Dream About Fighting With Your Best Friend- Here’s Why!

They say a best friend sometimes sticks closer than a brother or a sister. Most, if not all, have someone whom they call their best friend. Have you ever wondered what it would mean to dream about fighting with your best friend?

In general, people may dream about fighting with their best friend because it signifies their 1) loss of interest and fear of commitment, 2) feeling of betrayal, 3) affirmation of closeness, 4) unexpressed anger or aggression, and 5) guilt.

Many people dream of having fights with their friends, but what they don’t realize is that most of these dreams are actually about your own feelings, not really who you’re fighting with. Let’s take a closer look at these possible dream interpretations.

Why Do You Dream About Fighting Your Best Friend?

Dreaming about fighting with your best friend can mean loss of interest and fear of commitment. Along with this, here are some of the other possible interpretations of this dream.

1. Loss of Interest and Fear of Commitment

Fighting with a best friend in a dream may mean that the dreamer has lost interest in the relationship. This may also signify a fear of commitment and the tendency to give up on a relationship. 

This shows that the dreamer is tired of the relationship or has lost complete interest in it. You might have been bored with your friends, outgrown them, or reached a point where you feel disdain for each other. 

However, this dream could also indicate fear of commitment, especially if one person gives up on the fight. This symbolizes an unwillingness to take responsibility for problems in the relationship, which typically leads to its dissolution. 

Also, the idea of giving up on a relationship could point toward an unwillingness to deal with problems or changes within it. When you are unaware of or deliberately ignoring faults in your relationship, it’s only a matter of time until things go downhill for good. 

This climaxes when people resort to giving up, which indicates they have finally realized that their best friend is no longer the same person they once knew and loved.

Alternatively, this dream could point toward self-fulfillment and independence. Instead of trying to work out your relationship with your best friend, you may have taken matters into your own hands by ending things on your own terms. 

This is likely the case if both people give up during the fight or if one party throws in the towel first. Unfortunately, this only further draws each other apart instead of bringing them closer together, as friends should be doing.

2. Feeling Betrayed

Dreaming about fighting with a best friend may suggest that the dreamer feels betrayed by someone he holds dear. This may be a person who has provided support in the past or someone the dreamer has trusted wholeheartedly. 

The dreamer may be feeling that someone in his life is no longer loyal and has betrayed his trust. It may also include feelings of betrayal from someone supportive in the past. 

These dreams about fighting your loved ones are common in cases where the dreamer feels betrayed by someone they love, especially if this is related to infidelity, family disputes, or some other form of disloyalty. 

The dreamer’s friend symbolizes the trusted friend in real life who has let them down. This can come as a shock when they discover the truth because previous interactions with this person have always been positive and trustworthy.

Dreaming about fighting one’s best friend suggests that there is tension between the two people, which has led to an argument or disagreement over something serious. However, when they are awakened from their sleep, they will often come to realize how much they care for this person and eventually brush the disagreement under the carpet, just like a dream about a black canal.

3. Affirmation of Closeness

Dreaming about fighting one’s best friend can sometimes mean affirmation of closeness. This may be a test of how much their relationship means to each other.

You could want to test – or truly know – how much your relationship means to each other. If one person starts fighting another person they care deeply about, it proves their resolve toward them, because no matter what happens during the fight, they would not stop caring. This very act shows vulnerability on the part of the fighter, who is often left exposed at their most defenseless.

It would take a lot of trust to open up like that, which is why this act could also be an affirmation of the closeness you have with your best friend.

The reason for having the dream may have nothing at all to do with trying to test how much their relationship means to each other. The fight may just happen in the course of the dream or it might not even occur within one’s imagination at all.

Once again, however, there are often underlying emotions at play when people dream about fighting someone. An angry argument between friends is never something enjoyable or pleasant, so the feelings that come up during this sort of event are usually very strong ones that can’t be ignored.

4. Unexpressed Anger or Aggression

Dreaming about fighting with a best friend can also signify unexpressed anger and aggression. This may be a safe way to vent pent-up frustration to that person in a safe environment.

You may be angry with your friends for not being there when you needed them, or for other reasons you could think of. You could have wanted to hit them before but never got the chance, so now that they are out of reach, you let all that rage loose.

It’s a fantasy situation, where you think it’s okay to be aggressive. It may seem a little irrational given that fighting your friend is not going to solve any of your problems or fix them in the first place, but this demonstrates how much stress and frustration you have at the moment.

One way to cope with this kind of feeling is to talk about it with your best friend. Even though you will probably feel guilty for letting out all the aggression towards them, if they are truly your best friends, they won’t judge or hate you for it. 

5. Guilt

Dreaming about fighting with a best friend can also suggest a feeling of guilt over something the dreamer has done. This is more of an expression of frustration and hostility to oneself instead of towards another person.

