somebody recently? Perhaps there was a hasty decision that you instantly regretted, perhaps it was an action prompted by desperation or anger, or maybe it was an action that you knew would cause someone pain but you felt powerless to stop yourself from carrying it out. 

If this is the case, then, your dream could be trying to convey the message that there are things in life where money alone can’t compensate for what you have done. You might feel remorseful over how much damage your actions have caused and also fearful that if you don’t put things right, then it will taint your conscience forever. It may simply show that you need to take some time out either literally or psychologically to reflect on the impact of your actions and to know how you can make amends.

4. Desire for Financial Stability

Dreaming about giving someone money indicates a desire for financial stability. This may be because they are currently going through a rough patch with their finances and making ends meet.

Just like dreaming about receiving money, which could be a desire to have more financial stability often promises future security. This is especially common when giving large amounts of cash or expensive items.

When we suffer financial problems, it often manifests itself as anxiety during our waking life and can surface within our dreams as well. If you regularly experience these sorts of dreams, it could point towards real concerns over financial pressures, debts, or lack of funds. If the dream is particularly vivid, then it may well be a sign that you should take some action to resolve any financial worries as soon as possible before they cast a dark cloud over your waking life, similar to a dream about losing a purse.

5. Giving Time to People

Dreaming about giving someone money can be representative of giving time to other people. This can be a metaphor for being generous with the dreamer’s own time.

It is important to understand the symbolism behind dreaming about helping someone. If you gave someone money in your dream, this could be symbolic of the time you are putting into them. This could mean that you are willing to give up your own resources for their benefit, or that you are trying to help them achieve something they want.

Dreaming about giving someone money can signify genuine action, but it may not always be viewed as such. If someone has been taking from you and not returning what you deserve, dreams about someone asking for money can represent the opposite.

If the person who was always taking from you suddenly gives you money in a dream, this can indicate that they feel guilty for how they have treated and spent their time with you. Or perhaps, unconsciously, they realize that they were wrong to take advantage of everyone around them and now want to give back by being generous with their time.

Why Do You Dream About Not Having Anything to Give?

Dreaming about not having anything to give may be an indication of the need to put self first before other people. It is important to prioritize one’s self first before tending to others’ needs.

This may be an indication that people who have this kind of dream feel unworthy of giving care because they cannot even take care of themselves. In such cases, these dreams may be a sign to put themselves first before attending too much to other people’s requests.

It is important for people to prioritize themselves before they can tend to others’ needs, whether it be giving attention or material things.

Why Do You Dream About Giving Away Fake Money?

Giving away fake money in a dream may mean that the dreamer is a deeply secretive or distrusting person who avoids sharing who they are and what they have with the people around them. This dream may be an encouragement for people to be more open to allowing people in their lives.

If one is giving away fake money, it could be a way of blocking out their true feelings and emotions. They may have so much going on inside that they feel the need to put up a front. This is a way for them to relate to people without actually being themselves with those people. 

This may also be a sign that the individual feels as though they are not deserving of quality relationships in their real lives. They may have been hurt too many times before by those who they considered close and now find it hard to trust anyone anymore.

Why Do You Dream About Giving Money to Your Enemy?

Dreaming about giving money to an enemy means that they have already moved on from the negative feelings they have for that person and that they are now trying to reach out to start anew.

If the beneficiary of your generosity is an enemy, then giving them money signifies that you are overcome with good feelings for this person.

​​If the dream was sparked by having to work with the person again, then it is possible that they are trying to reach out after being distant for some time. If this happens often in one’s life, then it may be a signal to try to finally clear the air sooner rather than later. This could also be an indicator of hesitation toward reaching out because even though the actions are taking place in dream states, there is still a completed action of making the effort. 

Why Do You Dream About Having Your Money Stolen?

Dreaming about having their money stolen may indicate the need to protect their peace, resources, and security from people who mean to harm and manipulate them in waking life.

The dreamer may feel that they are lacking some form of security in their waking life. This may urge you to protect what you have from people who may be out to take them from you.

One symbol that is commonly related to dreaming about having money stolen is security or protection. Therefore, when dreaming about having one’s money stolen, it may indicate that they are lacking in some area of life where they feel safe or secure. It could point to them feeling insecure physically in their waking life with regard to resources (food supply), safety (dangerous neighborhoods or objects left out that may attract criminals), or peace (feeling attacked verbally by others or paranoid about others’ intentions).

Summary of Dreaming About Giving Money to Someone

Dreaming about giving someone money is one of the most common dream themes there is. There are several possible reasons and interpretations why you had such a dream, depending on the context of the situation in your waking life that prompted this particular type of dream.

This dream can signify your selfless nature, your desire to be more giving, possible feelings of guilt, desire for financial stability, and giving your time to other people.

As with many other symbols, finding out what the act of giving means, emotionally rather than literally, may well help you to understand why you dream of such.

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