The 7 Reasons Why You Dream of Akara [Spices Galore]

Akara is the African version of the well-known Irish dish, corned beef hash. It’s a type of Nigerian dish that is made from chopped mixed beans and spices including onions, garlic, sage leaves, and groundnuts. So what does it mean when one dreams of this famous dish?

People dream about Akara because 1) homesick for Africa, 2) first time trying the dish, 3) favorite dish, 4) not being able to do what they want, 5) wanting to be intimate, 6) symbolic of the past, and 7) difficulties with learning.

It is recommended that one take a step back and reflect on how their dreams relate to their life. There might be important information just lying around in their dreams.

Why Do People Dream About Akara?

Dreaming about food can be a comforting experience. But apart from the comfort it brings, there could be deeper interpretations behind this type of dream.

Homesick for Africa

People dream about Akara because they might be homesick for Africa and want to eat a type of food that reminds of their home.

Akara is a traditional bean and oil cake snack eaten in Nigeria, Cameroon, and other West African countries. People who are homesick for Africa dream of Akara because it reminds them of home and they can eat it as an appetizer or side dish to their meal at home before having dinner. In this sense, people from Africa also dream about African pears, fruit originating from there.

Akara does not only remind people of Africa, but it is also very healthy and contains protein. Since Akara is made with beans, it can give one energy which helps one feel more refreshed during the day.

First Time Trying the Dish

Dream of the Akara might be due to the pleasure of trying such a new dish, triggering such feelings in the dream, especially if the dish has been eaten at night time.

People have had dreams for the first time. This is not unique to Akara, but the dish seems to come up frequently in dreams. If you’re talking about Akara specifically, it might be because you’ve been away from the dish and now your body is craving it. Sometimes people dream of things they desire or want to experience again.

Dreams can also symbolize necessities—things we cannot live without. If dreams about first times are associated with Akara, perhaps this speaks to the power of food and what it does for people.

Favorite Dish

People may dream about Akara when it might be their favorite dish and they can’t stop thinking about it. People also may dream about their favorite dish as comfort food for when they are having a bad day and need some cheering up, or to remind themselves of the wonderful taste and memories it brings them.

People may dream of Akara when they are craving this dish in real life, or when it plays a significant role in their story in some way. It can be an omen that the person has had trouble getting the thoughts of Akara out of their mind, and dreams are a product of what they are thinking about.

Not Being Able to Do What One Wants

It is not uncommon to dream about what someone really wants but they can’t do it. Hence, so maybe some people dream about eating this dish because they really want to eat it but can’t afford to buy some or make some.

Even though having dreams about what you can’t get in real life might sound sad, sometimes dreaming like this could mean that the person doing the dreaming enjoys the taste of Akara. It’s not clear why this happens but maybe dreaming about the same thing makes the person feel better about not being able to eat it.

People might sometimes dream about something they want to do but can’t because dreaming like this makes the person feel happier in some way or more motivated to try and achieve that thing. Even if it’s just a feeling, people who dream like this may be more likely to try and do what they want to do.

Wanting to be Intimate

Akara is considered an aphrodisiac, so people may dream about it because they want to be intimate with someone.

Sometimes those who dream about Akara may be involved in some sort of relationship or they may want to become more intimate with someone.

An example of this is when a person has been seeing someone on and off and dreaming about Akara as an aphrodisiac. This, along with their behavior toward the other individual, could indicate the development of a relationship.

Symbolic of the Past

The akara might be symbolic of the past and what needs to be worked on in the present. Dreams of akara usually mean that a person needs to let go of the past and look forward to a more positive future.

This may be difficult to do as it involves letting go of attachments to people, places, and things from the past. In order for a person to move on with their lives, they need to let go of their negative feelings about things that have happened in the past. Acknowledging what has transpired and accepting responsibility for one’s actions is a necessary step to take in order for a person to move forward with their lives.

People’s resolve to achieve their lives should not be spent on dwelling in the past. There are dreams where akara appears as a relief or something that brings comfort after being away from home for too long. The appearance of akara in these dreams usually means that the person will return home and find what they need there even if it means not having it in the immediate future.

Difficulties With Learning

Specifically, people who have difficulties with learning or remembering new things might dream of Akara to symbolize their problem-solving skills.

