5 Reasons Why You Dream About Gaining Weight [Fattened Up]

Most people dread gaining weight in real life, so to have a dream about it is double the frustration. As much as I don’t want you to feel bad, the meanings below need your prompt reflection.

In general, people dream about gaining weight because of 1) taking on more responsibilities, 2) lack of self-esteem, 3) procrastination, 4) self-preservation, and 5) harboring anger. In some cases, the weight gain in the dream may represent other people’s expectations or the dreamer’s personal issues.

Just thinking about gaining weight can make us conscious of how we look. Hopefully, after reading through this guide, you will also be conscious of the possible interpretations this dream may have in your waking life.

Why Do You Dream About Gaining Weight?

Most dreams about gaining weight manifest the dreamer’s self-perception. Let’s take a look at these meanings.

1. Taking on More Responsibilities

People who dream about gaining weight may be taking on more responsibilities in their waking life. These new responsibilities, however, may be weighing down on them and are starting to become a burden.

People gain weight in a dream because they may have taken on new projects at work or even taken the role of “house mom” to tend to children they now help care for. They may be finding themselves in unfamiliar territory as they take on new duties, and these responsibilities may be weighing them down and becoming a burden.

As you probably know, taking on too many responsibilities at once can make it hard to manage all the tasks you have on your plate. Sometimes, taking on too much can cause anxiety and nervousness because you start to feel like there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done.

Since dreams about gaining weight reflect an overwhelming feeling of taking on more responsibilities that may be weighing down people in their waking life, it’s important to start taking action in order to get the balance right again.

2. Lacking Self-Esteem

Gaining weight in a dream suggests that the dreamer is lacking self-esteem. Perhaps harsh criticism from other people on how he looks has negatively affected how he perceives himself.

Dreaming about gaining weight can be interpreted as symbolic of feelings of inadequacy or lack of self-esteem. People suffering from low self-esteem often fear criticism.

Gaining weight in a dream can be a subconscious act of protection against harsh criticism. It is quite common for people suffering from low self-esteem to manifest this emotion through dreams about gaining weight. 

The dream indicates their wish to deflect attention away from themselves and onto another object of focus. But this excess weight that they may be taking in may symbolize their insecurities and anxieties building up, becoming more apparent than ever.

3. Procrastination

Procrastination is another reason why people dream about gaining weight. These people may have put off accomplishing urgent tasks that now piled up. Hence, the dreamer is encouraged to work on them to achieve the freedom to do other things.  

Procrastination refers to delaying or putting off tasks. People who procrastinate might not be able to accomplish all the important things in life. 

Many people dream about gaining weight when they end up delaying urgent tasks until they pile up. Many of these dreams likely reflect their real-life desire and even desperation for getting rid of stress, gaining motivation, and accomplishing tasks.

Similar to the weight you may have gained in the dream, dreaming about a sloth may portend to tasks and activities you may have set aside that began to pile up. This excess weight or baggage may need to be trimmed down so it won’t hinder your freedom to do other things in life. 

4. Self-Preservation

Dreaming about gaining weight indicates self-preservation. The dreamer may have been trying to keep himself safe from harm or losing something that is important to him at all costs.

The notion of protecting oneself is usually an instinctive feeling. As such, it may be experienced as a sensation or urge that suggests protecting oneself from harm. This can be either physical or psychological harm as they are both equivalent in terms of protecting one’s mind and spirit. 

For instance, if you dream about gaining weight, you might have an urge to gather more power or influence in some area of your life. This way, you will protect yourself from being dominated by someone else’s strength. You may be protecting yourself against negative emotions that are overwhelming, which is why you dream about gaining weight to push the feelings away. 

Figuratively speaking, the additional weight or sometimes layers of fat you gained in your dream may be similar to the measures you take to protect yourself from getting hurt or losing something important to you like your privacy or reputation, more like a dream about sweets.

5. Harboring Anger 

People who dream about gaining weight may have been harboring anger towards someone in their waking life. They may need to let go and forgive in order to gain peace and prevent themselves from bottling up these unhealthy feelings inside.

