6 Reasons Why You Dream of Bugs Under the Skin [Bug Attack]

Dreaming of bugs under the skin feels like a nightmare but knowing the reasons why you had it can actually help you shake off your real worries. Bugs symbolize plenty of things so read on because a bug attack means more than what you think it is.

Dreaming about bugs under the skin may symbolize 1) overwhelming or uncontrollable things, 2) anxiety and paranoia, 3) constant thoughts about bugs, 4) violation of boundaries, 5) delusional infestation and 6) stress.

Dreams can be a reflection of the things we want to see and the things we would rather not see. Bugs under the skin belong to the latter, for sure, but you shouldn’t be scared because of the following reasons.

Why Do People Dream About Bugs Under the Skin?

Bugs are normally found in the ground, crawling on dirt or the soil. In dreams, however, you might find them crawling elsewhere – sometimes even under your skin.

Overwhelming or Uncontrollable Things

The bug in one’s dream may symbolize something that’s overwhelming or uncontrollable. Usually, the dream is associated with something that one would want to get rid of. It can be an addiction, bad habit, fear, sorrow, or loss.

The condition sometimes is related to “imagos”, images derived from experience, for instance, when one was overwhelmed and attempted to control their environment as a means of survival. These images may derive from a time in childhood when one was incapable of dealing with the situation.

If the person has an insect phobia, dreaming about bugs under fingernails or under your skin would be associated with fear and dread. When such occurs, ask for dream analysis to find out what it means. If there is no history of such fears but dreams show bugs as such, then one is likely to ask for help from those that may be able to help with whatever the source of relevant fear or dread. This might be friends or family or a coach or physician.

Anxiety and Paranoia

Bugs crawling on the body may be a sign of feeling anxious and paranoid, and therefore bugs under the skin would represent anxiety and paranoia as well – the dreamer may feel as if everything is out to get them.

The crawling bugs may also represent the fear that the dreamer is being watched. They keep looking around because they feel everyone is watching their every move.This means that no one will ever leave them alone.

This fear of being watched can be linked to paranoia – the feeling that someone or something is out to get you and there’s no escape.

The bugs may also be a symbol of the fear of being corrupted by something or someone – these fears are typical of paranoia.

The bugs under the skin may represent feelings of embarrassment or guilt which is one of the most common emotions associated with anxiety and paranoia, especially if there is nakedness involved as well.

Nakedness can remind people that they have nothing to hide and nothing to be embarrassed about, but when they feel anxious or paranoid, their feelings of nakedness tend to accentuate the problem.

Constant Thoughts About Bugs

People may also dream of bugs under the skin because they’re thinking about it – just like when one can’t stop repeating a word or phrase over and over in their head, they keep noticing that they keep thinking about it, and that’s why they dream about it.

For example, let’s say that a person thought about bugs when they went to sleep and had a dream about bugs in their bed. Late at night, after waking up and going back to bed, the person thinks about bugs again before falling asleep. Thus, bugs appear in dreams again because they keep thinking about them all day long.

Ways to prevent bug dreams include 1) having some knowledge about what dreams are and 2) not constantly thinking about bugs. If a person constantly thinks about bugs, it’s also possible that they’ll dream about them.

For example, when one gets the information that they shouldn’t constantly think and obsess over something, and instead let go of having anything in their mind all the time (or just don’t pay attention to certain things), they may not dream about bugs anymore.

Violation of Boundaries

The skin is symbolic of one’s boundaries, and dreaming about bugs under the skin would be a representation of an unacceptable violation of these boundaries. It can also reflect feelings of being violated, humiliated or taken advantage of. This dream would be a way to express these feelings in a symbolic manner.

It is possible that feeling this way may have been caused by someone else who broke an established boundary without any consideration for the dreamer and their needs. It is important to consider the details of the dream to help determine this.

Dreams like these may also be expressions of one’s own lack of respect and consideration for one’s own boundaries and how it can lead to feelings of guilt further down the road.

Dreaming about bugs under one’s skin can also indicate feelings of guilt after breaking someone else’s boundaries or disregarding their well-being when it should have been taken into consideration.

Delusional Infestation

Dreaming of bugs under the skin could be a sign of parasitosis or delusional infestation. This happens when one believes that things are crawling on them but they are really nonexistent.

People with delusional infestation may dream about something crawling under their skin and this often wakes them up. They may feel like their skin is crawling and itching which makes the idea of going back to sleep seem impossible.

It is not exactly clear why people with delusional infestation dream about bugs under their skin. One explanation is that these dreams may happen because of the way a person’s mind might be working when they are in a state of sleep paralysis.

This occurs when a person wakes up but they cannot move or talk for a few moments. It could be the person’s mind is misinterpreting the dream as a real experience of bugs under their skin.


Dreams about bugs under the skin may also occur because a person is stressed out and has a lot on their mind. It’s like when one is always thinking of something, they can’t stop themselves from keeping that thought in their mind all the time, even when they’re asleep.

As a result, whenever a person wakes up from a nightmare, not only have they been dreaming of something that was scary or horrific, but they’ve also been preoccupied with other thoughts.

One article suggests that the bugs under the skin dream are more common in women than it is in men. It’s easier for stress to build up in women because they’re more likely to get involved in many different things throughout the day.

For example, similar to the interpretation of dreams about a ladybug, a woman might be working at their job during the day, and then when they get home from work, they will cook dinner and take care of their children. It’s no wonder that women tend to have these dreams more than men because there is so much on their minds that they can’t stop thinking about.

It’s also common for the bugs under the skin dream to occur in children, especially in young kids who are learning how to deal with being away from their parents. There is a great difference between having your mother or father around while you are trying to fall asleep at night and then suddenly being by yourself in your room.

