Why You Dream of the African Pear [7 Fascinating Reasons]

The African pear is an ancient fruit that has been cultivated for over 10,000 years. Originating in Africa, this tropical fruit is now found all over the world to satisfy the craving of those who are looking for a change from apples and bananas. So what does it mean to dream about this fruit?

People dream of the African pear because 1) in need of change, 2) longing for the past, 3) feelings of guilt or indifference, 4) unhappiness with current life, 5) suppressing true feelings, 6) need to care about a relationship, and 7) feelings about dividing something apart.

Dreaming of the African pear could be a nice and relaxing break from the usual darker-themed dreams one might experience. But, like all dreams, there is more to be unraveled in this type of dream.

Why Do People Dream About the African Pear?

It may seem like a very random dream that happens only to some and those who know the fruit. However, dreaming about the African pear could have lots of meanings.

In Need of Change

Dreaming of an African pear may indicate that one is in need of a change. The African pear is a symbol of change and the ability to let go of something that does not serve one’s highest good anymore. Often, pears represent one’s decisions and choose between what one wants to do and what should be done.

So why would one dream about them? Well, if a person is dreaming of African pears, they may be feeling stagnant in their life. This dream is encouraging them to look at the big picture and make room for new possibilities. Similarly, dreaming about prickly pears can also symbolize that one is beginning to be more open and mature.

There may be something the dreamer needs to do differently. They may feel that what they are currently doing is not working for them anymore and it’s time to change something in their life. The dream may also be a sign of the fact that one needs someone or some new elements in their life.

Longing for the Past

Dreaming of an African pear may also mean that one is longing for the past, whether it’s their past or someone else’s. The richness of the fruit is symbolic of anything rich that one may be longing for. It could signify a lost relationship, or someone wanting to rekindle an old flame.

Dreaming of African pears can also mean that the dreamer is feeling nostalgic for times gone by – days long since past. The dream may reflect a longing for the past, wishing they were back there, or wanting to go back. The African pear is symbolic of any longed-for thing, which one wants to have again. Because of this, there is usually some kind of sadness involved with such dreams.

It can mean that the dreamer is longing for a time when they were younger and carefree, not worrying about problems as much as they do now.

Alternatively, people who are homesick for Africa can dream about Akara, a traditional bean and oil cake snack eaten in West Africa, because it reminds them of home and family meals.

Feelings of Guilt or Indifference

If one dreams about eating an African pear, this might point to feelings of guilt over something in the past. This dream could also signify something that needs attention or resolution.

People who have eaten an African pear in their dreams may be experiencing feelings of guilt over something they did to irritate another person, especially if the person is difficult to get along with. A common idiom concerning the African pear is that it causes one’s mouth to go numb. When a person eats the African pear before going on a date, this could symbolize a feeling of guilt that they will have difficulty connecting to their date due to feelings of nervousness.

A person who dreams of eating an African pear without knowing what it means may be dealing with issues about being complacent or indifferent toward others’ needs. This dream might also come to someone who is worried that they are not doing enough or being helpful enough. If the African pear dream is accompanied by feelings of sadness, this may reflect one’s guilt over times in the past where they should have helped someone else but didn’t, just like dreams about grapes.

Unhappiness With Current Life

Dreaming about the African pear could signify emotional turmoil or unhappiness with one’s current life situation and desire to escape the present-day circumstances.

Dreaming of an African pear could also mean that one is in desperate need of a rest or vacation away from the daily grind. One may feel that they have become trapped in their current life situation with no way out. It is important to ask oneself if one feels trapped and unable to break free from what one is currently doing or experiencing. If one dreams of African pear and does not recognize themselves in this statement, it may be wise to try and change their outlook on life.

Dreaming of African pear and understanding what it means could mean that one is attempting to escape their current situation. Whether it is bad work, a bad relationship, or something else, the dream of an African pear could signify unhappiness in one’s current situation.

Suppressing True Feelings

Eating an African pear in a dream may signal that the dreamer is trying to suppress their true feelings about something currently happening or something that happened in the past. It could be about a relationship, an event, or even someone’s personality.

Most people enjoy the tasty flavors of African pears in their waking lives, but some may use the fruit’s bland flavor to downplay their desire for something they want in their sleeping lives. The dreamer may also wish to address what they are repressing and speak of it openly, instead of continuing to hide or suppress their true feelings concerning the matter.

For example, a woman who is dating two men could dream about African pears if she wants to suppress her true feelings about who she wants to date. Suppression of desires within dreams can represent a desire to suppress one’s true feelings in waking life. Such suppression has many negative effects, including increased risk for health problems and difficulty achieving goals.

Need To Care About a Relationship

In a dream, the African pear might be highlighting one’s need to look at their relationship with others or how they deal with people.

It might also suggest that someone is looking at your ability to “fit in” and get along well once issues have been resolved within relationships. This can include friendships as well as family relationships.

