The Boy in Your Dreams [7 Reasons Why You Dream of Him]

Have you ever wondered why you saw a boy in your dreams? He could be someone you know, perhaps a friend or a family member. He could even be a total stranger. This dream might appear random to you, but there’s actually more to this than just a nightly vision.

People dream about boys because they might represent 1) unresolved issues with someone, 2) feeling attraction to someone, 3) male side, 4) neglected family members, 5) someone close, 6) hidden fears, and 7) ideal partner.

It is fairly common for a boy to appear in our dreams from time to time. It is best not to take these dreams for granted though, there might be deeper messages involved.

Why Do People Dream About a Boy?

A boy appearing in your dreams may represent a lot of things. Below are some of the most common explanations for this dream.

Unresolved Issues With Someone

If the boy in the person’s dreams is someone they know, they may have unresolved issues with the boy in their waking life.

The most common reason for someone dreaming of unresolved issues with someone they know is that they are experiencing problems in waking life with that person. These dreams are most common when people feel that there is some kind of argument that has left things unsettled.

This is because, during the day, thoughts and feelings can build up inside of people without being expressed. These unspoken thoughts and feelings can, as well as manifest in dreams by taking the form of a person they know.

People who experience this type of dream should try to resolve any issues with the person as soon as possible; it is likely that the unresolved issues will appear again in future dreams if they are not resolved. See also “dream about being a boy


The dreamer may dream of a boy when they are attracted to them and are working out feelings during dreaming hours. Though dreams of a boy can symbolize many things, dreams about attraction are often focused on the idea that the dreamer is attracted to the boy in some way.

It’s common to dream of a person when the dreamer is attracted to them. This is especially true if the dreamer is not in touch with their emotions and doesn’t feel comfortable discussing her attraction or desires openly.

When one dreams about a boy it’s possible the boy in one’s dream is someone they know or someone you don’t. It doesn’t matter if this is actually any of these people in real life because dreams are not like reality.

Dreams are really reflections of one’s inner feelings about things that happen to them. So, for example, if one meets a guy, and they’re really attracted to them, their dream may very well be about that.

Male Side

The boy in one’s dreams could be one’s animus or the male aspect of a person (even female). The boy in the dreams may represent an aspect the dreamer needs to face about themselves.

One may have a strong animus if they are constantly surrounded by male friends or have very masculine interests. The presence of an animus doesn’t mean that the dreamer is male, but instead, means that there is a certain level of strength in their male energy. An animus can be represented by any man in the dreamer’s life, such as a romantic interest or an antagonist.

One way of coming to terms with one’s animus is individuation. Individuation in this context refers to the psychic process by which a person becomes an individual, and also completely separate from their collective psyche. When the dreamer realizes that they are not just their own unique self but also their own unique individual, sharing certain traits with all other people, they can come to understand both themselves and others better.

Neglected Family Member

The boy one dreamed about could represent a family member who they’ve been neglecting, such as a relative they have not heard of for a while or who has passed away or is not doing well.

When people dream about boys, the boy may not necessarily represent a specific person, but could represent someone they care about i.e.; their son, brother, etc. The boy in one’s dreams does not always have to be someone close to them; it could also represent someone they’ve just met or don’t know that well.

It’s not unusual for people to dream about a boy for several nights in a row; this can be due to the fact that one has been neglecting someone close to them and it’s bothering them, so their subconscious mind may be playing out differently scenarios of how things could have gone if they had been there for the person.

Someone Close

The boy in one’s dreams may be someone they are close to, who is emotionally supportive. For example, if someone dreamed of their lover (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband/wife), this might represent some sort of emotional support.

Dreaming of boys can symbolize other people close to the dreamer in waking life. For instance, if one were dreaming about their best friend’s son or the son of their parent’s friends, it may represent the emotional support that this person provides, or it can symbolize one’s desire to be supported.

The dreaming mind is quite imaginative and may use a male figure as a symbol for someone close to the dreamer. If one is having dreams of boys, it could be because they are concerned about the welfare of someone close to them.

Hidden Fears

The boy in one’s dreams could represent the “shadow” of the dreamer like the repressed unconscious aspect of the self.

The boy, as a living being or a memory of a living being that is important to the dreamer, could represent a part of the self that has been rejected by the ego. The shadow is usually “what remains hidden from oneself and others”.

The boy could also represent an unconscious fear related to the dreamer’s own sexuality. Conversely, it may indicate that some aspect of the dreamer is being rejected by others. The boy in one’s dreams could also symbolize a part of oneself that needs to be addressed and integrated into the self.

