5 Reasons Why You Dream About Fish 

Some of us dream of having the ability to breathe and explore the vast underwater world like the fish in the sea. Ever wondered what it would mean to dream about fish?

In general, people dream about fish because it signifies 1) foreshadowing of important news, 2) desire for acceptance, 3) hiding of emotions, 4) need to go with the flow, and 5) desire to go and get something.

Does this sound fishy to you? Continue reading and explore the possible dream interpretations of seeing fish.

Why Do You Dream About Fish?

Foreshadowing of important news is one of the most common interpretations of this dream. Let’s take a closer look at the other possible meanings.

1. Foreshadowing of Important News

Dreaming about fish may be a foreshadowing of important news coming to the dreamer. This may be a sign or confirmation for the things that they have been hoping for for a long time.

Some people believe that dreams about fish are a sign from God and a manifestation of important news that you will be receiving soon. Likened to finally catching a fish in a vast sea, it is a sign of an answered prayer that you have been waiting for. This could be a promotion you are hoping for, a positive result on a pregnancy test, or even an acceptance of your love towards a special someone.

Regardless of the reason for dreaming about fish, it may signify something positive happening in your life soon. This change or movement can be a momentous one, possibly having the capacity to impact your life immensely.

2. Desire for Acceptance

Dreaming about fish may signify a desire for acceptance. This sought-after approval and acceptance may come from their respected peers, family, and love interest.

Whether you’re chasing after the respect and approval of your peers at school or work, looking up to earn the respect and admiration of your family members, or trying to gain the approval of your romantic interest, it’s important to remember that this desire for acceptance might happen more frequently than you think. In hindsight, when it comes down to it, we all desire acceptance in some way or another.

Many people who dream about fish might be subconsciously thinking that their peers are giving them approval or that they have been accepted into a group of friends or family. These dreams do not typically indicate whether the desire for approval is warranted or valid; they simply show that it is wanted at all costs. If you find yourself dreaming about fish and feeling as though you don’t want to let these people down, consider how you could turn this approval into something more meaningful than just social approval. 

3. Hiding Emotions

Dreaming about fish may be an indication that one is hiding his emotions. This is because the dreamer may not be comfortable showing his struggles and is afraid that revealing his true self will scare away the people he holds dear.

Although you are often very happy-go-lucky or laidback, you may be struggling with life and is too afraid to let anyone know. By hiding how you truly feel on the inside, you prevent yourself from connecting and attaching to other people. At the same time, putting up walls between you and others prevents you from getting hurt by them. This is a very protective mechanism some people turn to when they are struggling with emotional turmoil.

If you have been hiding your pain from others, it may be time to open up and be honest about what goes on inside. By being more authentic, you will feel better able to detach yourself from the negativity that has been holding you back. You deserve to be happy and be accepted for who you truly are, by those who matter most! See also “dreaming about fried fish

4. Need to Go With the Flow

Dreaming about fish may suggest the need to go with the flow. The dreamer may be struggling in the waking life that he needs to extend grace for himself and go with the flow, similar to a dream about swallowing fish

Some traits are more likely to be dreamt of during times of stress. For example, if you were frustrated or angry during your day, it is more likely that you will dream about fish because they are associated with grace and flow. Instead of resisting struggles in real life, you may just go with the flow to maintain a sound state of mind. 

Moreover, when you dream of whales, a dream like this may be telling you that your life needs more fluidity, flexibility, and adaptability so it can move with greater ease and encounter less resistance each day, much like schools of fish swimming together. The dream might suggest that you need to go with the flow, especially if some aspect of your life is unforgiving, rigid, or stuck.

5. Desire to Go and Get

Dreaming about fish may show a desire to go after things and get them. Perhaps they have been meaning to pursue something or someone for a long time.

Dreams about fish heads often represent a need or desire for something you have to go after and get. Going out and getting what you desire is always step one towards realizing your heart’s desire.

It can be easy to forget our desires and lose sight of them entirely, but this dream reminds us that we do have desires and we should go after them before it’s too late. Thus, if a fish is swimming in a dream, it may be a desire to “go and get”. It can represent the need for clarity of mind and decisive action. 

Why Do You Dream About Cooking Fish?

Dreaming about cooking fish may indicate good social relations. It can also mean that the dreamer is making a positive influence on their relationships. 

When you dream about cooking fish, it can be an indication that good things will come to your relationships. You are nurturing healthy relations with others and these will continue to grow into the future. It can also suggest that you are helping others grow healthy relationships with other people. You might be someone who helps friends stay on the right path.

If you’re struggling to find good social relations in real life, it’s possible that this one dream could signify what type of healthy relationship-building activity will help improve it (such as inviting friends over for dinner). If healthy relationships are already well established in waking life, this dream might suggest stability in your relationship in the future.

Why Do You Dream About Catching Fish?

Dreaming about catching fish may indicate people experiencing success in several areas of their lives, including love and career. 

The word “catch”, in this instance, is more closely linked with success or achievement rather than literally capturing the fish. Dreaming about catching fish can indicate that they are going to have increased success in promotion, relationships, and financial ventures.

In terms of promotion, dreaming about fishing interpretation suggests that this is likely to happen within the next few months. It might not happen overnight but it is certainly on the horizon for them, especially if they haven’t received some luck recently with a promotion at work or school! Also known as career advancement, their promotion will be welcomed by colleagues and superiors alike as they are very dependable workers who can always be relied on to step up when required. When the promotion is on the cards, dreaming about catching fish may indicate that they will be invited to a promotion party and will stand out from the crowd with their work ethic and professionalism.

The dream symbol of fish can also relate to the fact that there could be increased opportunities for them in relationships or an increased interest in them as shown by others. This comes down to an issue of reciprocation; if it exists already then this may well develop even further over time, but if it doesn’t exist now then it will certainly happen at some point in the future! For those who are single, dreaming about catching fish could indicate that their social life is going to pick up soon in the sense that they will be able to meet new people.

Why Do You Dream About a Dying Fish?

Dreaming about a dying fish may signify dying relationships and friendships due to falling out because of jealousy.

It might be a sign that relationships and friendships are weakening. This could be caused by one person’s jealousy or by a falling-out between the people involved.

It can also be viewed as losing hope in a friendship because one has realized that there is no possibility for reconciliation. When dreaming about a dead fish floating on top of the water, it can mean that the both of you are drifting away from each other. 

Why Do You Dream About Being Surrounded by Fish?

Dreaming about being surrounded by fish may be an indication that the dreamers are being surrounded by people interested in pursuing them but cannot make up their mind on whether to entertain or turn them down.

To dream that you are surrounded by fish that glide denotes that you will be much sought after by lovers who are wealthy and congenial but whom you cannot esteem sincerely. You will be flattered by their attentions, but will neither repulse nor encourage them. 

This goes without saying that dreaming about being surrounded by fish in your dream entails happiness and good luck in your affairs while having an abundance of options. 

Summary of Dreaming About Fish

A dream about fish may be a sign that you need to listen to your intuition or feelings more, as they will help you make better decisions. 

If this dream was particularly vivid, then a situation from your waking life might be leaving you questioning what to do next. Perhaps, it is time to let go of and pursue something you want, stop hiding your emotions, extend grace to yourself, allow your true self to be accepted by the people who care about you, or just simply receive important information with composure and humility so that you can move forward with your life.

Dreams about fish usually relate to either intuition or emotions and the way that they work together.

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