Avoiding Your Ex in Dreams? The 5 Reasons Why

We’ve all had dreams about our ex. Dreaming about our ex can either be a positive or negative thing. Sometimes we may dream about talking to them again, but other times we may also dream about avoiding them. Why is this so?

People dream about avoiding their ex because of 1) their ex was neglectful, 2) there is an inner desire of moving on, 3) guilty feeling, 4) way of dealing with loss, and 5) presence of possible unresolved feelings.

Remnants of the past sometimes show up in dreams. Memories of an ex might still pop up in our dreams from time to time.

Why Do People Dream About Avoiding an Ex?

Dreaming of avoiding an ex might occur often or once in a while. Whatever the case may be, it is worth noting that there could be profound meanings behind avoiding someone in a dream.

Neglectful Ex

A person may dream about avoiding their ex when their ex is abusive or neglectful. This is a natural coping mechanism that may appear frequently in dreams after a person separates from their abusive partner.

In a dream, a person may find themselves hiding from – or avoiding – an ex who is making their life difficult or causing them to feel unsafe. This may be a result of the subconscious effort to protect its owner from further emotional trauma.

Often the dreamer will wake up feeling relieved that they have been able to avoid contact with their abusive ex, even if it is only in their dreams. Dreams of ignoring your ex are a sign the person is beginning to heal emotionally after ending or separating from their abusive partner.

Sign of Moving On

If a person dreams about avoiding an ex, it could mean they are ready to move on from that relationship and want to avoid any potential pain from the past. In a Freudian sense, dreams of avoiding an ex could be interpreted as a sign of moving on and looking toward the future.

However, dreaming about what their ex was like originally can be seen as reminiscing, but this may sting or cause sadness. When someone has gotten over their former partner and desires to move on in their life, one way this can be expressed is through a dream about my ex. This is the easiest way for a person to process their feelings and memories about someone they used to be so close to, but now are ready to let go of.

Guilty Feeling

The person may feel guilty for the breakup and dreaming of avoidance means they feel empathy towards the other person or even a way to avoid guilt and sadness.

A dream about avoiding the ex may be the dreamer’s way of avoiding their own emotions, guilt or sadness. This is emotionally healthy in that they are not running away from themselves regarding this situation, but it also shows that they are feeling empathy towards their former partner.

There is no right or wrong in dreaming about any particular subject in a dream. Dreaming about the ex for a second time may be a dream of avoidance. However, after reflection on this dream it may show that you have empathy towards the other person and don’t want to avoid your true feelings.

Way of Dealing with Loss

Dreams about avoiding an ex can be a way to deal with loss, so one may want to avoid thinking about the pain of losing someone. People often dream about people that they care for, and it is common to dream about those who have recently left. This can be a way of coming to terms with loss before moving towards something new.

Breaking up with someone is often difficult, and it can bring about a number of different emotions. Sometimes people may be relieved, but regretting the decision is also common. Losing someone who was once important to us can bring up sadness, anger, guilt, or any other range of painful emotions.

The dreams are likely to be influenced by the things that one associates with their ex. These could be places, words, or specific people that remind one of their ex. If one is not ready to face these feelings yet, it is possible that dreams about avoiding an ex may occur.

Unresolved Feelings

When people have dreams about avoiding their ex, it could be a sign of unresolved feelings. A dream can help someone ‘process’ what’s going on in their waking life.

For many people who experience this, this dream represents the desire to not face the truth or reality in waking life. This can also serve as an act of defense mechanism – a way for them to protect themselves from getting hurt again because they are deep in the thought that their ex is still in love with them or that it may be better not to go back because they might get hurt.

However, before making such a conclusion, it is important for individuals to examine what led to the end of the relationship and why it never fully worked out. If there are unresolved feelings, then this could serve as a reflection of what they are truly feeling and thinking during their waking hours.

Dreaming About Ex Even Though You’re Over Him? Why?

Typically, when a person dreams about an ex even though they are over him, it is because there are some unresolved issues in the relationship that have not been dealt with despite what the dreamer believes. Through dreams, unresolved issues are brought to the surface where they can be dealt with in a more positive way.

On average people dream about an ex several times before they begin to truly move on. Once these “stuck” emotions are processed through dreams, most people begin having only a few dreams about their ex each year, and those who do continue dreaming about them usually experience less overall anxiety surrounding the breakup.

Most people have feelings of guilt, anger or sadness after breaking up with someone they love. The intensity of these feelings can be so high that they are sometimes hard to control. Consequently, it is common for people to dream about their ex in an attempt to deal with the intensity of their emotions.

Dream About Someone Avoiding Eye Contact Meaning

People sometimes have dreams about someone with who they are interacting or are aware of avoiding eye contact. It can be interpreted as 1) someone has ill intent towards the dreamer or 2) no comfortable in the relationship.

Ill intent: For instance, some people interpret dreams that involve someone avoiding eye contact with them as a possible message or warning that there is someone who has ill intent towards them. When this happens, people often dream about the person actually looking away from them when they are trying to make eye contact during their waking hours.

Relationship: Some other people interpret this type of dream as something having to do with the fact that they aren’t feeling comfortable or secure in a relationship. Similarly to dreaming about seeing your partner with his or her ex, people may feel as though they are being cheated on when they see dreams of their partner avoiding eye contact with them. This is why some therapists suggest that dream interpretation involves the idea of looking at things from two different angles.

Dream About Hiding From Someone Interpretation

In most cases, those who dream of hiding from someone are trying to avoid confrontation or an unpleasant conversation.

It is possible that their subconscious mind feels as if they are doing something wrong and are being reprimanded for it. However, in some cases, this dream can be so frightening that the individual awakens feeling alarmed.

One reason why people have dreams about hiding from someone is that they are feeling overwhelmed. Their subconscious mind creates this dream to warn them about external stressors that are weighing down on their emotional state. They may feel as if life is spinning out of control and they would like nothing more than to crawl back into the womb-like safety of their shell.

This dream is not necessarily about the person that is being hidden from, but it can be about something else that needs to be dealt with. Whatever the issue may be, this dream provides a temporary escape until the individual feels as if they are mentally prepared to face whatever has been haunting them in their waking life.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About an Ex

The spiritual meaning of dreaming about an ex is a message from your spirit or higher self. In dreams, an ex may appear as a friend or foe, but always there is a very deep spiritual significance to the appearance of this type of dream.

In dreams about an ex, it may mean that you are still connected to that person on a very deep and profound level and it is up to you, through your interpretation of the dream, to divine the reason for this connection.

  1. Premonition: This type of dream can also be considered a symbolic representation or warning about the past repeating itself; perhaps there was unfinished business between you and this person.
  2. Attached:– This may be based on the idea that you are still emotionally attached to someone who is not in your life anymore, yet this connection has never been severed.
  3. Astral Projection: The other interpretation of this type of dream could be that you are having an out-of-body experience. Perhaps you are simply observing yourself in this scenario.
  4. Emotions: There is also the possibility that something else has displaced your real feelings into a dream about an ex. Along these same lines it may be that your dreams are “mirroring” your current life experiences where you need to deal with these emotions or feelings.


It is important for those who have dreams about their ex to examine what led to the end of the relationship and why it never fully worked out. If there are unresolved feelings, then this could serve as a reflection of what they are truly feeling and thinking during their waking hours. When people dream about avoiding an ex, it can be a sign that they need to work through some emotional issues before moving on from them completely or else these emotions will always haunt them in their waking life.

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