5 Reasons Why You Dream About Going Under Anesthesia [Unfeeling]

If you haven’t experienced any surgery, having a dream about going under anesthesia may come as a surprise, but don’t be afraid. These dreams appear to tell you things you ignore. 

In general, people dream about going under anesthesia because of 1) denial, 2) desire to escape, 3) numbness, 4) putting up walls, and 5) putting up with toxic people. These dreams reflect the things people want to run away from.

It’s important to learn about the possible dream interpretations of going under anesthesia so that you do not just dismiss the dream as suppressing some pain you may be feeling in waking life or something trivial.

Why Do You Dream About Going Under Anesthesia?

Dreams about going under anesthesia may signify feelings of wanting to escape something or enduring something that causes you pain in waking life. Let’s take a closer look at these possible interpretations. 

1. Denial

People who dream about going under anesthesia may be in denial in waking life. They may be reluctant to acknowledge something in waking life because they may get hurt or it may threaten their sense of control over an area of their life.

Those who dream about going under anesthesia may hesitate in some areas of their waking life. They may refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem in an area of their life or they may refuse to consider that something in the past or present has caused them pain or stress. 

Those who dream of this often feel like they should always be in control of their lives and current affairs. Therefore, if one were to dream about going under anesthesia, it could be seen as a sign of wanting to escape from reality or block out certain situations in waking life because they are too difficult to handle rationally.

Some believe that dreaming about going under anesthesia can refer to anesthetizing potentially painful truths in real life and it could also mean that the person has been neglecting certain areas of their personal and professional growth just because they find it inconvenient to deal with. So in hindsight, this dream can be a symbol of something else in the dreamer’s subconscious that they are not accepting. 

2. Numbness

Numbness can be another reason why people dream about going under anesthesia. They may be desensitized from the pain that they have been constantly feeling in waking life so much so that they have grown used to it and become callous.

Numbness is the aftereffect of anesthetizing the body. It can serve as a coping mechanism against incessant pain, or it can simply be a case of being desensitized from being exposed to the discomfort and being under scrutiny day in and day out for such a long time that the person has grown callous and indifferent towards how this situation will pan out. 

Numbness can occur through repeated exposure to harsh activities such as prolonged seasons of loneliness, mentally exhausting activities in work and family, physical or emotional injury, and even extended periods of stress. 

These factors may all combine together with daily life and impact people on multiple levels: psychologically (how perception affects our behavior), emotionally (how we feel about ourselves and others), physically (what we feel physically), or socially (how we engage with others). Most likely this state will appear in dreams as going under anesthesia. 

3. Desire to Escape

Dreaming about going under anesthesia signifies a desire to escape something in waking life. This person may want to run away from something that causes them pain and suffering such as other people’s expectations.

When people often dream of going under anesthesia, it usually signifies some kind of desire to escape from the situation he/she is currently experiencing in their waking life. This person might want to run away from pain and suffering. This may be caused by someone or something that they are currently dealing with. It could be a relationship, job, family, etc. 

Going under anesthesia in a dream may also be a reflection of this person wanting to escape the demands and expectations of others. Perhaps you have been wounded time and time again by other people’s opinions of you. 

4. Putting Up Walls

People who dream about going under anesthesia may be putting up walls to ward off people in waking life. They may have erected these walls to be on guard and prevent themselves from getting hurt.

It is believed that these dreams are a sign of defense mechanisms against outside forces. People who feel threatened by their environment protect themselves through repression, isolation, or projection. These protectors are often referred to as “walls.” Dreams can be interpreted as symbols for these protectors from people who may hurt them consciously or unconsciously.

One wall commonly used is isolation. Isolation involves pushing others away so you don’t have to deal with the world around you. This may cause loneliness in waking life, which can lead to more isolating behaviors—a potentially dangerous cycle. People who dream they are isolated often force themselves into solitude because they fear being vulnerable around people. 

Another way protectors are erected is by projection, where a person assigns his or her own negative qualities onto someone else, which prevents him or her from dealing with them on an emotional level.

Repression is also another wall we erect. For instance, you may subconsciously be frustrated with how someone treats you and block out any feelings this makes you feel. The next time you’re around this, you may behave rudely toward him because these feelings have been repressed and re-routed into anger at him rather than yourself.

Therefore, when one dreams of going under anesthesia, it may be a sign that the person is defending himself against external influences that may hurt him. In waking life, such defense mechanisms could be seen as isolating himself, blaming other people for his mistakes, or blocking his feelings then acting rudely towards people he is frustrated or uncomfortable with.