It can be scary for a child because it’s just him or her alone without anyone to comfort him or her. A parent is also not there to tell him or her that things will be okay, so the kid starts worrying about what might happen when they sleep alone.

Dreaming About Bugs in the Ear? Why?

Dreaming about bugs in the ear might mean 1) anxiety, 2) feeling trapped and 3) negative self-perception


Dreaming about bugs in the ear is often a result of anxiety.

This simple phobia can take form in dreams as well. An individual might find themselves nervous about insects crawling on them and inside their body (such as an ear). In such dreams, it is common for the dreamer to try to kill the bug or try to scream for help.

Feeling Trapped

Dreaming about bugs in the ear may symbolize that one is feeling overwhelmed or that one feels trapped.

Moreover, dreaming about bugs could also be a place to work through one’s fears in the safety of their own mind. The dreamer might even be at fault for creating this situation for themselves and is now looking for a way out.

Negative Self-Perception

In a dream, a bug in the ear would be a representation of being overwhelmed with negative feelings or thoughts about oneself.

In a Freudian context, the interpretation of dreams involving bugs in the ear would be different. The concept here is that the subconscious is trying to tell the dreamer something about themselves, but because it’s being filtered through symbolism they have to decode it. In these cases, dreams featuring ears symbolize receptiveness or a lack thereof. Bugs could represent a feeling about something that the dreamer is refusing to confront.

Dream About Bugs in Food Explained

A person will usually experience a dream about bugs in food when they are going through some sort of transition. The most common reason for this is a new diet or lifestyle change which includes changing food brands.


People who have been consuming processed food and lots of sugar tend to have dreams about bugs in food because the switch to a healthy diet is new to the person’s body.

Their diets have not been healthy before this point, so the body has become accustomed to the chemicals and such. When this type of person starts to clean up their diet, they will dream about food with bugs in it because the body is not used to healthy ingredients and natural sugars at first, so it reacts weirdly.

New Brand of Food

Buying food from a new grocery store or dealing with a new brand for the first time can also trigger dreams about bugs in food because it takes time for the body to adjust.

The person’s body and brain do not recognize the ingredients and chemicals that go into that type of food, so it seems unfamiliar and strange to them.

While most people find their dreams about bugs in food unpleasant, they’re not necessarily bad for you. They just mean that your body is going through a lot of changes that you’re not used to, and it’s going to take some time for your mind and body to adjust. The good news is that once the body adjusts to the cleaner diet, these dreams will stop.

Dream About Spitting Out Bugs Interpretation

Dreaming about being bitten or spitting out bugs could mean 1) feeling threatened, and 2) feeling manipulated.

Feeling Threatened

If one dreams of being bitten by a bug or spitting out bugs, it can therefore symbolize feeling threatened.

To understand the symbolism of dreaming about bugs, consider what bugs are and their place in nature. Bugs are an important part of the natural food chain. They play a vital role in controlling pest populations. However, not all bugs are beneficial. Some have venom that can cause illness or even death if it is accidentally spitting into human tissue.

To dream of poisonous bugs can reflect a fear of something poisonous in one’s life and to dream of beneficial bugs may represent healthy growth and development.

  1. Harmful Bugs: To spit out harmful or dangerous creatures such as venomous arachnids or insects that sting, bite or carry disease suggests feelings about the negativity in the dreamer’s life. They want to rid themselves of something that poisons their thoughts and feelings or offends them in some way.
  2. Beneficial Bugs: On the other hand, if one dreams about spitting out beneficial bugs such as ants or ladybugs it can signify a desire for growing and developing in a positive direction. Beneficial bugs shed their skin when they grow larger and this is often associated with positive growth and development.

Feeling Manipulated

Conversely, spitting out a bug could also reflect the dreamer’s feelings about being manipulated, imposed upon, or forced into something that is not of their own choice.

The dreamer may find himself or herself in a situation that is beyond his or her control. Perhaps, in waking life, the person experiences unpleasant circumstances where his or her opinions are ignored.

Dream About Maggots Meaning

There are many potential reasons why people dream about maggots, including subconscious thoughts or desires they may have. Their appearance in dreams could mean feelings of 1) unwelcoming and 2) worthlessness or it may symbolize 3) disease and 4) struggle.

The most common dreams with this subject involve them crawling on one’s body. Others find their bodies infested with the creatures after waking up from a dream, which can be very startling and alarming.

  1. Unwelcoming: Dreaming about maggots in one’s bed can indicate that there isn’t any room for new people in one’s life. Maybe someone recently moved on or out of their life, and they are still experiencing the effects of their departure.
  2. Worthlessness: Maggots could also be a sign that the dreamer is feeling “worthless.” They may feel like no one would ever want to be near them because they’re just so gross and awful. That seems overwhelming and difficult, but it’s also possible that these feelings could lead to something great—if they can use them as motivation to make themselves better.
  3. Disease: Maggots can also symbolize disease; this is especially common when one dreams about worms under the skin or sees them crawling on their body. They may signal to the dreamer that they are not taking care of themselves and that something within their physical being has been infested with a sickness of some kind.
  4. Struggle: Dreaming about maggots can be a sign that one is harboring an internal struggle between the unresolved ugliness within themselves, and their desire to make themselves better for others or for themselves.


Dreams about bugs can reflect anxiety, fear or stress that one is feeling. After all, having a dream where there are bugs under your skin can make your heart race and leave an impression on the mind.

This type of dream often triggers feelings of discomfort but they aren’t necessarily bad dreams. Sometimes it’s just your mind trying to work through some issues. If you’re not experiencing any negative feelings when you dream about these pests, then it’s probably nothing more than your mind trying to process some new thoughts or worries that are making you feel uneasy.

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