Eating uncontrollably, at first, may not have apparent effects immediately as with harboring anger towards another person. However, sooner or later, this anger that you nurture within yourself can manifest outwardly when it bottles up and suddenly bursts. 

When we harbor anger towards someone in our waking life, it can be carried over into our dreams and manifested as symbolism. Dreams about gaining weight may indicate that the dreamer is harboring feelings of anger or aggression towards a specific person or situation where they feels like they aren’t being treated fairly.

The need to forgive and let go is about more than just the people who harbor anger towards us, but also for our own mental health. This is easier said than done because sometimes we may need to harbor feelings of anger and aggression towards someone in order to get through a tough situation. 

However harboring these feelings can lead to resentment and stress, so it’s important that we let go and forgive when we find ourselves harboring feelings of anger towards a certain person or situation.

Dream About Someone Else Gaining Weight Meaning

Dreaming about someone else gaining weight suggests that the dreamer needs to reach out to this person in waking life. This person who gained weight must have been struggling alone and it would be of great help if the dreamer extended a helping hand.

We tend to carry the burdens of others in our dreams. This dream may be telling you to help the person who gained weight in your dream. It may be an indication of your empathy towards him/her and how much you are willing to be involved in solving their problems.

There are different ways of carrying someone else’s burden. Sometimes we may give somebody a ride to where they want to go or lend them money because they need help. 

Other examples include taking responsibility for somebody else’s mistake or talking somebody out of taking an action you know is not correct for them because it would be detrimental to their well-being.

Dream About Weight Loss, Explained

In a dream, weight loss generally means shaving off unnecessary load or weight in the dreamer’s waking life. This could be unrealistic expectations and unresolved issues.

We are often so focused on holding onto certain ideas about ourselves, other people, or situations that we refuse to let go of them. These unresolved issues can weigh us down and cause stress in our waking lives. 

Mentally letting go of these issues is an important step towards attaining happiness in life, but it’s also a challenge because letting go requires letting go of control. In a dream, letting go of these issues or ideas can take the form of weight loss.

In order to let go, we have to be able to think about ourselves and our lives objectively and not let our subjective emotions cloud our judgment.

Dreaming About Weighing Yourself Meaning

Weighing oneself in a dream suggests that the dreamer is too concerned about what people can offer to him and how he can benefit from them. Instead, the dreamer should also think more about what he can do to help other people.

A dream about weighing oneself is an example of counter-ego dreams. This means that you need to try to keep your ego in check or you try to understand other people by using them as a mirror. 

If you are having this type of dream then you should question yourself if you are giving enough to other people, because you should realize that you exist in a community with other people. In order to have a sense of self, you need to also think about what you can do for others since you are not alone.

That being said, you should try and look at all aspects of yourself when you are weighing yourself in your dream because this is an objective way of seeing how you feel, mentally and physically, without the influence of your ego.

Dreaming About Struggling to Lose Weight Interpretation

Struggling to lose weight in a dream suggests stagnancy in waking life. The dreamer may have been struggling to make progress in an area of his life that he is slowly growing apathetic.

This dream occurs when there is something stagnant in the dreamer’s life (see ‘Dreams About Mold‘). Dreams are brilliant at showing you the areas of your life that need attention. It may show that the issue is coming to a head and needs to be dealt with through action or risk being left stagnant forever.

Perhaps the dreamer might be frustrated with his current position at work for years, or with his troubled relationship with peers or family.

One way to break out of this stagnant situation would be to try a new approach in life or just explore other options. Maybe he lacks motivation and does not know where to begin, but a new approach could give him the boost that he needs.

Summary of Dreaming About Gaining Weight

In waking life, gaining weight shouldn’t be seen as necessarily a bad thing. Taking in a couple of pounds will not change who you are as a person. But in dreams, gaining weight can be an avenue to gain invaluable insight into how you are doing currently and if you need to change anything.

Most of the time, this dream suggests taking on more responsibilities, lack of self-esteem, procrastination, self-preservation, and even harboring anger towards someone in waking life.

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