5 Reasons Why You Dream About Fighting With Father [Feud]

If you live with your parents, fighting with them is an inevitable occurrence in your lifetime. It can be frustrating and emotionally taxing. Have you ever wondered what it could mean when you dream about fighting your father?

In general, people dream about fighting with their father because it may signify 1) desire for approval, 2) frustration at the inability to express feelings, 3) fear of a domineering parent, 4) desire to resolve negative feelings, and 5) frustration at the rules imposed by society. 

Let’s take a closer look at these possible interpretations of this dream.

Why Do You Dream About Fighting With Father?

Dreaming about fighting with their father may be an unconscious desire for approval from their father. Along with this, here are other possible dream interpretations of fighting with their father.

1. Desire for Approval

People who dream of having a fight with their father may be desiring approval from them. It may also signify a fear of disapproval from their father.

Fighting with one’s father in a dream can represent the desire for approval. This may reflect the subconscious realization that one’s father exerts considerable influence over how people view us, and thus played an important role in determining one’s self-image. 

One may unconsciously be trying to fulfill this need through an increased desire to seek out situations where they are likely to receive their fathers’ approving glances, either by increasing their proximity to their father or seeking opportunities where they are more likely to win his favor over someone else.

It may also represent fear of the disapproval of one’s father. This can be a direct result of feeling unable to live up to his standards or failing to gain his approval. The dreamer fears that he won’t succeed in achieving his desires and it will manifest in reality. 

2. Frustration at Inability to Express Feelings

Dreaming about fighting with their father may signify people’s frustration at their inability to express feelings. This may be repressed feelings of anger or dissatisfaction.

Fighting with one’s father in a dream can indicate that the dreamer is frustrated at being unable to express his feelings properly. Individuals who are not able to communicate their needs or make themselves heard by others may begin to feel angry, and this anger could be reflected through the aggression that they display towards their father in the dream. This could be because they feel that their father is the person who could understand them most in their waking life.

In some cases, individuals may dream about fighting with their father because they are working through repressed feelings of anger that they have towards this individual. This can be a result of feelings that they were not able to express while the father was alive. They feel like it is safer for them to experience these emotions within the context of a dream since the consequences are less severe than in reality.  It may also be due to a feeling of dissatisfaction with how their relationship stood at its end rather than throughout most of their lives together.

Other individuals may dream about fighting with their fathers simply because they feel intense hatred towards this individual. This can stem from having had a bad relationship with one’s father throughout most of their lives, or even feeling that the parent was responsible for inflicting some form of abuse upon them.

3. Fear of a Domineering Parent

Dreaming about fighting with their father may represent a fear of a domineering parent in their waking lives. This may signify a desire for independence from them.

In some cases, dreaming about fighting with one’s father may represent fear of being dominated by a  parent. This can be a result of witnessing incidents in which one or both parents have acted abusively towards children when they were not able to play according to the strict rules set by them. In such cases, it may then become natural for individuals to envision themselves as having been victimized in this manner when they imagine themselves fighting with their fathers within a dream scenario. 

Another possible reason why someone might dream about fighting their father is because of the desire to become more independent and autonomous from parental authority. One reason for this is the realization that one’s father is getting older, which can trigger fears of losing him or being dependent on him. A subtler form of this may be triggered by feelings of boredom stemming from living at home after graduating college, which can lead some people to begin exploring increased independence through new friendships or romantic relationships that are different from what they are used to.

4. Desire to Resolve Negative Feelings

Dreaming about fighting with their father may represent a desire to resolve negative feelings. This may stem from deep-seated issues they have with their father or a loved one.

Another possible explanation is that this dream reflects the desire to resolve long-standing conflicts and resentments we may feel toward our fathers, who were usually the people we depended on and looked up to when we made the transition from childhood to adulthood. A common reason for this tension during puberty is a lack of communication, in which one party feels they are not being listened to or taken seriously. For example, teen boys often disregard their fathers’ advice because it does not align with what they see as cool or socially acceptable in their peer group. This lack of mutual understanding can create unresolved tension between father and son even after they have grown up. Another source of resentment toward one’s father is a perceived lack of proper care or concern, which can occur if one’s father was absent for an extended period of time due to work or military service.

