The books here recommended are produced by our team in collaboration with the fantastic guys of Pictorial bee for their design.

My Dreams Are Fucked Up (Again)? Our Very Best Dream Journal

What makes this journal stand from the rest?

  • One page for each dream: this will help you keep the practice of dream recording easy to stick with!
  • Designed by professionals: to allow you to track everything that matters to interpret your dream.
  • Create Connection: Do you know that your dreams are connected to the current event you are going through? This diary will allow you to easily spot the link between your daily life and your dream one
  • Record Feelings: do you know that your feeling after walking up is linked to your dreams, even if you do not record them? You can capture this as well
  • Compact: It is compact and easy to carry around and have on your bedside table
  • Stunning: Matte softcover with a beautiful and funny dream
  • Inspirational: we sprinkled the best quotes from important personalities in our history and literature to inspire you with their wise words on the meaning of dreams

We also tried to keep to an affordable price.