The dream may be suggesting that one looks at their dynamic within relationships, how they get along with other people, and whether there are any unresolved issues. The African pear could also be highlighting the need to consider whether there are any unresolved issues.

Feelings About Dividing Something Apart

If a person dreams of slicing an African pear, this could indicate feelings about dividing something apart.

The African fruit could be divided into two definite parts; one representing the dreaming person and the other could be either an actual person or someone in general. There are multiple reasons why a person might dream of slicing the African pear, but most importantly it symbolizes feelings about dividing something apart.

Division defines separation; whether that is physical, emotional or both. Often people dream of acts like dividing something like an orange, apple, and other fruit. This is because the dreaming person has strong feelings about separating themselves from someone or something in their waking life; typically it represents a difficult decision or choice that must be made.

The African pear represents things that may be divided such as duties, possessions or relationships. When the pear is divided it could indicate that there are two choices to be made. On one end of the scale, this choice may either benefit someone else or be perceived as positive; on the other end, this decision would solely benefit oneself during a negative situation.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Pear?

A pear represents creativity, beauty and sensitivity. When one sees this in their dream or when someone hands them a pear then it suggests that the dreamer is receptive to others at the moment. In this way, a pear can represent fruitfulness and fertility.

There are also spiritual meanings of pears that go beyond the superficial appearance of this fruit in dreams. The sweetness that one finds in a pear is symbolic of beauty, just as it tastes sweet when one eats it. It is also symbolic of emotional fortitude and cheerfulness.

Pears also symbolize happiness and joy. So, when one dreams of a pear then it suggests that they will find happiness and joy in their lives. This is due to the fact that pears are very satisfying. It also means insight and knowledge of what others think of you. When someone hands us a pear then we can ask ourselves if we trust this person and whether we enjoy their company. Perhaps this person wants to help us, even though we may not see it right now.

Seeing a Fruit in Dreams Explained

For the most part, the general meaning of seeing fruit in dreams is that something good is about to happen. As a general rule, dreaming of fruit can reflect the flourishing of good things within one’s life. The specific fruit will be used as an indicator for what aspect or areas are flourishing in one’s life. Note that when someone dreams of eating a particular type of fruit, it tells them that it’s time to take action.

Here are some of the common interpretations of seeing specific fruits in dreams:

  1. Orange – Seeing orange in a dream is about creative energy, enthusiasm, and vitality. It also reflects potential. Eating oranges in one’s dreams means that there is the potential for success on an issue or project one has been working on; look forward to good things happening soon.
  2. Tangerine Dreams about tangerines refer to the potential of friendship and social situations.
  3. Apple Apple dreams symbolize positive influences in one’s life. These dreams can be about work or family; this fruit is associated with domesticity and things that we associate with home; such as security and stability. Dreams involving apples also denote abundance and prosperity; including falling apples means that one is falling into abundance.
  4. Pomegranate – In order for this fruit to appear in one’s dream, it denotes impending success as long as one remains patient. Eating a pomegranate in a dream means that one is going to experience a time of spiritual growth.
  5. Banana – To see a banana in your dreams symbolizes luck and positive energy. It may also indicate that you have been neglecting an issue or relationship, and it’s time to take notice. Banana dreams can also reflect protection from adversity.

Dream About Picking an African Pear? Why?

One reason is that the person is trying to deal with some kind of guilt they carry over something in their waking life. People often dream about picking African pear when they feel guilty for doing something, or not doing something, but can’t figure out what it is that’s bothering them.

Gain: Sometimes people dream about picking African pear because they are trying to make sense of some kind of financial or monetary gain they may have recently experienced. This is because African pear trees are often planted for their fruit, which can be used to produce jams, wine, and even teas. These things symbolize abundance in the form of money.

This is why people dream about picking African pear when they want something that they can’t figure out for themselves. It’s simply because the subconscious is trying to tell you that you need to let go of any guilt or anything else that may be holding you back in your waking life.

Black Pear in a Dream Interpretation

Why do people dream of a black pear? A black pear in a dream symbolizes both good luck and bad luck. The chance to receive something, whether it is good or bad depends on the context of the dream.

A person who dreamed of eating a black pear may find themselves in better health after awakening. It could also be an omen that they will become ill. If one loses or drops a black pear in their dream, this may be an omen that they will experience bad luck.

To see a black pear tree in one’s dream could also symbolize good fortune and happiness. It is also considered to be a sign of good health and recovery from illness or injury. To see pears growing on the tree represents self-growth and nourishment. In addition, pears may also symbolize fertility.


Dreams are interesting, confusing things. They can often be interpreted in many ways and it is hard to say what one’s dream means for sure without knowing the context of the situation. Dreaming of an African pear could mean many things.

The dreamer may be in need of change or longing for the past. It could also be associated with feelings of guilt. Picking an African pear could mean that the dreamer wants something that they can’t figure out for themselves.

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