Dreaming about fighting with one’s father can thus represent a long-standing desire for resolution of the negative feelings that have built up over the years without making peace. By envisioning oneself verbally assaulting their father in their dream, one can symbolically express how they feel he has wronged them while also allowing themselves to release these pent-up emotions so that they are no longer negatively affecting them psychologically.

This interpretation can also be applied to more general desires for resolution of any kind of tension, especially with regard to past events or relationships where one may have felt hurt, wronged, or have become the victim of some form of injustice,  in which they are still harboring bitter feelings.

5. Frustration at Rules Imposed by Society

Dreaming about fighting with their father can signify frustration at the rule imposed by a figure of authority in their lives or the society in general.

Dreaming about fighting with one’s father can also reflect feelings of frustration at being forced to follow certain rules within society. These norms are likely defined and dictated by older men in positions of authority. This can be due to feelings of being unable to live up to these expectations or being held back by the fact that their father did not fulfill his potential in life.

Dream About Fighting With Dead Father Meaning

Dreaming about fighting with their dead father may represent unresolved issues that need to be addressed. This may also refer to past emotional wounds that they need to heal from.

In general, dreaming about fighting with their dead father may represent a longing for a lost relationship to be restored or it may be a way to reconcile unresolved issues before they can move on from the loss of that person.

Maybe it’s time to take a look at why this happened. Often, when we dream about our deceased loved ones, there is symbolism involved that tells us that something is either emotionally or psychologically significant. The first question you might ask yourself is: what was my relationship like with my father? Was he good and supportive of me? And now that he has passed away, why am I not feeling anything? You also have to ask yourself if there were some unresolved issues between the two of you before his passing. And if it is normal for you to dream about him this way if he were still alive.

Why Do You Dream About Not Speaking With Your Father?

Dreaming about not speaking with their father may mean that they have unresolved issues with them that need to be addressed. It could also signify a falling out in their relationship.

This is because the father symbolizes our strength, security, guidance, and authority. Therefore, if this person does not speak to his father in dreams, it implies that he is lacking these qualities in real life. To dream of speaking with one’s father signifies a lasting expression of love between parent and child. 

If you are struggling to communicate with your father in real life, dreaming about not speaking may suggest that you have pre-existing issues regarding parental authority or other unresolved issues that need attention.

Dream About Angry Father Meaning

Dreaming about an angry father may mean that they tend to avoid confrontations in real life. Perhaps they are easily frustrated yet unable to express themselves.

Some people interpret a dream about an angry father as a sign that the dreamer is “easily frustrated” and sidesteps confrontation in order to keep the peace. They may feel like their words cannot be heard, and even when it appears otherwise, they often suppress what they want to say. 

These feelings can create anxiety regarding communication with others. In such cases, dreaming about an angry father could point to difficulty communicating one’s own needs and confronting stressful situations.

Dream About Hurting Father Meaning

Dreaming about hurting their father may signify a family dynamic that needs to be addressed and changed in order to improve their relationship and avoid falling out.

Dreams in which people are hurt by someone they love or trust are the most common type of “nightmare.” It could be a sign that there is some kind of stress occurring within the family dynamic. Perhaps, the child’s father isn’t home enough because he works too many hours, or spends so much time at work that his presence at home is almost nonexistent.

Or perhaps the relationship between the parent and child has deteriorated to such an extent that whenever they speak with one another there is tension in their voices—and, therefore, the child may dream about saying or doing something to their father that would hurt him.

Summary of Dreaming About Fighting With a Father

Dreaming about fighting with your father can be a scary experience. It is very important to remember that in most cases, dreams are not literal; they often symbolize what is going on inside of you or even around you. Dreaming about fighting with your Dad means that you are experiencing conflict over control in some area of your life.

It can also reflect power struggles, both physical and emotional. It is wise to think about the surrounding details and what the characters in the dream said to each other. You may just need more time on your own or a bit more independence.

Examining your typical reactions to conflict and considering how these relate to the dream may also be helpful when trying to understand this common dream. 

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