Ideal Partner

The boy in one’s dream may be a projection of one’s ideal partner. This is not limited to heterosexual partners. One’s mind may be projecting an image of the person who one believes would make the ideal partner, regardless of whether it is a different gender.

A boy may reflect the dreamer’s physical type or characteristics that the dreamer finds attractive. For example, if one has black hair and blue eyes, one may find other people who have these features to be more ideal. Another reason for dreaming of a boy is if one feels like being intimate with another man; this may indicate bisexual tendencies.

Dreams of a boy often reflect one’s feelings for their best friend or an idealization of them as they are usually more emotional and intense than dreaming about girls, who may be seen as just good friends.

Dream About a Boy You Used to Like? Why?

There are many reasons for dreaming about a boy one used to like. For example, dreams can be a way of processing memories from the past and they may also help people deal with emotions from their current lives. When one dreams of something it usually carries some importance in their waking life that is often hidden in the symbolism of the dream.

Dreams about a boy you used to like can also be related to emotions that are still present, but not conscious to the dreamer. Oftentimes when one thinks about people, their thoughts will generate feelings that are linked with them. When these thoughts are negative they may be viewed as dreams where something is “haunting” the dreamer.

The boy one used to like may also be a symbol for something in one’s life that one has unresolved feelings about or that needs closure (i.e., relationships, past decisions, etc). Thus, thinking of this person could end up causing stress and anxiety. Dreams can provide people with an outlet where they can safely experience these emotions without actually being in the situation.

Dream About Having a Boyfriend Meaning

Just as dreams about dating, dreams about having a boyfriend are quite common. They’re dreams when you want something but don’t actually have it.

Other common explanations for this type of dream include:

  1. Opening Up: For some people, dreaming about having a boyfriend means they need to open up more in their love life or relationships.
  2. Fear: To others, it’s the exact opposite; dreaming of having a significant other reflects their fear of becoming romantically involved with someone.
  3. Content: Dreams about having a boyfriend can also mean that the dreamer’s social life is now content. They are well-liked by the people around them and they enjoy spending time with the dreamer.
  4. Single: It could also reflect the fact that the dreamer has recently become single or divorced, so the dream is giving them subconscious support to feel confident in their situation.
  5. Bad Treatment: If someone has a partner that they feel is treating them badly, this can create dreams about having a boyfriend.
  6. Unresolved: If someone has unresolved feelings for an ex-partner and the relationship did not work out, then dreaming of having a significant other can be a sign that their dream self is telling you to give it another chance.

Dream About an Islamic Boy? Interpretation

Dreams about boys can have several potential meanings. The most common of these is the prophetic meaning, but people may also be interested in learning what their own personal meaning for this boy, in particular, might be.

For example, some believe that if one dream about a boy and the boy in their dream is non-Muslim, then this simply means that one needs to be more accepting of others. However, if the boy is Muslim then it means that the dreamer needs to rely more on themselves for support (of either worldly or religious matters).

Attraction: Dreams about boys also often represent people whom the dreamer feel are their sons, or to whom they are attracted. It is also common that boys represent the qualities of life that one desires but doesn’t have. For example, if one dreams about a boy who is strong and independent, this may mean that you feel your life lacks these qualities.

Desire: However, considering the second school of thought regarding dreams about boys (i.e., that the person whom the boy represents may be the dreamer), this last interpretation of dreams about boys can also mean that one desires to adopt these positive traits.

Dreaming About a Little Boy Explained

Why do people dream about a little boy? The first explanation is that the little boy represents something from one’s childhood, be it a memory or even a specific person – someone who perhaps had a big impact on one’s life while you were growing up.

When people dream about a little boy, it could mean that they are looking back fondly on their childhood memories – perhaps even happier times in general. This doesn’t mean that something is wrong with their life – sometimes just thinking about the good old days can lift your spirits and make you smile.

Another explanation is that the little boy is a representation of the dreamer’s inner child. Some people feel like their inner child was taken away by time. There could be many reasons for this, but whatever it is that’s making the dreamer feel this way, their inner child may be trying to let them know that there are brighter days ahead – every cloud has a silver lining.


Dreams about boys can be a reflection of the dreamer’s feelings for someone close to them. Whether they are having dreams because they miss their son, or feel like being intimate with another man; it is important not to neglect those who love you and support you in waking life.

If this sounds like something that might relate to you, then we would recommend taking some time out of your busy schedule and reconnecting with those people who mean the most to you.

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