Dreaming about going under anesthesia is a chance for you to examine the difficult situations you are in and the people you are pushing away. You may also scrutinize if the barriers you put to protect yourself are effective. Else, this dream may appear again to give you such a reminder.

5. Putting Up With Toxic People

Going under anesthesia in a dream may also signify putting up with toxic people. Despite how these toxic people may be unhealthy for the dreamer’s well-being, he may still be trying his best to stay patient with them.

These toxic people may be putting the dreamer in a defensive position. They may not care what is best for him and his interests, so they suffer patiently disregarding how they behave. 

Maybe the dreamer isn’t ready to confront them about this behavior because he is still hoping that eventually these toxic people will come around and change their ways. This hope may keep them tolerating these toxic individuals’ behavior.

Dreams that feature going under anesthesia can symbolize putting up with something unpleasant in one’s life, such as putting up with unhelpful advice from others even when it goes against one’s better judgment.

Putting up with toxic people can take a lot of patience, but if one is putting up with them on a daily basis it may be helpful to talk things over with someone. This way they can get their feelings off their chest and come up with better ways to deal with the stress caused by putting up with these toxic people on a regular basis.

Dream About Taking Anesthesia Before Surgery, Explained

Taking anesthesia before surgery in a dream may signify preparing for the worst-case scenario in real life. Perhaps this person may be bracing for disappointment and failure so he won’t be too disheartened.

When discussing dreams about anesthesia before surgery, it is important to understand that the dreamer could be bracing himself for disappointment or uncertainty in his waking life. In addition, dreams can reveal personal anxieties or foreshadow negative outcomes in events involving the dreamer’s future. 

As bleak as it may sound, the dream may be hinting that you are shutting your emotions down. This means that you can be bracing yourself while also suggesting that you are preventing further disappointment by expecting the worst case you could think of.

Dream About Being Injected with a Syringe Interpretation

Being injected with a syringe in a dream suggests being influenced in some way. The dreamer is urged to assess the extent of influence others have in his life. Such influence may have positive or negative consequences.

If you dream about being injected with a syringe or similarly dream about a vaccine, you might be oblivious of the influence that other people have in your life. Or perhaps, the timing of this dream may help you come up with the best decision on something critical.

​​The negative influence can be interpreted in a number of different ways. The dreamer may feel pressure to do something they don’t want to do or it may represent an addiction or obsession. 

On the other hand, if someone influenced us in a positive way, this would likely cause us to take action and succeed far more than if we hadn’t been influenced at all. We might suddenly feel like getting up and doing something when we otherwise wouldn’t have done it. 

It’s only natural that we should be influenced by people who share the same goals as us. So, whenever we set out with a group of friends and family members, there is always the possibility that we will be influenced in some way, whether it leads us down a road towards success or failure depending on what the overall goal is.

Thus, being influenced in a negative way suggests a lack of action and a feeling of pressure or addiction, whereas being influenced in a positive way shows that we have the desire to succeed and achieve our goals with others.

Dream About Anesthesia Not Working Meaning

Dreaming about anesthesia not working signifies the lack of contingency plans in waking life. Perhaps this person is too naive to think about an alternative in case his original plan or timeline does not pan out as expected.

When a person has a dream about anesthesia not working, this typically means that something will go wrong with his or her original plan. It can also indicate naivety to the idea of failure, as well as lacking contingency plans in case things do not pan out as expected.

In some cases, it can reflect anxiety about being unprepared for an event that is coming up soon. The subconscious mind may tell the person asleep to consider preparing an alternative plan. The dreamer is urged to cover all bases.

Dream About Hallucinating After Taking Anesthesia Meaning

Hallucinating after taking anesthesia in a dream suggests starting to hope again after experiencing a huge setback. Perhaps after a disheartening failure or heartbreak, this person is beginning to hope that good things are on the horizon.

When a person hallucinates while under anesthesia in a dream, it implies that they are beginning to hope again after a severe setback that has made them lose hope previously.

Perhaps all of their efforts have not been rewarded but they begin to believe, once more, in what they are doing. In other words, the dreamer is re-learning how to begin hoping. It can serve as motivation for taking action and making changes in their waking life.

Summary of Dreaming About Going Under Anesthesia

As we can see, dreams about going under anesthesia are more than just overcoming pain or getting away from it. It can also be an indication that you are in denial about something possibly harmful, an immense desire to escape something in waking life, and growing numb from the constant pain and suffering.

Other times, it can suggest putting up walls to protect yourself or putting up with people who are detrimental to your well-being. Whatever this dream may mean to you, it can be helpful in assessing how you may feel at the moment and what to do with it.

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