For example, some people who have learning disabilities dream about akara when they are having difficulties with learning or remembering new things. This may be related to the symbolism of the color of the akara which is connected to ideas such as authority, knowledge, and spirituality.

Additionally, people who have difficulties with learning or remembering new things might dream of akara because West African society values intellectual learning and creativity. They do this by passing on knowledge by teaching their children how to read, write, do math problems. This is similar to how people pass down traditions through generations via oral history.

Dreaming Of Buying Akara Meaning

Dreaming of buying Akara has something to do with one’s approach to money or their financial status. It is good luck to dream of buying Akara, but it is bad luck not to be able to eat the akara one bought.

Other possible explanations to dream about buying akara include:

  1. Money: To dream of buying akara means the person needs money to survive.
  2. Omen: It can be an omen warning of some financial danger ahead, which may require the dreamer to take quick action.
  3. Power: To buy akara in a dream suggests that powerful people will be on the dreamer’s side and want to help them.
  4. Positive: To buy or eat akara means that something beneficial and positive may happen soon.
  5. Profitable: To watch others buying akara means that one’s business will be profitable.

Dream of Eating Akara Interpretation

The first explanation as to why people dream of eating akara is that the person will be surrounded by wealth and happiness all around. However, eating akara in excess might mean that the dreamer knows to be wasteful.

The reason why they say so is that when we are cooking akara, it can be seen that the akara is overflowing with oil. And when one eats it, they are filled with happiness.

Money: According to a Yoruba interpretation of dreams, if someone dreams of eating akara then they will have money soon. If the person doesn’t have any money at all then there is no need to worry because their next paycheck is coming soon.

According to another interpretation, the person will become successful and wealthy by doing what they love. It means that if someone loves cooking then they will get money from it; or if someone enjoys working with beans, then they may get a job for a business that deals with beans.

Dream of Frying Akara Explained

In the dream world, dreams about frying akara can symbolize a lot of different things depending on factors such as the type of akara you’re frying, where you are when you fry it, who is watching you do it, etc.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why people have dreams about frying akara.

  1. Achievement: No matter how small it is, frying akara – whether you make it yourself or order it – is a form of success and achievement. Someone who dreams about frying akara could be subconsciously feeling a sense of success and achievement in their waking life.
  2. Goal: Just like dreams about cooking akara represent working towards a goal, so do actual goals and aspirations that you have set for yourself or those you are making efforts to achieve.
  3. Obstacle: Someone who dreams of frying akara could be dealing with some sort of obstacle in their waking life, just like you face when frying akara. When you fry akara, it usually goes wrong in some way if not very smoothly and perfectly, just like in your dream if you are doing it.
  4. Dissatisfied: Someone who dreams about frying akara could be feeling unaccomplished or dissatisfied with how things have been going in their life recently.
  5. Power and control issues at work, home, etc.: Akara is a food that commonly offers a feeling of power and control. When one fries akara, for example, it’s something that requires a certain amount of finesse and skill to get just right. So people who dream about frying akara could be dealing with some sort of power or control issue in their waking life.

Dreaming About Selling Akara? Why?

Dreams where the dreamer is selling akara are generally considered to be good omens. Listed below are some examples of what they signify:

  1. Being Stared At By People While Selling Akara: Feeling stared at by others in a dream means that the dreamer will win favors, become popular and be well known for doing good deeds.
  2. Being Told To Sell Akara By An Elder: This dream is also considered to be very lucky. It means that the person who has this dream will become very rich in a short time, after which he can look forward to wealth and fame.
  3. Person Is Scared Of A Dog While Selling Akara: This dream is considered to mean that the dreamer will have to leave his present location for another, where he can expect greater prospects.
  4. Using A Small Amount of Water To Wash A Large Amount of Akara Soaked In Water Before Cooking It: If a person dreams that he is using very little water to wash a large amount of akara soaked in water, and then prepares it for cooking by adding spices and other ingredients as he normally would, such as onions and tomatoes, this dream is thought to signify that the person will acquire great wealth.


Akara may be just a dish some people dream about, but this food can also symbolize more than that. It might represent the past or difficulties with learning and remembering new things. It is also considered good luck to dream of buying akara. It is also said that when someone dreams of eating akara, they will have money soon. Dreams about akara can symbolize a lot of things, depending on the factors surrounding it.

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