Instead of expressing hostility toward someone else, it’s possible that this is directed at yourself. It could symbolize guilt over something you’ve done, overwhelming feelings about life, or feelings of inadequacy. 

People who have dreams like this often feel guilty when they discover that it was actually just a dream; they cannot believe that they would participate in such brutal behavior towards someone whom they care so much for. However, these dreams can act as signposts, pointing out areas where further personal development is needed, such as trustworthiness and loyalty. 

These dreams also show the dreamer how important it is to always treat their friends with kindness and respect because, in reality, they would not wish for any harm to come to them.

Why Do You Dream About Fighting With an Old Friend?

Dreaming about fighting with an old friend means that the dreamer has some unresolved issues with that person. Both of them need some closure or reconciliation regarding a conflict they had in the past.

Many people dream of fighting with old friends or acquaintances. Many times, dreaming of fighting is representative of unresolved conflicts between the dreamer and someone else. It could be within the dreamer’s waking life or even something that he experienced in a previous lifetime.

Dreaming about an old friend may also indicate that you need some closure or reconciliation regarding a conflict you had in the past. Perhaps you never had “the talk” after your friendship abruptly ended. Maybe there was no good way to end things, but now would be a good time to let yourself feel what you need to feel about this person so that you can heal any remaining wounds and move on with your life.

Why Do You Dream About Fighting With a Family Member?

Fighting with a family member in a dream may suggest the need to resolve a growing family problem. It is of utmost importance to take immediate action to remedy this situation.

​​Fighting in a dream with a family member may be a symbol of internal or external problems in the family system. An analysis of the content, nature, and intensity of the fight is very important in understanding the full impact it has on resolving interpersonal relationship issues. 

In order to know what this means, one must find out about their personal associations with people with whom they have been fighting when they were young or even when they were already adults.

The most important thing one can learn from dreams about fighting with a family member like your father or mother, is the reason behind it and how it can be resolved so as not to affect the relationship. 

Sleeping and dreaming about fighting with the family might suggest that unresolved anger towards them still exists even though you cannot remember the reason why you are angry in the first place. This can be a sign that the relationship is becoming increasingly untenable and it is time to sit down and work out what happened in order to resolve the issue once and for all.

Why Do You Dream About Winning a Fight With Your Best Friend?

Winning a fight against a best friend in a dream means that the dreamer is prideful and controlling of the friendship. This would mean that they need to be more compassionate and sensitive.

In a dream, winning a fight against one’s best friend is an indication of the dreamer being prideful and controlling in their friendship. They may be acting as though this person owes them something or that they can push them around with no consequences. 

This would also suggest that there might be some underlying issues going on between the two friends. If this is not addressed, it can erode the relationship until there isn’t much left to salvage. In most cases, however, waking up from such a dream means that they need to look at themselves and reflect upon how they are participating in their friendships with others. 

Instead of being prideful and needing control, ask yourself if you’re showing compassion for your fellow human beings. Do you believe that people are inherently good, or do you think everyone is out there to manipulate each other? Do you believe that people should be allowed to make their own choices in life or are you trying to influence them with your own decisions for them? Being honest with yourself will tell you how best to move forward.

Why Do You Dream About Losing a Fight With Your Best Friend?

Losing a fight against a best friend, on the other hand, suggests that the dreamer is easily swayed and controlled in a relationship. This means that he needs to be more assertive and to stand on his convictions firmly.

People who are on the passive end of arguments tend to be people-pleasers and often avoid confrontation. They might go against their own feelings in order to make someone else happy. These types of people can often be manipulated easily since they won’t assert themselves enough to set boundaries with others. It is important for them to learn how to step up and fight for what they want in order to live a fulfilling life.

If they continue being pushed around by others, they may begin to feel victimized or become weak, which will have negative effects on any relationship that they are involved in. This means that it is best for them to develop confidence early on so that they don’t get walked all over later in life. They must always remember their own feelings and what they deserve in a relationship, and demand for it.

Summary of Dream About Fighting With Your Best Friend

Dreaming about fighting your best friend may or may not be related to some kind of hostile feelings towards this person, but it is recommended to consider the reason behind this dream symbol in order to make sense of what is going on with your relationship.

People often dream about fighting their friends as a coping mechanism when their real-life friendships start getting too intense. This is because they need to find a way to deal with the stress that comes from being around someone so close.  

Dreams like this can also indicate that the dreamer might be having difficulty expressing themselves. If they’re not comfortable letting others know what they want, it’s likely that they need to take some time for introspection and find out where these feelings are coming from. 

Find some time during the day when they can be alone and contemplate their relationships with the people around them. This doesn’t have to be a sad thing; once they discover why they feel so out of control, they can take steps to improve their lives and become more assertive.

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